Jazz Standards
(Anda Ven y) MueveteJuan Formell und Los Van VanLatin Real Book360
(Back Home Again In) IndianaJames F. HanleyFirehouse Jazz Band360
(Here Comes The) Hot Tamale ManFred RoseFirehouse Jazz Band596
(I Wish I Wasn't In) PeoriaFirehouse Jazz Band158
(Se Acabo) La MalangaLatin Real Book288
0 Bebado E A EquilibristaLatin Real Book386
0 PatoJones, QuincyLatin Real Book388
12-4 2-4/DuplicitiesStockReal Book 1141
12th Street RagEuday L BowmanJazz Fake Book400
12th Street Rag (The)Euday L BowmanFirehouse Jazz Band368
1983Eddie PalmieriLatin Real Book376
26. FebColtrane, JohnNew Real Book 2410
34 SkidooBill EvansNew Real Book 3395
500 Miles HighCorea, ChickReal Book 1165
502 BluesWayne ShorterReal Book 1166
52nd Street ThemeThelonious MonkReal Book 2100
728ColesReal Book 2319
9:20 SpecialEarl WarrenJazz Fake Book274
A Ballad For DollMcLean, JackieNew Real Book 348
A Call for all DemonsSun RaReal Book 114
A Certain Smile Webster & FainReal Book 353
A Family JoyGibbs, MichaelReal Book 117
A Flower is a Lonesome ThingStrayhorn, BillyReal Book 2108
A Fonte SecouMonsueto Menezes, Tufic Lauar & MarcleoLatin Real Book20
A Little TearDeodato et alNew Real Book 1190
A MI Que .Jesus GuerraLatin Real Book22
A Nivel DeJoao BoscoLatin Real Book24
A Porter's Love Song To A ChambermaidFirehouse Jazz Band775
A Pretty Girl Is Like a MelodyBerlin, IrvingReal Book 3248
A Quiet PlaceCarmichael, RalphNew Real Book 2313
A Sleepin' BeeArlen & CapoteReal Book 2419
A Time for Love Webster & MandelReal Book 3320
A Walkin' ThingBenny CarterReal Book 2388
A Weaver of DreamsYoung, VictorNew Real Book 1398
A Weaver of Dreams (C)*Young, VictorGreat Gig Book145
AblutionTristano, LennyReal Book 28
AC-DC CurrentJazz Fake Book34
Ace In The HoleFirehouse Jazz Band213
Across The Alley From The AlamoJazz Fake Book33
Actual ProofHerbie HancockNew Real Book 311
Aerie (The)Peggy SternNew Real Book 313
AffirmationJose FelicianoNew Real Book 11
Afghanistan (A Romance Of Asia)Firehouse Jazz Band685
African FlowerEllington, DukeReal Book 121
Afro BlueMongo SantamariaReal Book 122
Afro-CentricJoe HendersonNew Real Book 213
After HoursAvery ParrishJazz Fake Book31
After I Say I'm SorryWalter Donaldson, Abe LymanFirehouse Jazz Band318
After The RainJohn ColtraneNew Real Book 215
After YouCole PorterReal Book 36
After You've GoneHenry Creamer, Turner LaytonFirehouse Jazz Band88
After You've Gone (C)*Creamer & LaytonGreat Gig Book114
Afternoon In ParisLewis, JohnJazz Fake Book34
Afternoon In ParisJohn LewisReal Book 123
Aggravatin' Papa (Don't You Try To Two-Time Me)Firehouse Jazz Band567
Aguardiente de CallaLatin Real Book28
Ah Marie (Cm)Great Gig Book279
Ah-Leu-ChaJazz Fake Book35
Ain't MisbehavinWaller & Brooks & RazafReal Book 38
Ain't Misbehavin'Fats Waller, Harry BrooksFirehouse Jazz Band374
Ain't Misbehavin' (C)*Waller & Brooks & RazafGreat Gig Book118
Ain't She Sweet (C)*Milton AgerGreat Gig Book250
Ain't That PeculiarEddie Holland & Norman WhitfieldNew Real Book 315
Air Mail SpecialBenny Goodman, James R Mundy, Charlie ChristianJazz Fake Book37
Airegan (Ab)Great Gig Book362
AireginSonny RollinsReal Book 124
Airmail SpecialChristian, CharlieReal Book 210
Aja's ThemeTorrie ZitoNew Real Book 320
Al Di La (Bb)Great Gig Book277
Alabama JubileeFirehouse Jazz Band67
Alabamy BoundFirehouse Jazz Band26
AlanjuneallyWerner, KennyReal Book 311
Alcoholic BluesFirehouse Jazz Band294
Alexander's Ragtime BandIrving BerlinFirehouse Jazz Band364
Alexanders Ragtime Band (F)*Irving BerlinGreat Gig Book249
AlfieBurt F BacharachReal Book 1498
Alfie's ThemeRollins, SonnyReal Book 211
Algiers StrutFirehouse Jazz Band292
Alice Blue GownFirehouse Jazz Band272
Alice In WonderlandSammy Fain & Bob HilliardReal Book 125
Alice in Wonderland (C)*Fain & HilliardGreat Gig Book269
All About RonnieJoe GreenJazz Fake Book37
All AloneIrving BerlinReal Book 212
All BluesMiles DavisReal Book 126
All God's Chillun Got RhythmWalter Jurmann, Gus Kahn, Bronislau KaperReal Book 213
All I Ask of You (Db)*Great Gig Book96
All In Love Is FairSteve WonderReal Book 127
All My TomorrowsSammy Cahn & James Van HeusenReal Book 128
All My Tomorrows (Eb)*Cahn & Van HeusenGreat Gig Book72
All Of MeGerald Marks, Seymour SimonsReal Book 129
All Of Me (C)*Simons & MarksGreat Gig Book181
All Of YouCole PorterReal Book 130
All Of You (Eb)*Porter, ColeGreat Gig Book48
All Or Nothing At AllAltman & LawrenceJazz Fake Book40
All Or Nothing At AllArthur Altman, Jack LawrenceNew Real Book 1429
All or Nothing At All (C)*Altman & LawrenceGreat Gig Book219
All The Girls Go Crazy 'Bout The Way I Walk (All The Whores Like The Way I Ride)Firehouse Jazz Band372
All The Things You AreHammerstein & KernJazz Fake Book39
All The Things You AreJerome KernReal Book 131
All the Things You Are (Ab)*Hammerstein & KernGreat Gig Book182
All the Way (F)*Sammy Cahn & James Van HeusenGreat Gig Book74
All The Wrongs You've DoneFirehouse Jazz Band53
Alley Cat (C)Great Gig Book228
AlmendraAbelardo ValdesLatin Real Book32
Almost Like Being In LoveLerner & LoeweNew Real Book 322
Almost Like Being In Love (Bb)*Lerner & LoeweGreat Gig Book193
Alone TogetherArthur SchwartzReal Book 132
Alone Together (Dm)*Dietz & SchwartzGreat Gig Book120
Along Came BettyGolson, BennyJazz Fake Book42
Along Came BettyBenny GolsonReal Book 312
AlonzoLonnie HewittLatin Real Book36
Alright Okay You WinJazz Fake Book41
Alright Okay You Win (Eb)*Great Gig Book225
AltoitisNelson, OliverReal Book 214
Always (F)*Irving BerlinGreat Gig Book259
Always And ForeverMetheny, PatReal Book 313
Always In My Heart (Bb)*Great Gig Book336
Always ThereRonnie Laws & William JeffreyNew Real Book 15
Am I Blue?Grant Clarke & Harry AkstFirehouse Jazz Band760
AmantesRafael Perez BotijaLatin Real Book38
Amapola (Pretty Little Poppy)Jazz Fake Book42
Amapola (Bb)*Great Gig Book338
Amazing GraceJazz Fake Book43
AmazoniaAna CaramLatin Real Book46
American GothicBerg, BobNew Real Book 323
American Patrol (The)Firehouse Jazz Band631
Among My SouvenirsJazz Fake Book43
AmorIvan Lins & Vitor MartinsLatin Real Book50
Amor (C)*Ivan Lins & Vitor MartinsGreat Gig Book334
Amor ArtificialC. Curet AlonsoLatin Real Book52
Ana MariaWayne ShorterReal Book 133
Ana mariaWayne ShorterNew Real Book 17
Anatelio (The Happy People)Airto MoreiraLatin Real Book60
And All That jazzJazz Fake Book45
And It All Goes 'Round and 'RoundIghner, BernardNew Real Book 325
And Now The QueenBley, CarlaReal Book 135
And On The Third DayGibbs, MichaelReal Book 136
And They Called It DixielandFirehouse Jazz Band304
Anema E Core (G)Great Gig Book280
Angel EyesDennis, MattJazz Fake Book44
Angel EyesMatt DennisReal Book 137
Angel Eyes (Cm)*Dennis, MattGreat Gig Book49
AngelaJobim, ACReal Book 314
AngoaFelix Reina & Carlos ReyesLatin Real Book62
AngryFirehouse Jazz Band198
Annie Street RockFirehouse Jazz Band680
Anniversary Song (Em)*Great Gig Book286
Anniversary Waltz (C)Great Gig Book286
Another HairdoJazz Fake Book44
Another StarWonder, StevieNew Real Book 327
Another TimeBroadbent, AlanNew Real Book 329
Another StarStevie WonderReal Book 215
AnthropologyCharlie Parker, Dizzy GillespieReal Book 138
Anthropology (Bb)Gillespie, DizzyGreat Gig Book361
Anything GoesCole PorterFirehouse Jazz Band53
Anything Goes (C)*Cole PorterGreat Gig Book232
AparecidaIvan Lins & Mauricio TopajosLatin Real Book66
Apple CoreJazz Fake Book46
Apple HoneyJazz Fake Book47
Appointment In GhanaJackie McLeanNew Real Book 331
AprilTristano, LennyReal Book 217
April In ParisVernon DukeReal Book 139
April in Paris (C)*Duke, VernonGreat Gig Book31
April JoyPat MethenyReal Book 140
April SkiesCollette, BuddyReal Book 216
Aquarela Do Brasil (a.k.a. Brazil)Ary Barroso & S.K. RusselLatin Real Book68
Aqui Oh!Toninho Horta & Fernando BrantLatin Real Book70
ArallueRuben BladesLatin Real Book72
Aren't You Glad You're YouJazz Fake Book47
ArietasFreddie HubbardNew Real Book 334
Arise Her EyesSwallow, SteveReal Book 141
ArmageddonWayne ShorterReal Book 143
Armando's RhumbaChick CoreaReal Book 315
Armando's Rhumba (Cm)Corea, ChickGreat Gig Book397
Armando's RumbaChick CoreaLatin Real Book80
Around AgainBley, CarlaReal Book 135
Around the World (C)*Great Gig Book258
Arrivederci Roma (G)*Great Gig Book278
Artsa Alinu (Dm)Great Gig Book284
As Catch CanJazz Fake Book48
As Time Goes ByHerman HupfeldReal Book 144
As Time Goes By (Eb)*Hupfeld, HermanGreat Gig Book13
ASADjavanNew Real Book 221
Ask Me NowThelonious MonkReal Book 219
At A Georgia Camp MeetingFirehouse Jazz Band469
At SundownWalter DonaldsonFirehouse Jazz Band287
At The Codfish BallFirehouse Jazz Band712
At The Devil's BallFirehouse Jazz Band569
At The Jazz Band BallEddie Edwards, Nick LaRocca, Anthony Sbarbaro, Larry ShieldsFirehouse Jazz Band28
Atlanta Blues (Make Me One Pallet On Your Floor)Firehouse Jazz Band535
Atras De NosRichard BoukasLatin Real Book82
Au PrivaveCharlie ParkerReal Book 145
Au Privave (F)Parker, CharlieGreat Gig Book385
Auld Lang Syne (F)TraditionalGreat Gig Book289
Aun't Hagar's Blues (Aun't Hagar's Children Blues)W.C. HandyFirehouse Jazz Band559
Aunt Hagar's BluesW.C. HandyFirehouse Jazz Band387
AuraDavid RaksinNew Real Book 3222
Autumn LeavesKosma, JosephJazz Fake Book49
Autumn SerenadeGallop & DeRoseNew Real Book 337
Autumn In 3Kenny WernerReal Book 317
Autumn In New YorkVernon DukeReal Book 146
Autumn In New York (F)*Duke, VernonGreat Gig Book57
Autumn LeavesJohnny MercerReal Book 149
Autumn Leaves (Em)*Kosma, JosephGreat Gig Book113
Autumn NocturneKim Gannon & Josef MyrowReal Book 318
AvalonAl Jolson, BG De Sylva, Vincent RoseFirehouse Jazz Band391
Avalon (F)*Rose, VincentGreat Gig Book253
Avalon PlaceZuckerReal Book 319
AvanceRussell FerranteNew Real Book 223
Ay Arriba!Balcomb, StuReal Book 147
B-StingBrandon Fields & Billy ChildsNew Real Book 339
Ba-Lue Bolivar Ba-Lues-AreMonk, TheloniousReal Book 227
BabyRod TempertonJazz Fake Book49
Baby BrownFirehouse Jazz Band71
Baby Come To MeTempertonNew Real Book 343
Baby FaceFirehouse Jazz Band499
Baby Face (C)*Great Gig Book254
Baby I Love YouRonnie ShannonNew Real Book 113
Baby It's Cold OutsideFrank LoesserNew Real Book 225
Baby Won't You Please Come HomeCharles Warfield, Clarence WilliamsFirehouse Jazz Band549
BacchanalKenny BarronLatin Real Book84
Back In Your Own Back YardFirehouse Jazz Band706
Back To StoryvilleFirehouse Jazz Band378
Backstage SallyWayne ShorterReal Book 221
Bags And TraneJackson, MiltReal Book 222
Bags' GrooveMilt JacksonJazz Fake Book50
Bags' New GrooveJazz Fake Book50
Baia (a.k.a. Bahia)Ary Barroso & Ray GilbertLatin Real Book86
Bailando Asi"Jesus ""Chucho"" Valdez"Latin Real Book88
Baja BajoJohn Pattitucci & Chick CoreaNew Real Book 227
Ballad (A)Jazz Fake Book51
Ballad For AnitaFraserReal Book 320
Ballad For TraneKenny WernerReal Book 321
Ballad For Two MusiciansJosef ZawinulNew Real Book 349
BalletGibbs, MichaelReal Book 150
Ballin' The JackChris SmithFirehouse Jazz Band376
BarbadosCharlie ParkerJazz Fake Book51
BarbaraHorace SilverReal Book 225
Barney GoogleFirehouse Jazz Band229
Basin St. Stomp (The)Firehouse Jazz Band470
Basin Street BluesSpencer WilliamsNew Real Book 115
Basin Street Blues (C)*Williams, SpencerGreat Gig Book247
Basin Street Blues (The)Williams, SpencerFirehouse Jazz Band225
Bass BluesJohn ColtraneNew Real Book 229
Basta De Clamares InocenciaCartolaLatin Real Book94
BatterieBley, CarlaReal Book 151
Baubles Bangles and Beads (Ab)*Great Gig Book266
Bay CityFirehouse Jazz Band293
Be BopGillespie, DizzyReal Book 228
Be My LoveNikolaus BrodszkyReal Book 323
Be-BopDizzy GillespieJazz Fake Book53
Beale St. BluesFirehouse Jazz Band467
Beale St. MamaFirehouse Jazz Band468
Beautiful FriendshipStyne & KahnReal Book 322
Beautiful Friendship (A)Styne & KahnJazz Fake Book52
Beautiful LoveWayne King, Egbert Van Alstyne, Victor YoungReal Book 152
Beautiful Love (F)*Young et alGreat Gig Book165
Beauty And The BeastShorter, WayneReal Book 153
Beauty And The BeastWayne ShorterNew Real Book 232
Bebop (Eb)Gillespie, DizzyGreat Gig Book380
Because My Baby Don't Mean 'Maybe' NowFirehouse Jazz Band637
Because of You (Eb)*Great Gig Book163
Beer Barel Polka (C)*Great Gig Book273
Beethoven's Blue 3rdKaiserReal Book 227
Begin the Beguine (C)*Cole PorterGreat Gig Book332
Bemba ColordLatin Real Book96
Beneath It AllAndersonReal Book 154
Bernie's TuneBernie MillerReal Book 329
Bernie's TuneBernie Miller, Jerry Leiber, Mike StollerNew Real Book 117
Bernie's Tune (Dm)Miller, BernieGreat Gig Book358
BesameFlavio Venturini & Murilo AntunesLatin Real Book100
Besame MuchoConsuelo VelazquezLatin Real Book102
Besame Mucho (Dm)*Consuelo VelasquezGreat Gig Book331
Beside MyselfStephensReal Book 325
Bess You Is My WomanGeorge & Ira Gershwin, Du Bose & Dorothy HeywardJazz Fake Book55
Bess You Is My Woman NowGershwinReal Book 327
Bessie Couldn't Help ItFirehouse Jazz Band642
Bessie's BluesJohn ColtraneReal Book 155
Bessie's Blues (Eb)Coltrane, JohnGreat Gig Book384
Best Is Yet To Come (The)Cy Coleman & Carolyn LeighJazz Fake Book55
Best Thing For You Is MeBerlin, IrvingReal Book 330
Best Things In Life Are Free (The)Jazz Fake Book56
Better Git It In Your SoulMingus, CharlesReal Book 229
Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea (F)*Harold ArlenGreat Gig Book218
BewitchedRichard RodgersReal Book 156
Bewitched (C)*Rodgers & HartGreat Gig Book73
Beyond All LimitsShaw, WoodyReal Book 230
Beyond The BluebirdFlanagan, TommyReal Book 332
Big Bear StompFirehouse Jazz Band661
Big BoyFirehouse Jazz Band636
Big Butter & Egg ManFirehouse Jazz Band65
Big NickColtrane, JohnReal Book 157
Big Noise From WinnetkaFirehouse Jazz Band771
Big PJimmy HeathJazz Fake Book57
Bill BaileyJazz Fake Book58
Bill Bailey (F)*Great Gig Book243
Bill Bailey Won't You Please Come Home?Hughie CannonFirehouse Jazz Band9
Billie's BounceCharlie ParkerJazz Fake Book60
Billie's Bounce (F)Parker, CharlieGreat Gig Book371
Bills' Hit TuneEvans, BillReal Book 2412
BilongoGuillermo Rodriquez FiffeLatin Real Book104
Bim Bam Bum (Bb)Great Gig Book329
Bird FeathersJazz Fake Book58
Bird FoodOrnette ColemanNew Real Book 118
Bird Of BeautyStevie WonderNew Real Book 353
BirdlandJosef ZawinulJazz Fake Book59
Birds Of A FeatherJazz Fake Book60
Birk's WorksDizzy GillespieReal Book 244
Birth Of The BluesRay HendersonReal Book 232
Birth of the Blues (C)*Henderson, RayGreat Gig Book247
Birth Of The Blues (The)Henderson, RayFirehouse Jazz Band87
Bitter Suite In The OzoneMoses, BobReal Book 158
Bittersweet (C)Great Gig Book386
Black & BlueFirehouse Jazz Band99
Black And BlueFats WallerNew Real Book 234
Black And Tan FantasyDuke Ellington, Bubber MileyReal Book 235
Black BottomFirehouse Jazz Band271
Black Bottom Stomp (The) (Queen Of Spades)Firehouse Jazz Band644
Black CoffeeSonny Burke, Paul Francis WebsterNew Real Book 235
Black DiamondKirk, RolandReal Book 159
Black IceJeff LorberNew Real Book 119
Black MondayHill, AndrewReal Book 1499
Black NarcissusJoe HendersonReal Book 160
Black NileWayne ShorterReal Book 161
Black OrpheusLovis BonfiReal Book 162
Black Orpheus (Am)*Bonfa, LouisGreat Gig Book310
Blame It On My YouthOscar LevantNew Real Book 122
Ble (And Broken-Hearted)Firehouse Jazz Band601
Blessed ReliefZappa. FrankReal Book 163
Blessing (The)Ornette ColemanJazz Fake Book61
Blizzard Of LiesDave & Samantha FrishbergNew Real Book 123
BloomdidoCharlie ParkerJazz Fake Book61
Blue 'N BoogieDizzy Gillespie, Frank PaparelliJazz Fake Book61
Blue AgainFirehouse Jazz Band713
Blue And SentimentalCount Basie, Mack David, Jerry LivingstonJazz Fake Book62
Blue BossaKenny DorhamReal Book 164
Blue Bossa (Cm)Dorham, KennyGreat Gig Book402
Blue Champagne)Jazz Fake Book63
Blue ComedyGibbs, MichaelReal Book 165
Blue DanielFrank RosolinoNew Real Book 126
Blue Gardenia (G)*Bob Russell & Lester LeeGreat Gig Book69
Blue Hawaii (Bb)*Great Gig Book70
Blue HazeJazz Fake Book64
Blue In GreenMiles DavisReal Book 166
Blue In Green (Bb)Davis, MilesGreat Gig Book348
Blue LouIrving Mills, Edgar SampsonFirehouse Jazz Band70
Blue MonkThelonious MonkReal Book 167
Blue Monk (Bb)Monk, TheloniousGreat Gig Book385
Blue MoonRichard RodgersReal Book 238
Blue Moon (Eb)*Rodgers & HartGreat Gig Book109
Blue PreludeFirehouse Jazz Band711
Blue RiverFirehouse Jazz Band668
Blue RoomRichard RodgersReal Book 168
Blue Room (F)*Rodgers & HartGreat Gig Book143
Blue SevenSonny RollinsReal Book 240
Blue SilverMitchell, BlueReal Book 242
Blue Skies (F)*Irving BerlinGreat Gig Book113
Blue SpiritsFreddie HubbardNew Real Book 359
Blue Tango (D)*Great Gig Book343
Blue TrainJohn ColtraneReal Book 171
Blue Trane (Cm)Coltrane, JohnGreat Gig Book384
Blue TuesdayJessica WilliamsNew Real Book 364
Blue Turning Gray Over YouFirehouse Jazz Band19
Blue Velvet (Bb)*Great Gig Book54
Blueberry HillAl Lewis, Vincent Rose, Larry StockJazz Fake Book64
BluebirdParker, CharlieReal Book 334
Blues Ala ModeTyner, McCoyReal Book 239
Blues BackstageFoster, FrankReal Book 335
Blues By FiveRed GarlandReal Book 240
Blues ConnotationOrnette ColemanNew Real Book 127
Blues For AliceCharlie ParkerReal Book 170
Blues for Alice (F)Parker, CharlieGreat Gig Book385
Blues For PabloGil EvansJazz Fake Book69
Blues For Philly JoeRollins, SonnyReal Book 241
Blues For WoodShaw, WoodyReal Book 241
Blues For Yna YnaGerald WilsonNew Real Book 239
Blues In The ClosetOscar PettifordJazz Fake Book65
Blues In The NightHarold ArlenFirehouse Jazz Band281
Blues in the Night (Bb)*Johnny Mercer & Harold ArlenGreat Gig Book157
Blues On The CornerMcCoy TynerNew Real Book 128
BluesetteToots Thielmans & Norman GimbelReal Book 169
Bluesette (Bb)Thielemans, TootsGreat Gig Book270
Bluin' The BluesFirehouse Jazz Band199
Body & SoulFirehouse Jazz Band459
Body And SoulJohnny GreenReal Book 172
Body and Soul (Db)*Green, JohnnyGreat Gig Book22
Bogalusa StrutFirehouse Jazz Band31
Bohemia After DarkOscar PettifordReal Book 2413
BoliviaCedar WaltonReal Book 336
Bolivia (G)Walton, CedarGreat Gig Book372
Bomba de CorazonEddie PalmieriLatin Real Book108
Boogie DownAl Jarreau & Michael OmartianNew Real Book 129
Boogie Stop ShuffleMingus, CharlesReal Book 245
Boogie Woogie (The Original)Jazz Fake Book67
Booker's WaltzDolphy, EricReal Book 246
Bop BoyMintzer, BobReal Book 339
Bop ShopFerguson, PaulReal Book 337
BoplicityGil Evans & Miles DavisReal Book 173
Boplicity (Bebop Lives)Henry, CleoJazz Fake Book69
Born To Be BlueMel Torme, Robert WellsJazz Fake Book70
BorneoFirehouse Jazz Band691
Bossa RokkaBenson, GeorgeReal Book 341
Boston MarathonBurton, GaryReal Book 174
Both Sides Of The CoinMichael BreckerNew Real Book 135
Bouncin' With BudPowell, BudReal Book 247
Bouncin' With BudWalter Gilbert Fuller, Bud PowellNew Real Book 137
Bourbon Street ParadeFirehouse Jazz Band238
Bourbon Street Parade (Ab)Great Gig Book246
Boy Next DoorHugh Martin & Ralph BlaneReal Book 342
BrainvilleSun RaReal Book 175
BrasileiroRay ObiedoLatin Real Book112
Brazil (Ab)*Ary Evangelista BarrosoGreat Gig Book325
Brazilian BeatKessel, BarneyReal Book 248
Breakfast WineRandy AldcroftNew Real Book 139
Breakin' AwayAl Jarreau, Tom Canning & Jay GraydonNew Real Book 141
Breeze And 1 (The)Jazz Fake Book71
Breeze and I (F)*Great Gig Book222
Brian's SongLegrand et alReal Book 249
Bridal Chorus (Bb)Great Gig Book287
Bright BoyBrightReal Book 250
Bright momentsKirk, RolandReal Book 251
Bright Size LifeMetheny, PatReal Book 177
Brilliant CornersMonk, TheloniousReal Book 252
Broadway BluesColeman, OrnetteReal Book 178
Brothers Of The Bottom RowJulian JosephNew Real Book 368
Brown Skin GirlRollins, SonnyReal Book 253
BrownoutBurton, GaryReal Book 179
Bruca ManiguaArsenio RodriguezLatin Real Book116
Bu's DelightCurtis FullerNew Real Book 369
Bud PowellChick CoreaReal Book 343
Bud PowellChick CoreaNew Real Book 373
Bud's BluesStitt, SonnyJazz Fake Book71
Bud's BubblePowell, BudReal Book 253
Buddy Bolden Blues (Funky Butt)Firehouse Jazz Band286
Buddy's HabitFirehouse Jazz Band493
BudoPowell & DavisJazz Fake Book72
Bugle Boy MarchFirehouse Jazz Band591
Bugle Call Rag (The)Jack Pettis, Billy Meyers, Elmer SchoebelFirehouse Jazz Band515
Building BridgesMemo Acevedo & T. PromaneLatin Real Book118
BunkoNiehaus, LennieReal Book 256
Bunny Hop (F)Great Gig Book288
Burgundy Street Blues (The)Firehouse Jazz Band659
Burnin' The IcebergFirehouse Jazz Band579
Busch-WackedZuckerReal Book 346
Buster Rides AgainPowell, BudReal Book 244
But BeautifulJimmy Van HeusenReal Book 180
But Beautiful (G)*Burke & Van HeusenGreat Gig Book23
But Not For MeGershwinReal Book 257
But Not for Me (Eb)*GershwinGreat Gig Book190
ButterflyHerbie HancockReal Book 181
Button Up Your OvercoatJazz Fake Book72
Button Up Your Overcoat (G)*Great Gig Book167
BuzzyParker, CharlieJazz Fake Book73
By MyselfArthur SchwartzReal Book 348
Bye Bye BabyRobin & StyneReal Book 349
Bye Bye BlackbirdRay HendersonJazz Fake Book74
Bye Bye Blackbird (F)*Henderson, RayGreat Gig Book111
Bye Bye Blackbird (I'm Your Mailman)Henderson, RayFirehouse Jazz Band321
Bye Bye BluesDavid Bennett, Chauncey Gray, Frederick L Hamm, Bert LownFirehouse Jazz Band474
Bye Bye Blues (C)*David Bennett, Chauncey Gray, Frederick L Hamm, Bert LownGreat Gig Book245
ByrdlikeHubbard, FreddieReal Book 2414
Byrdlike (F)Hubbard, FreddieGreat Gig Book382
C Jam BluesDuke EllingtonReal Book 262
C'est WhatShank, BudReal Book 264
C.C. RiderJazz Fake Book77
Cabaret (Eb)*Great Gig Book228
CachitaRafael HernandezLatin Real Book120
CafeEgberto Gismonti New Real Book 249
Cakewalkin' Babies From HomeFirehouse Jazz Band57
CaldoniaJazz Fake Book75
Call Me (Bb)*Great Gig Book314
Call Me Irresponsible (Ab)*Great Gig Book144
CamaleOnRuben BladesLatin Real Book122
Camilla y Prende El FogonLatin Real Book126
Can't Help Lovin' Dat ManJerome KernJazz Fake Book75
Can't Stop The WindPaul McCandlessNew Real Book 377
Can't We Be FriendsKay SwiftReal Book 259
Canadian Sunset (Bb)*Eddie HeywoodGreat Gig Book140
Canal Street BluesFirehouse Jazz Band63
CandyMack David, Alex C Kramer, Joan WhitneyJazz Fake Book76
Canyon SongTowner, RalphReal Book 185
Cape Verdean Blues (The)Horace SilverJazz Fake Book77
CapimDjavanNew Real Book 251
Captain MarvelCorea, ChickReal Book 183
Capullito de AleliRafael HernandezLatin Real Book130
CaravanDuke Ellington, Juan TizolFirehouse Jazz Band85
Caravan (Fm)*Ellington & TizolGreat Gig Book342
CarefulHall, JimReal Book 261
Careless LoveW.C. Handy, Spencer Williams, Martha KoenigReal Book 262
Careless Love (Loveless Love)W.C. Handy, Spencer Williams, Martha KoenigFirehouse Jazz Band405
CariocaVincent YoumansJazz Fake Book8
Carolina Moon 80 Cat Walk (The)Jazz Fake Book78
Casa ForteEdu LoboNew Real Book 253
Cascade Of The Seven WaterfallsAlex MalheirosLatin Real Book132
Cast Your Fate to the Wind (F)*Great Gig Book104
Catch MePass, JoeReal Book 263
Cecilia (C)*Great Gig Book235
CeliaPowell, BudReal Book 351
Central Park WestJohn ColtraneReal Book 1169
CeoraLee MorganReal Book 186
Ceora(Ab)Morgan, LeeGreat Gig Book399
Cha-cha-cha (a.k.a. Calzada de Cerro)"Jesus ""Chucho"" Valdez"Latin Real Book134
Chain Of FoolsDon CovayNew Real Book 145
Chairs And ChildrenVince MendozaNew Real Book 387
ChameleonHancock, HerbieReal Book 265
Champ (The)Jazz Fake Book80
Chances Are (G)*Great Gig Book42
Change Of MindBob MintzerNew Real Book 147
ChangesFirehouse Jazz Band449
ChanguiriLuigi TexidorLatin Real Book136
Chant (The)Victor FeldmanFirehouse Jazz Band334
ChariotsScofield, JohnReal Book 354
Charleston (Bb)James P. JohnsonGreat Gig Book248
Charleston (The)James P. JohnsonFirehouse Jazz Band173
CharmaineJazz Fake Book79
Charmed CircleCedar WaltonNew Real Book 257
Chase TheDameron, TaddReal Book 266
Chasin' The TrainColtrane, JohnReal Book 269
Chasing The BirdJazz Fake Book80
Chattanooga Choo Choo (C)*Harry WarrenGreat Gig Book211
Chattanooga StompFirehouse Jazz Band587
Cheek To CheekIrving BerlinReal Book 355
Cheek to Cheek (C)*Berlin, IrvingGreat Gig Book136
Cheese CakeGordon, DexterReal Book 267
Chega De SaudadeAntonio Carlos Jobim, Jon Hendricks & Jessie CavanaughReal Book 187
Chega De Saudade (No More Blues)A.C. JobimJazz Fake Book81
Chelsea BellsSwallow, SteveReal Book 189
Chelsea BridgeBilly StrayhornReal Book 190
Chelsea Bridge (Db)Ellington, DukeGreat Gig Book347
CherokeeRay NobleReal Book 191
Cherokee (Bb)Noble, RayGreat Gig Book206
Cherokee (Indian Love Song)Ray NobleJazz Fake Book82
CherryDon RedmanFirehouse Jazz Band439
Cherry Pink and Apple (Eb)*Great Gig Book339
CherylCharlie ParkerJazz Fake Book83
ChicagoFred FisherFirehouse Jazz Band185
Chicago (F)*Fred FisherGreat Gig Book249
Chicago BreakdownFirehouse Jazz Band620
Chick's TuneChick CoreaNew Real Book 389
Chicken Dance (C)Great Gig Book290
Chicken FeathersKuhn, SteveReal Book 192
Child Is BornThad JonesReal Book 115
Child is Born A (Bb)Thad JonesGreat Gig Book347
Children's SongCorea, ChickReal Book 193
Chimes BluesFirehouse Jazz Band249
China BoyPhil Boutelje, Richard A WinfreeFirehouse Jazz Band29
Chinatown My ChinatownJean SchwartzFirehouse Jazz Band370
ChippieColeman, OrnetteReal Book 198
Chlo-E (Song Of The Swamp)Firehouse Jazz Band463
ChoicesMike SternNew Real Book 261
Choo Choo Ch Boogie (F)*Great Gig Book226
Choo Choo Ch' BoogieJazz Fake Book83
Choo Choo Ch'BoogieFirehouse Jazz Band764
Christmas Song (Eb)*Great Gig Book295
Christmas Song (The)Jazz Fake Book84
Christmas Time is Here (F)*Lee Mendelson, Vince GuaraldiGreat Gig Book302
ChromazoneMike SternNew Real Book 263
Ciao Ciao Bambina (C)Great Gig Book280
Cielito Lindo (Bb)*Great Gig Book293
CircleDavis, MilesReal Book 268
Circular MotionPhil MarkowitzNew Real Book 391
CiribiribinFirehouse Jazz Band589
CirrusBobby HutchersonNew Real Book 395
Clarinet MarmaladeFirehouse Jazz Band61
Clarinet Polka (C)Great Gig Book274
Claudia"Jesus ""Chucho"" Valdez"Latin Real Book146
Clementine (From New Orleans)Firehouse Jazz Band465
Cleopatra Had A Jazz BandFirehouse Jazz Band732
ClockwiseCedar WaltonNew Real Book 267
Close As Pages In A BookJazz Fake Book85
Close Enough For LoveJohnny MandelReal Book 359
Close to You (Eb)*Burt Bacharach & Hal DavidGreat Gig Book102
Close Your EyesBernice PetkereNew Real Book 399
Club MoroccoJose Roberto Bertrami & Alex MalheirosLatin Real Book148
Coisa FeitaJoao BoscoLatin Real Book150
Cold Duck TimeEddie HarrisNew Real Book 268
Colors Of ChloeWeber, EberhardReal Book 195
Come Back Sweet PapaFirehouse Jazz Band69
Come Back to Sorrento (Cm)Great Gig Book277
Come Fly With Me (C)*Sammy Cahn & James Van HeusenGreat Gig Book204
Come Rain Or Come ShineHarold ArlenJazz Fake Book85
Come Rain or Come Shine (F)*Mercer & ArlenGreat Gig Book125
Come SundayDuke EllingtonReal Book 1101
Come Sunday (Bb)Ellington, DukeGreat Gig Book32
Come With MeTania MariaLatin Real Book152
Comes LoveSam H SteptJazz Fake Book87
Comin' Home BabyHagan, EarlReal Book 271
Como En VietnamSteve SwallowReal Book 199
Compadre Pedro JuanLuis AlbertiLatin Real Book154
Compared To WhatEugene McDanielsNew Real Book 153
CompensationKenny WernerReal Book 360
Con AlmaDizzy GillespieReal Book 1102
Con Alma (E)Gillespie, DizzyGreat Gig Book379
ConceptionGeorge ShearingReal Book 1103
Coney Island WashboardFirehouse Jazz Band265
Conference Of The BirdsHolland, DaveReal Book 1104
Confessin (That I Love you)Real Book 272
ConfirmationCharlie ParkerReal Book 1105
Confirmation (F)Parker, CharlieGreat Gig Book379
ContemplationMcCoy TynerReal Book 1500
Contigo En La DistanciaCesar Portillo de la LuzLatin Real Book156
Cookin'DonaldsonReal Book 273
Cool BluesParker, CharlieReal Book 271
Cool EyesSilver, HoraceReal Book 361
Cool GreenKenny DrewNew Real Book 3100
CopenhagenFirehouse Jazz Band49
CoquetteJohnny Green, Carmen LombardoFirehouse Jazz Band611
CoralJarrett, KeithReal Book 1106
CorcovadoA.C. JobimReal Book 1107
Core (The)Hubbard, FreddieReal Book 273
Cork N BibKonitz, LeeReal Book 277
Cornet Chop SueyFirehouse Jazz Band384
Corrine CorrinaFirehouse Jazz Band613
Cottage For Salt (A)Jazz Fake Book89
CottontailDuke Ellington, Jon HendricksReal Book 1108
Could It Be YouPorter, ColeReal Book 1109
Count Every StarJazz Fake Book88
CountdownJohn ColtraneReal Book 1110
Country RoadsBurton & SwallowReal Book 1111
Cousin MaryJohn ColtraneReal Book 269
CrazeologyCharlie ParkerReal Book 274
Crazy RhythmRoger Wolfe Kahn, Joseph MeyerJazz Fake Book90
Crazy Rhythm (F)*Joseph Meyer, Roger Wolfe Kahn & Irving CesarGreat Gig Book197
CreekVictor BrazilNew Real Book 156
CreepinWonder, StevieNew Real Book 3101
Creole BellesFirehouse Jazz Band670
CrescentJohn ColtraneReal Book 1112
Criss CrossRay ObiedoNew Real Book 269
Criss/CrossMonk, TheloniousReal Book 275
Cry Me A RiverArthur HamiltonJazz Fake Book91
Cry Me A River (Cm)*HamiltonGreat Gig Book88
CrystalOzoneNew Real Book 157
Crystal SilenceChick CoreaReal Book 1113
CubanitaVictor MendozaLatin Real Book158
Cubano ChantRay BryantNew Real Book 159
CuracaoCal TjaderLatin Real Book162
CuteNeal HeftiJazz Fake Book90
Cute (C)*HeftiGreat Gig Book139
D Minor MintFreddie HubbardNew Real Book 3104
D.C. FarewellRichie ColeJazz Fake Book92
DaahoudClifford BrownReal Book 1114
Daahound (Eb)Great Gig Book368
DacapolypsoIsraels, ChuckReal Book 365
Daddy DoFirehouse Jazz Band501
Daddy's Girl Cynthia Brown, DonaldNew Real Book 3105
Daddy's Girl CynthiaDonald BrownNew Real Book 3105
Daddy's Little Girl (C)*Great Gig Book290
Dame Un Cachito Pa' HueleArsenio RodriguezLatin Real Book164
Dancing in the Dark (Eb)*Howard Schwartz & Arthur DietzGreat Gig Book146
Dancing In The StreetWilliam Stevenson, Marvin Gaye & Ivy HunterNew Real Book 3107
Dancing On The CeilingRichard RodgersReal Book 1115
Dancing on the Ceiling (F)*Rodgers & HartGreat Gig Book134
Danny Boy (Londonderry Air) (C)*TraditionalGreat Gig Book281
Dansero (F)*Great Gig Book341
Danz& For My FatherLatin Real Book166
DardanellaFirehouse Jazz Band429
Darius DanceMarc CoplandNew Real Book 3109
Darktown Strutters Ball (C)*Shelton BrooksGreat Gig Book250
Darktown Strutters' Ball (The)Shelton BrooksFirehouse Jazz Band369
Darn That DreamVan Heusen & DeLangeJazz Fake Book93
Darn That DreamJimmy Van HeusenReal Book 1116
Darn That Dream (G)Van Heusen & DeLangeGreat Gig Book29
Davenport BluesBix BeiderbeckeFirehouse Jazz Band529
Day By DayAxel Stordahl, Paul WestonNew Real Book 272
Day By Day (F)Cahn el alGreat Gig Book183
Day DreamDuke Ellington, Billy StrayhornReal Book 364
Day In Day OutMercer & BloomReal Book 367
Day In The Life Of A Fool (A)Luiz BonfaJazz Fake Book93
Day In ViennaHampton, SlideReal Book 278
Day WavesCorea, ChickReal Book 1119
Days And Nights WaitingJarrett, KeithReal Book 1117
Days Of Wine And RosesHenry N. ManciniReal Book 1118
Days of Wine and Roses (F)*Henry N. ManciniGreat Gig Book110
De Pois do Amor o VazioShorter, WayneReal Book 1123
Dead Man BluesFirehouse Jazz Band285
Dear Heart (F)*Great Gig Book265
Dear LordJohn ColtraneNew Real Book 273
Dear Old SouthlandTurner LaytonFirehouse Jazz Band604
Dear Old StockholmTraditionalReal Book 1121
Dearly BelovedKern & MercerJazz Fake Book95
Dearly BelovedJerome KernReal Book 1120
Dearly Beloved (C)*Kern & MercerGreat Gig Book205
DecisionOscar HernandezLatin Real Book170
Dee SongEnrico PieranunziNew Real Book 275
Deed I DoFred RoseFirehouse Jazz Band59
Deep PurplePeter De RoseReal Book 279
Deep Purple (F)*Mitchell Parish & Peter De RoseGreat Gig Book61
Dejala Que Baile SolaJuan AlmeidaLatin Real Book172
Dejala Que Siga AndandoJose Antonio Mendez & Reinaldo BolanosLatin Real Book180
Dejame SonarPerin VasquezLatin Real Book184
DelevansJeff LorberNew Real Book 163
DelgadoEddie GomezNew Real Book 278
DeloresShorter, WayneReal Book 1122
DelugeWayne ShorterReal Book 1129
DesafinadoAntonio Carlos JobimReal Book 1125
Desafinado (F)*Jobim, ACGreat Gig Book311
Desafinado (Slightly Out Of Tune)Jobim, ACJazz Fake Book96
Desert AirCorea, ChickReal Book 1127
DesireTom ScottNew Real Book 167
Detour AheadEllis et alNew Real Book 280
Devil May Care Kirk & DoroughNew Real Book 281
Dewey SquareParker, CharlieJazz Fake Book94
DexterJerry BergonziNew Real Book 3112
DexterityCharlie ParkerReal Book 1130
DianeErno Rapee & Lew PollackReal Book 281
DiendaKenny KirklandNew Real Book 3114
DigMiles DavisNew Real Book 170
Dig (Ab)Davis, MilesGreat Gig Book370
Dile a CatalinaArsenio RodriguezLatin Real Book188
Dime Til Que Lo SabesLatin Real Book192
DinahHarry AkstFirehouse Jazz Band398
DindiAloysio De Oliveira, Ray Gilbert, Antonio Carlos JobimNew Real Book 171
Dindi (C)*Jobim, ACGreat Gig Book315
Dippermouth BluesFirehouse Jazz Band43
DivertimentoZito, TorrieNew Real Book 3115
Dixie JamboreeFirehouse Jazz Band396
Dixieland Band (The)Firehouse Jazz Band481
Dizzy AtmosphereDizzy GillespieJazz Fake Book97
DjangoJohn LewisReal Book 1133
Django (Fm)Lewis, JohnGreat Gig Book353
Do Nothin' Till You Hear From MeDuke EllingtonJazz Fake Book98
Do Nothing 'Til You Hear From MeDuke Ellington & Bob RussellNew Real Book 1431
Do Nothing Till You Hear From MeDuke Ellington & Bob RussellReal Book 284
Do Nothing Till You Hear From Me (F)*Duke Ellington & Bob RussellGreat Gig Book180
Do What Ory SayFirehouse Jazz Band471
Do You Know What It Means (C)*DeLangeGreat Gig Book126
Do You Know What It Means (To Miss New OrleansDeLangeReal Book 287
Do You Know What It Means To Miss New OrleansLouis AlterFirehouse Jazz Band73
Do You Know What It Means To Miss New Orleans?Eddie De Lange & Louis AlterJazz Fake Book99
Doce PresencaIvan LinsNew Real Book 285
Doctor JazzFirehouse Jazz Band128
Dogs In The Wine ShopDon GrolnickNew Real Book 287
Doin' The New Low-DownFirehouse Jazz Band647
Doin' The PigSwallow, SteveReal Book 1131
Dolphin DanceHerbie HancockReal Book 1135
Dolphin Dance (Eb)Hancock, HerbieGreat Gig Book355
Dom De IludirCaetano VelosoLatin Real Book200
DomingoGolson, BennyReal Book 283
Domino BiscuitSwallow, SteveReal Book 1136
Don QuixoteMilton Nascimento & Cesar Camarga MarianoLatin Real Book202
Don't Ask WhyBroadbent, AlanReal Book 371
Don't Be That WayGoodman & SampsonNew Real Book 3120
Don't Be That Way (Eb)*Goodman & SampsonGreat Gig Book223
Don't Blame MeJimmy McHughReal Book 1138
Don't Blame Me (C)*McHugh & FieldsGreat Gig Book33
Don't Bring LuluFirehouse Jazz Band485
Don't Ever Go AwayJobim, ACReal Book 372
Don't ExplainBillie HolidayJazz Fake Book101
Don't Forget The PoetEnrico PieranunziNew Real Book 289
Don't Get Around Much (C)*Great Gig Book179
Don't Get Around Much AnymoreDuke EllingtonReal Book 1139
Don't Go To StrangersArthur Kent, David A MannNew Real Book 174
Don't Go to Strangers (Bb)*Kent et alGreat Gig Book43
Don't Let The Sun Catch You Cryin'Jazz Fake Book100
Don't Look BackMandel, JohnnyReal Book 373
Don't Misunderstand (F)*Great Gig Book313
Don't Take That Black Bottom AwayFirehouse Jazz Band718
Don't Take Your Love From MeHenry NemoJazz Fake Book103
Don't Take Your Love From Me (C)*Henry NemoGreat Gig Book166
Don't Worry 'Bout Me (Ab)*Ted Koehler & Rube BloomGreat Gig Book165
Donna LeeMiles DavisReal Book 1137
Donna Lee (Ab)Parker, CharlieGreat Gig Book378
Doodle-Doo-DooFirehouse Jazz Band11
Doodlin'Horace SilverJazz Fake Book104
DoorsMike NockNew Real Book 175
Double ClutchingIsraels, ChuckReal Book 375
Double Up (The)Lee MorganNew Real Book 3122
Down Among The Sheltering PalmsFirehouse Jazz Band116
Down At The Old FirehallFirehouse Jazz Band426
Down By The RiversideFirehouse Jazz Band112
Down For DoubleGreen, FreddyReal Book 285
Down Home Rag (The)Firehouse Jazz Band498
Down In Borneo IsleFirehouse Jazz Band678
Down In Honky-Tonk TownFirehouse Jazz Band223
Down In Jungle TownFirehouse Jazz Band622
Down YonderFirehouse Jazz Band289
DoxySonny RollinsJazz Fake Book104
Doxy (Bb)Rollins, SonnyGreat Gig Book357
Dream (C)*Johnny MercerGreat Gig Book64
Dream a Little Dream (G)*Great Gig Book154
Dream DancingCole PorterReal Book 376
Dream ManFirehouse Jazz Band141
DreaminMontgomery et alNew Real Book 3123
Drive (The)Nelson, OliverReal Book 288
DuffHawes, HamptonReal Book 277
Duff Campbell's RevengeFirehouse Jazz Band418
Duke (The)Dave BrubeckJazz Fake Book105
Duke TheDave BrubeckReal Book 1140
E'Luis Gonzaga, Jr.Latin Real Book204
E.K.'s BluesKaiserReal Book 299
E.S.P.Shorter, WayneReal Book 1154
Earl (The)Jazz Fake Book105
Early AutumnRalph J Burns, Woody HermanNew Real Book 176
Early Autumn (C)Mercer el alGreat Gig Book38
East Of The SunBowmanJazz Fake Book106
East of the Sun (G)*BowmanGreat Gig Book59
Eastern Joy DanceMulgrew MillerLatin Real Book206
EasyAl Jarreau, Tom Canning & Jay GraydonNew Real Book 177
Easy LivingRalph RaingerReal Book 1142
Easy Living (F)*Robin & RaingerGreat Gig Book37
Easy Street (Eb)*Great Gig Book60
Easy To LoveCole PorterReal Book 1143
Easy to Love (G)*Porter, ColeGreat Gig Book131
Ebb Tide (C)*Great Gig Book155
EcarohHorace SilverJazz Fake Book107
Eccentric (That Eccentric Rag)Firehouse Jazz Band427
EcclusiasticsMingus, CharlesReal Book 1144
Echale SalsitaIgnacio PineiroLatin Real Book208
EclypsoFlanagan, TommyReal Book 290
Edelweiss (Bb)*Great Gig Book260
Egyptian EllaFirehouse Jazz Band676
Eh La BasFirehouse Jazz Band406
EiderdownSteve SwallowReal Book 1145
Eight Nine & TenFirehouse Jazz Band258
Eighty OneRon CarterReal Book 1147
EinbahnstrasseCarter, RonReal Book 299
El Agua Del ClavelitoMiguel Angel PozoLatin Real Book210
El Cantar del CoquiJuancito TorresLatin Real Book212
El GauchoWayne ShorterReal Book 1148
El ManiseroMoises SimonsLatin Real Book217
Elena ElenaManuel JimenezLatin Real Book220
ElizeteFischer, ClaireReal Book 1149
ElmRichie BeirachNew Real Book 181
EloraJohnson, JJReal Book 291
ElsaEarl ZindarsJazz Fake Book108
Elsa (Eb)Earl ZindarsGreat Gig Book387
EmalineFirehouse Jazz Band443
EmanonGillespie, DizzyReal Book 378
Embraceable YouGeorge GershwinReal Book 292
Embraceable You (F)*Gershwin, GeorgeGreat Gig Book15
EmilyJohnny Mandel, Johnny MercerReal Book 379
Emily (C)*Mercer & MandelGreat Gig Book259
EmpathyNiles, RichardReal Book 1150
Emperor Norton's HunchFirehouse Jazz Band652
EncantigoRoy BrownLatin Real Book224
EnchanceBrackeen, JoanneReal Book 293
End Of A Love AffairReddingReal Book 380
End of a Love Affair (F)*ReddingGreat Gig Book86
End Of A Love Affair (The)ReddingJazz Fake Book109
Endangered SpeciesWayne Shorter & Joseph VitarelliNew Real Book 183
EndlesslyAsherReal Book 381
EntregateArturo Ortiz, Ralph Irizarry & Sammy FigueroaLatin Real Book228
EpilogueEvans, BillReal Book 294
EpistrophyKenneth S Clark, Thelonious Monk, Cootie WilliamsReal Book 1151
Epistrophy (C#)Monk, TheloniousGreat Gig Book377
EquinoxJohn ColtraneReal Book 1152
Equinox (Cm)Coltrane, JohnGreat Gig Book384
EquipoiseCowellReal Book 1153
Escher SketchMichael BreckerNew Real Book 2100
EstateBruno Brighetti, Bruno MartinoReal Book 383
Estate (Gm)*Martino & SiegelGreat Gig Book321
Estoy Como NuncaDon RaymatLatin Real Book234
Eternal ChildChick CoreaNew Real Book 2107
Eternal TriangleStitt, SonnyReal Book 384
Ev'ry Time We Say Good ByePorter, ColeReal Book 385
Ev'ry Time We Say GoodbyeCole PorterJazz Fake Book109
Evening In ConcertBrackeen, JoanneReal Book 295
Evergreen (C)*Great Gig Book100
Everybody Loves My BabySpencer WilliamsFirehouse Jazz Band346
Everybody Loves Somebody (F)*Great Gig Book175
Everything Happens To MeMatt DennisNew Real Book 191
Everything Happens to Me (Bb)*Adair & DennisGreat Gig Book75
Everything I Have Is YoursBurton LaneReal Book 296
Everything I LoveCole PorterReal Book 388
Everything's Coming Up RosesJazz Fake Book112
Everytime We Say Goodbye (Eb)*Great Gig Book18
Exactly Like YouJimmy McHughFirehouse Jazz Band746
Exactly Like You (C)*McHugh & FieldsGreat Gig Book208
Exercise #3Metheny, PatReal Book 1155
Exercise #6Metheny, PatReal Book 1156
ExpressionJohn ColtraneNew Real Book 2111
Eye Of The HurricaneHancock, HerbieReal Book 297
Ezz-theticRussell, GeorgeReal Book 298
Fables Of FaubusMingus, CharlesReal Book 1157
Failing In Love With LoveJazz Fake Book113
FallWayne ShorterReal Book 1159
Fall With MeJude Swift & Lorraine FeatherNew Real Book 3129
Falling GraceSteve SwallowReal Book 1160
Falling Grace (Ab)Swallow, SteveGreat Gig Book373
Falling In Love Again (Eb)*Great Gig Book265
Falling In Love With LoveRichard RodgersReal Book 1161
Falling In Love With Love (Bb)*Rodgers & HartGreat Gig Book267
Farewell BluesPaul Joseph Mares, Elmer Schoebel, Leon RoppoloFirehouse Jazz Band54
Farewell To Storyville (The Good Time Flat Blues)Firehouse Jazz Band595
Farmers MarketFarmer, ArtNew Real Book 194
Fascinating Rhythm (F)*George & Ira GershwinGreat Gig Book198
Fascination (C)*Great Gig Book257
FatherColeman, GeorgeReal Book 389
FavelaAntonio Carlos JobimNew Real Book 195
Fee-Fi-Fo-FumWayne ShorterReal Book 1162
Feel Like Makin' LoveEugene McDanielsNew Real Book 196
Feelings (Em)*Great Gig Book108
Feelings And ThingsGibbs, MichaelReal Book 1163
Feels So GoodChuck MangioneReal Book 2101
Felicidade (Cm)*Great Gig Book317
Felicidade(A)Antonio Carlos Jobim & Vinicius de MoraesJazz Fake Book30
Fell Like Makin' LoveMcDanielsReal Book 391
Festive MinorJazz Fake Book116
FeverEddie Cooley, John R DavenportJazz Fake Book114
Fidgety FeetNick LaRocca, Larry ShieldsFirehouse Jazz Band122
Fiesta In BlueJazz Fake Book115
Fifty Miles Of Elbow RoomFirehouse Jazz Band239
Filthy McnastyHorace SilverNew Real Book 2113
Find Out What They Like & How They Like ItFirehouse Jazz Band268
Fine and Dandy (F)Kay SwiftGreat Gig Book231
Fine And MellowBillie HolidayJazz Fake Book117
Fine RomanceKern & FieldsReal Book 116
Fine Romance (A)Jazz Fake Book116
Fine Romance (A) (C)*Great Gig Book127
FireJoe HendersonNew Real Book 197
First LightFreddie HubbardNew Real Book 198
First MovesRollins, SonnyReal Book 2103
First TripCarter, RonReal Book 2104
Five BrothersMulligan, GerryReal Book 2105
Five Foot Two (C)*Great Gig Book244
Five Spot After DarkBenny GolsonReal Book 2111
FlagsBley, CarlaReal Book 1169
FlamingoTheodor GrouyaNew Real Book 2117
Flamingo (F)*GrouyaGreat Gig Book52
Flat Foot Floogie (The)Firehouse Jazz Band773
Flee As A BirdFirehouse Jazz Band690
Flight To JordanDuke JordanLatin Real Book242
Flim FlamWofford, MikeReal Book 2106
Flintstone's ThemeBryson / GoldbergReal Book 2107
Floatin' Down That Old Green RiverFirehouse Jazz Band120
Floatin' Down To Cotton TownFirehouse Jazz Band519
Flor De Lis (a.k.a. Upside Down)DjavanLatin Real Book244
Fly By NightGrusin, DaveReal Book 2109
Fly Me To The MoonBart HowardJazz Fake Book118
Fly Me to the Moon (C)*HowardGreat Gig Book115
Flying HomeBenny Goodman, Lionel HamptonJazz Fake Book119
Foggy DayGeorge & Ira GershwinReal Book 119
Foggy Day (A)George & Ira GershwinJazz Fake Book119
Foggy Day (A) (F)*Great Gig Book187
Follow Your HeartMcLaughlin, JohnReal Book 1167
Fool That I AmJazz Fake Book120
FoolkillerMose AllisonNew Real Book 199
Fools Rush InRube BloomReal Book 2114
Fools Rush In (C)*Rube BloomGreat Gig Book63
FootprintsWayne ShorterReal Book 1170
For All We KnowCootsNew Real Book 3132
For All We KnowJ. Fred CootsJazz Fake Book121
For All We Know (F)*CootsGreat Gig Book58
For Every Man There's A WomanJazz Fake Book122
For Heavens SakeMeyer et alReal Book 1172
For Heavens' SakeMeyer et alReal Book 392
For Minors OnlyHeath, JimmyReal Book 2115
For Sale (Hannah Johnson's Big Black Ass)Firehouse Jazz Band645
For Sentimental ReasonsWilliam BestJazz Fake Book123
For Sentimental Reasons (F)*William BestGreat Gig Book41
For You For Me For EvermoreJazz Fake Book123
For You For Me Forevermore (F)*Great Gig Book79
Forest FlowerCharles LloydReal Book 1171
Forest Flower (C)Lloyd, CharlesGreat Gig Book398
ForeverEddie GomezNew Real Book 2119
Fortune SmilesJarrett, KeithReal Book 1173
FourMiles DavisReal Book 1174
Four (Eb)Davis, MilesGreat Gig Book366
Four BrothersJimmy GiuffreNew Real Book 1103
Four On SixWes MontgomeryReal Book 1175
Four Or Five TimesByron GayFirehouse Jazz Band194
Four OthersJazz Fake Book124
Fox HuntJohnson, JJReal Book 2117
Frankie And JohnnyJazz Fake Book125
Frankie & JohnnieFirehouse Jazz Band541
Freddie FrooAdams, PepperReal Book 2118
Freddie The FreeloaderDavis, MilesReal Book 1177
FreeColeman, OrnetteReal Book 2123
Free Cell Block FCharles MingusReal Book 2119
Freedom Jazz DanceHarris, EddieNew Real Book 2122
Freedom Jazz DanceEddie HarrisReal Book 1178
FreedomlandRussell FerranteNew Real Book 3133
Freight TraneTommy FlanaganReal Book 393
French WaltzMoore, DudleyReal Book 394
FrenesiAlberto DominguezLatin Real Book246
Frenesi (Ab)*Alberto DominguezGreat Gig Book340
FrevoEgberto GismontiLatin Real Book248
Friday Night At The Cadillac ClubBerg, BobNew Real Book 2123
Friday The 13thBrackeen, JoanneReal Book 2121
Fried BananasDexter GordonJazz Fake Book125
FriendsChick CoreaNew Real Book 2126
Friends (C)Corea, ChickGreat Gig Book397
Friends And StrangersWilliam JeffreyNew Real Book 1105
From Day To DayMulgrew MillerNew Real Book 3135
From Monday OnFirehouse Jazz Band267
From Now OnHarrell, TomReal Book 396
From the HeartAprileReal Book 397
From This Moment OnCole PorterJazz Fake Book127
From This Moment On (Ab)*Porter, ColeGreat Gig Book224
Frosty The Snow ManJazz Fake Book126
Frosty the Snowman (C)*Great Gig Book302
Full Moon and Empty ArmsKaye et alReal Book 3100
Funk DumplinColesReal Book 2111
FunkalleroBill EvansNew Real Book 1108
FunkyBurrell, KennyReal Book 2123
Games People PlaySouthReal Book 2124
Gary's WaltzMcFarland, GaryReal Book 1179
GaviotaClare FischerNew Real Book 1109
Gaviota (Cm)Fischer, ClaireGreat Gig Book400
Gee Baby Ain't I Good To YouDon RedmanNew Real Book 1112
Gee Baby Ain't I Good to You (Cm)*RedmanGreat Gig Book156
GeminiJimmy HeathReal Book 1180
General Mojo's Well Laid PlanSwallow, SteveReal Book 1181
Gentle RainBonfa, LouisReal Book 1182
Gentle Rain (The)Bonfa, LouisNew Real Book 3138
Gentle Rain (Am)*Bonfa, LouisGreat Gig Book306
Gentle Wind And Falling TearBurton, GaryReal Book 2125
GeorgiaCarmichael, HoagyReal Book 2126
Georgia (F)*Carmichael, HoagyGreat Gig Book12
Georgia Bo-BoFirehouse Jazz Band508
Georgia On My MindHoagy CarmichaelFirehouse Jazz Band299
GeraldineRussell FerranteNew Real Book 2127
Gertrude's BounceRichie PowellNew Real Book 2129
Get HappyHarold ArlenNew Real Book 2131
Get Me to the Church on Time (G)*Great Gig Book232
Get Out Of TownCole PorterJazz Fake Book129
Get Ready"William ""Smokey"" Robinson"New Real Book 3139
Gettin' It TogethaTimmons, BobbyReal Book 2124
Getting To Know YouJazz Fake Book129
Ghost Of A Chance (A)Young et alJazz Fake Book128
Ghost of a Chance (C)*Young et alGreat Gig Book80
Giant StepsJohn ColtraneReal Book 1183
Giant Steps (B)Coltrane, JohnGreat Gig Book358
Gimme A Pigfoot And A Bottle Of BeerFirehouse Jazz Band235
Gingerbread Boy (Bb)Jimmy HeathGreat Gig Book383
Girl From IpanemaAntonio Carlos JobimReal Book 1184
Girl From Ipanema (F)*Antonio Carlos JobimGreat Gig Book303
Girl From Ipanema (The)Antonio Carlos JobimJazz Fake Book131
Girl Of My DreamsFirehouse Jazz Band329
Girl TalkNeal HeftiReal Book 2129
Give Me the Simple Life (Eb)*Harry Ruby & Rube BloomGreat Gig Book217
Give My Regards to Broadway (Bb)Great Gig Book241
Gloria's StepScott LaFaroReal Book 1185
Glory of Love (G)*Great Gig Book160
Glory Of Love (The)Jazz Fake Book132
Glow Worm (The)Jazz Fake Book133
Gnu BluBuschReal Book 3102
God Bless The ChildArthur Herzog Jr., Billie HolidayReal Book 1186
God Bless the Child (Eb)*Holiday & HerzogGreat Gig Book35
God Bless' The ChildHoliday & HerzogJazz Fake Book130
GodchildWallingtonReal Book 3105
Godfather Theme (Cm)Great Gig Book285
Goin' HomeRussell FerranteNew Real Book 1119
Goin' Out Of My HeadTeddy Randazzo, Bobby WeinsteinJazz Fake Book133
Going Out of My Head (Bb)*Great Gig Book318
Golden LadyWonder, StevieReal Book 1187
Golden NotebooksMulligan, GerryReal Book 2131
GoneFirehouse Jazz Band548
Gone With The WindAllie WrubelNew Real Book 1124
Gone With the Wind (Eb)*Wrubel & MagidsonGreat Gig Book202
Good BaitCount Basie, Tadd DameronJazz Fake Book135
Good Evening Mr. And Mrs.AmericaGuerin, JohnReal Book 1189
Good Life (The)Jack Reardon & Sacha DistelJazz Fake Book135
Good Man Is Hard To Find (A)Firehouse Jazz Band111
Good Morning HeartacheErvin Drake, Dan Fisher, Irene HigginbothamNew Real Book 1433
Good Morning Heartache (F)*Fisher et alGreat Gig Book35
GoodbyeGordon JenkinsReal Book 3107
Goodbye Pork Pie HatMingus, CharlesJazz Fake Book136
Goodbye Porkpie HatCharles MingusReal Book 1188
Goodnight Sweetheart (C)*Great Gig Book65
GoofusFirehouse Jazz Band455
Got A MatchCorea, ChickNew Real Book 2134
Got A Match?Chick CoreaReal Book 3108
Grand CentralJohn ColtraneReal Book 1191
Grandpa's SpellsFirehouse Jazz Band261
Gravy Waltz (C)Great Gig Book271
Green Dolphin StreetKaper & WashingtonReal Book 1192
Green Dolphin Street (C)*Great Gig Book207
Green Eyes (Eb)*Nilo MenendezGreat Gig Book333
Green MountainsSwallow, SteveReal Book 1193
GreensleevesTraditionalJazz Fake Book137
Greensleeves (Dm)*TraditionalGreat Gig Book268
Gregory Is HereHorace SilverReal Book 2133
Gregory Is Here (Bb)Silver, HoraceGreat Gig Book399
Grizzly Bear Rag (The)Firehouse Jazz Band593
Groove MerchantJerome RichardsonReal Book 2135
Groove Merchant (Bb)RichardsonGreat Gig Book404
Groove YardPerkinsReal Book 2136
Groovin! HighGillespie, DizzyJazz Fake Book137
Groovin' HighDizzy GillespieReal Book 1194
Groovin' High (Eb)Gillespie, DizzyGreat Gig Book371
Groovy SambaMendes, SergioReal Book 2137
Grow Your OwnJarrett, KeithReal Book 1195
GrowingJohn PattitucciNew Real Book 2138
Guantanamara (D)*Great Gig Book293
GuarareJuan FormellLatin Real Book250
GuarujaBrecker, RandyNew Real Book 1129
Guess I'll Hang My Tears Out (C)*Great Gig Book80
Guess Who I Saw TodayJazz Fake Book138
GushMaria SchneiderNew Real Book 3145
Gypsy (The)Jazz Fake Book139
H & HMetheny, PatReal Book 3117
HackensackMonk, TheloniousReal Book 2138
Hail to the Chief (C)Great Gig Book287
Half NelsonMiles DavisReal Book 1197
Half Nelson (C)Davis, MilesGreat Gig Book369
Hallelujah I Love Him (Her) SoJazz Fake Book140
HallucinationsBud PowellNew Real Book 1131
Hambone KellyFirehouse Jazz Band740
Hannibal's RevengeAndy NarellLatin Real Book258
Happy Little SunbeamFreemanReal Book 240
Happy TalkJazz Fake Book142
Happy Wanderer (Bb)Great Gig Book274
Harbor Lights (Eb)*Great Gig Book70
Hard EightsLyle MaysNew Real Book 3149
Hard Hearted HannahFirehouse Jazz Band168
Harlem NocturneEarle H HagenJazz Fake Book143
Harlem Nocturne (Dm)Ellington, DukeGreat Gig Book155
HarlequinTommy SmithReal Book 243
Harold's House Of JazzRichie Cole & David LahmJazz Fake Book141
Hassan's DreamGolson, BennyReal Book 1198
Haunted BallroomVictor Feldman & Milo AdamoNew Real Book 1134
Haunted Ballroom (F)Feldman, VictorGreat Gig Book357
Haunted HeartArthur SchwartzJazz Fake Book143
Hava Nagilah (F)Great Gig Book283
Have You Met Miss JonesRichard RodgersReal Book 1199
Have You Met Miss Jones (F)*Rodgers & HartGreat Gig Book181
Have You Met Miss Jones?Richard Rodgers & Lorenz HartJazz Fake Book142
Have Yourself a Merry Christmas (C)*Great Gig Book296
HavonaJaco PastoriusNew Real Book 1135
Hawaiian Wedding Song (C)*Great Gig Book285
He May Be Your Man (But He Comes To See Me Sometimes)Firehouse Jazz Band602
Head And ShouldersWalton, CedarReal Book 2144
Hear Me Talkin' To Ya'Firehouse Jazz Band584
Heart and Soul (F)*Hoagy CarmichaelGreat Gig Book122
HeartsongHerschReal Book 3111
Heat WaveIrving BerlinNew Real Book 3151
Heather on the Hill (F)*Great Gig Book90
HeavenEllington, DukeReal Book 1200
Heebie JeebiesFirehouse Jazz Band171
Helena Polka (F)Great Gig Book274
HelloLionel RichieReal Book 2147
Hello DollyJerry HermanFirehouse Jazz Band359
Hello Dolly (Bb)*Jerry HermanGreat Gig Book227
Hello Dolly!Jerry HermanJazz Fake Book144
Hello Young LoversRichard RodgersReal Book 1201
Hello Young Lovers (Eb)*Richard RodgersGreat Gig Book272
Henninger FlatsPritchardReal Book 1203
Here Comes My Ball & ChainFirehouse Jazz Band563
Here's That Rainy DayJimmy Van HeusenReal Book 1204
Here's That Rainy Day (F)*Van HeusenGreat Gig Book20
Here's That Sunny DayVan HeusenReal Book 2145
HerzogBobby HutchersonReal Book 1205
Hesitating Blues (The)Firehouse Jazz Band553
Hey ThereRichard Adler & Jerry RossReal Book 1207
Hey There (Eb)*Adler & RossGreat Gig Book146
Hi BeckKonitz, LeeReal Book 2148
Hi-FlyRandy WestonNew Real Book 2141
HideawayDave SanbornNew Real Book 1139
HiFlyWeston, RandyJazz Fake Book145
High HopesFraserReal Book 3113
High SocietyFirehouse Jazz Band421
High Wire The AerialistChick CoreaReal Book 3115
HindustanFirehouse Jazz Band37
Ho-Ba-La-LaGilberto, JoaoReal Book 2149
Hocus PocusMorgan, LeeReal Book 2150
Hokey Pokey (Bb)Great Gig Book288
Hold On I'm ComingIsaac Hayes & Davis PorterNew Real Book 3156
Hold Out Your HandKuhn, SteveReal Book 1208
HomeRosario GiulianiFirehouse Jazz Band51
Honeysuckle RoseWaller & RazafJazz Fake Book147
Honeysuckle RoseFats WallerFirehouse Jazz Band340
Honeysuckle Rose (F)*Waller & RazafGreat Gig Book245
Hoop-Dee-Doo (Eb)*Great Gig Book276
Hooray For LoveJazz Fake Book147
Hooray for Hollywood (F)Great Gig Book241
HoracescopeHorace SilverReal Book 2153
HorizonWoffordReal Book 2151
Hot HouseTadd DameronReal Book 3118
Hot LipsFirehouse Jazz Band386
Hotel HelloSwallow, SteveReal Book 1211
Hotel OvertureSwallow, SteveReal Book 1209
Hotel VampSwallow, SteveReal Book 1210
Hotter Than ThatFirehouse Jazz Band527
House Of JadeShorter, WayneReal Book 1214
How About YouBurton LaneReal Book 3119
How About You (G)*Freed & LaneGreat Gig Book141
How Can You Do Me Like You Do (C)*Great Gig Book238
How Can You Face Me?Firehouse Jazz Band632
How Come You Do Me Like You Do?Gene Austin, Roy BergereFirehouse Jazz Band610
How Could Red Riding Hood?Firehouse Jazz Band217
How Deep Is The OceanBerlin, IrvingReal Book 3120
How Deep Is the Ocean (F)*Berlin, IrvingGreat Gig Book72
How High The MoonMorgan LewisReal Book 1215
How High the Moon (G)*Lewis, MorganGreat Gig Book190
How InsensitiveAntonio Carlos JobimReal Book 1216
How Insensitive (Dm)*Jobim ACGreat Gig Book308
How Long Has The Been Going On (G)*Great Gig Book46
How Long Has This Been Going OnGershwinReal Book 3121
How My Heart SingsEarl ZindarsReal Book 1217
How My Heart Sings (C)ZindersGreat Gig Book390
How Sweet It IsHolland et alNew Real Book 3157
Huggin' & A Chalkin' (A)Firehouse Jazz Band201
Hullo BolinasSteve SwallowReal Book 1218
HumminAdderley, NatReal Book 2154
Humpty DumptyChick CoreaReal Book 2155
Hundred Years From Today (A)Firehouse Jazz Band241
Hyena StompFirehouse Jazz Band657
I Ain't Gonna Give Nobody None Of My Jelly RollFirehouse Jazz Band191
I Believe In YouFrank LoesserReal Book 2157
I Can't Believe That You're In Love With MeJimmy McHughFirehouse Jazz Band433
I Can't Get StartedVernon Duke & Ira GershwinReal Book 1221
I Can't Get Started (C)*Duke, VernonGreat Gig Book30
I Can't Give You Anything But LoveJimmy McHughFirehouse Jazz Band747
I Can't Give You Anything But Love (Ab)*Jimmy McHughGreat Gig Book137
I Can't Let 'Em SufferFirehouse Jazz Band688
I Cant Help ItWonder et alNew Real Book 3159
I Concentrate On YouCole PorterJazz Fake Book151
I Concentrate on You (Eb)*Porter, ColeGreat Gig Book50
I Could A BookJazz Fake Book152
I Could Have Danced All NightFrederick LoeweJazz Fake Book152
I Could Have Danced All Night (C)*Frederick LoeweGreat Gig Book265
I Could Write A BookRichard RodgersReal Book 1222
I Could Write a Book (C)*Rodgers & HartGreat Gig Book124
I Cover The WaterfrontJohnny GreenJazz Fake Book153
I Cover the Waterfront (G)*Heyman & GreenGreat Gig Book74
I Cried For YouGus Arnheim, Arthur Freed, Abe LymanJazz Fake Book153
I Didn't Know What Time It WasRichard RodgersJazz Fake Book154
I Didn't Know What Time It Was (G)*Rodgers & HartGreat Gig Book150
I Don't Know Why (Bb)*Fred AhlertGreat Gig Book147
I Don't Know Why (I just Do)Fred AhlertJazz Fake Book155
I Double Dare YouFirehouse Jazz Band505
I Fall In Love Too EasilyJule StyneReal Book 3125
I Fall in Love Too Easily (Eb)*Cahn & StyneGreat Gig Book47
I Get A Kick Out Of YouCole PorterReal Book 2165
I Get a Kick Out of You (Eb)*Porter, ColeGreat Gig Book205
I Get along Without You (Bb)*Great Gig Book174
I Go To Rio (Bb)Great Gig Book327
I Got It BadDuke Ellington & Paul WebsterReal Book 1226
I Got It Bad (G)*Ellington, DukeGreat Gig Book44
I Got Rhythm (Bb)*George & Ira GershwinGreat Gig Book227
I Gotta Right To Sing The BluesHarold ArlenFirehouse Jazz Band305
I Guess I'll Get The Papers & Go HomeFirehouse Jazz Band768
I Hadn't Anyone Till YouRay NobleNew Real Book 2152
I Hadn't Anyone Till You (F)*Noble, RayGreat Gig Book166
I Hear A RhapsodyGeorge Fragos, Jack Baker, Dick GasparreReal Book 2167
I Hear a Rhapsody (Eb)*Fragos et alGreat Gig Book122
I Heard It Through The GrapevineNorman Whitfield & Barrett StrongNew Real Book 3167
I Left My Heart In San FranciscoGeorge C Cory JrReal Book 3126
I Left My Heart In San Francisco (Bb)*Cross & CoryGreat Gig Book11
I Let A Song Go Out Of My HeartDuke EllingtonReal Book 1227
I Let a Song Go Out Of My Heart (Eb)*Duke EllingtonGreat Gig Book123
I Like BananasFirehouse Jazz Band323
I Like New OrleansFirehouse Jazz Band314
I Like the Likes Of You (Eb)*Great Gig Book237
I Love LucyEliot DanielNew Real Book 1142
I Love My BabyFirehouse Jazz Band638
I Love ParisCole PorterJazz Fake Book158
I Love Paris (C)*Cole PorterGreat Gig Book169
I Love YouCole PorterReal Book 1228
I Love You (F)*Porter, ColeGreat Gig Book185
I Loves You PorgyIra Gershwin, DuBose Heyward, George GershwinJazz Fake Book158
I Mean YouColeman Hawkins, Thelonious MonkReal Book 1232
I Mean You (F)Monk, TheloniousGreat Gig Book377
I Need YOU HereOzoneReal Book 3127
I Only Have Eyes For You (C)*Harry Warren & Al DubinGreat Gig Book25
I RememberSteve SwallowJazz Fake Book160
I Remember CliffordBenny GolsonReal Book 1248
I Remember Clifford (F)Golson, BennyGreat Gig Book350
I Remember When (Si Tu Vois Me Mere)Jazz Fake Book161
I Remember YouVictor SchertzingerReal Book 2176
I Remember You (G)*Schertzinger & MercerGreat Gig Book20
I Say a Little Prayer For You (C)*Great Gig Book178
I Should CareSammy Cahn, Axel Stordahl, Paul WestonReal Book 1250
I Should Care (C)*Cahn et alGreat Gig Book54
I Thought About YouJimmy Van HeusenReal Book 2181
I Thought About YouVan Heusen & MercerNew Real Book 1146
I Thought About You (Eb)*Van Heusen & MercerGreat Gig Book124
I Told You So (F)Great Gig Book394
I Want A Little GirlMurray MencherFirehouse Jazz Band124
I Wanted To SayVictor LewisNew Real Book 3171
I Will Wait For YouMichel Legrand, Jacques Demy & Norman GimbelReal Book 2186
I Will Wait For You (Dm)*Legrand & GimbelGreat Gig Book63
I Wish I Coul Shimmy Like My Sister KateFirehouse Jazz Band207
I Wish You LoveCharles Louis TrenetReal Book 3129
I Wish You Love (F)*TrenetGreat Gig Book49
I Won't DanceJerome KernJazz Fake Book165
I Won't Dance (C)*Jerome KernGreat Gig Book142
I'll Always Be In Love With YouJazz Fake Book162
I'll Be AroundWilder, AlecJazz Fake Book164
I'll Be Seeing YouKahal & FainJazz Fake Book166
I'll Be A Friend With PleasureFirehouse Jazz Band495
I'll Be AroundAlec WilderReal Book 3131
I'll Be Home for Christmas (C)*Great Gig Book295
I'll Be Seeing YouSammy FainReal Book 3134
I'll Be Seeing You (Eb)*Kahal & FainGreat Gig Book163
I'll Close My EyesWilliam Gordon ReidReal Book 3135
I'll Get ByFred E. Ahlert & Roy TurkNew Real Book 2160
I'll Get By (As Long As I Have You)Fred AhlertJazz Fake Book166
I'll Get By (C)*Ahlert & TurkGreat Gig Book116
I'll Never Be The SameMatt Malneck, Frank SignorelliFirehouse Jazz Band714
I'll Never Smile AgainRuth LoweJazz Fake Book167
I'll Remember AprilGene De PaulReal Book 1231
I'll Remember April (G)*Raye et alGreat Gig Book200
I'll Take RomanceBen OaklandNew Real Book 1151
I'll Take Romance (F)*Oakland & HammersteinGreat Gig Book267
I'll Walk AloneJule StyneJazz Fake Book169
I'm A Ding Dong Daddy From DumasFirehouse Jazz Band269
I'm A Fool To Want YouJoel S Herron, Frank Sinatra, Jack WolfReal Book 2168
I'm AfraidEllington, DukeReal Book 1503
I'm All SmilesMichael Leonard & Herbert MartinReal Book 1229
I'm Beginning To See The LightDuke Ellington, Johnny Hodges, Harry JamesJazz Fake Book168
I'm Beginning to See the Light (C)*Duke Ellington, Johnny Hodges, Harry JamesGreat Gig Book207
I'm Coming VirginiaDonald HeywoodFirehouse Jazz Band300
I'm Confessin' That I Love YouEllis Reynolds, Doc DaughertyFirehouse Jazz Band438
I'm Gettin' Sentimental Over YouBassman & WashingtonReal Book 2170
I'm Getting Sentimental (Bb Major)Firehouse Jazz Band558
I'm Getting Sentimental (F Major)Firehouse Jazz Band557
I'm Getting Sentimental (F)*Great Gig Book38
I'm Getting Sentimental Over YouGeorge BassmanNew Real Book 3172
I'm Glad There Is YouJimmy Dorsey, Paul Madeira, Paul MertzJazz Fake Book171
I'm Glad There Is You (F)*Dorsey & MadieraGreat Gig Book78
I'm Goin' Huntin'Firehouse Jazz Band742
I'm Gonna Sit Right Down & Write Myself A LetterFirehouse Jazz Band110
I'm Gonna Sit Right Down (C)*Great Gig Book161
I'm Gonna Sit Right Down And Write Myself A LetterFred AhlertJazz Fake Book171
I'm In The Mood for Love (C)*Jimmy McHughGreat Gig Book19
I'm Losing YouGrant et alNew Real Book 3173
I'm Old FashionedJerome KernJazz Fake Book172
I'm Old FashionedMercer & KernNew Real Book 1155
I'm Old Fashioned (F)*Mercer & KernGreat Gig Book201
I'm Sitting On Top Of The WorldJazz Fake Book173
I'm Through With LoveMatt Malneck & Gus KahnReal Book 3139
I'm Wild About Horns On AutomobilesFirehouse Jazz Band653
I'm Your PalSwallow, SteveReal Book 1234
I've Found A New BabyJack Palmer, Spencer WilliamsFirehouse Jazz Band354
I've Found a New Baby (Dm)Palmer & WilliamsGreat Gig Book251
I've Got A Crush On YouGeorge GershwinReal Book 3140
I've Got A Feeling I'm FallingHarry Link, Fats WallerFirehouse Jazz Band394
I've Got My Love to Keep Me Warm (F)*Irving BerlinGreat Gig Book145
I've Got The World On A StringHarold ArlenReal Book 3141
I've Got the World on a String (Eb)*Arlen & KoehlerGreat Gig Book188
I've Got You Under My SkinCole PorterJazz Fake Book174
I've Got You Under My Skin (Eb)*Porter, ColeGreat Gig Book203
I've Got Your NumberCy Coleman & Carolyn LeighNew Real Book 2181
I've Grown Accustomed To Her FaceFrederick LoeweJazz Fake Book173
I've Grown Accustomed to Her Face (Eb)*Frederick LoeweGreat Gig Book79
I've Grown Accustomed To Your FaceLerner & LoeweReal Book 3145
I've Heard That Song BeforeJazz Fake Book177
I've Never Been In Love BeforeFrank Loesser, Paul HarrisReal Book 3146
IcarusRalph TownerReal Book 1219
Ice CreamFirehouse Jazz Band263
Ice Cream KonitzKonitz, LeeReal Book 2156
IctusCarla BleyReal Book 151
Ida LupinoCarla BleyReal Book 1223
Ida Sweet As Apple CiderFirehouse Jazz Band380
Idol GossipMulligan, GerryReal Book 2160
If Ever I Would Leave YouJazz Fake Book175
If Ever I Would Leave You (Bb)*Great Gig Book91
If I Could Be With You One Hour TonightJames P. JohnsonFirehouse Jazz Band444
If I Ever Cease To LoveFirehouse Jazz Band483
If I Had YouJames Campbell, Reginald Connelly, Ted ShapiroFirehouse Jazz Band462
If I Loved YouRichard RodgersReal Book 2161
If I Should Lose YouRalph RaingerReal Book 2162
If I Were A BellLoesser, FrankJazz Fake Book176
If I Were A BellFrank LoesserNew Real Book 1147
If You Could See Me NowTadd DameronReal Book 2164
If You Could See Me Now (Eb)Dameron, TaddGreat Gig Book354
If You Never Come To MeAntonio Carlos Jobim & Ray GilbertReal Book 1225
If You Never Come To Me (Eb)*Jobim, ACGreat Gig Book322
If You Were The Only Girl In The WorldFirehouse Jazz Band264
Ill WindHarold ArlenJazz Fake Book177
Ill Wind (Bb)*Kohler & ArlenGreat Gig Book76
IlluminadosIvan LinsNew Real Book 2163
ImaginationJimmy Van HeusenNew Real Book 1156
Imagination (Eb)*Van Heusen & BurkeGreat Gig Book37
ImpressionsJohn ColtraneReal Book 1233
Impressions (Dm)Coltrane, JohnGreat Gig Book375
In A Capricornian WayShaw, WoodyReal Book 3148
In A Little Spanish TownMabel WayneJazz Fake Book179
In A Mellow ToneDuke EllingtonReal Book 1235
In A Mellow Tone (Ab)Ellington, DukeGreat Gig Book138
In A Sentimental MoodDuke EllingtonReal Book 1236
In A Sentimental Mood (F)Ellington, DukeGreat Gig Book34
In A Shanty In Old Shanty TownFirehouse Jazz Band324
In A Silent WayJoe ZawinulJazz Fake Book179
In Case You Haven't HeardShaw, WoodyReal Book 2171
In Case You Missed ItBobby WatsonNew Real Book 3183
In Her FamilyMetheny & MaysReal Book 3149
In Love In VainRobin & KernReal Book 3150
In Love With NightAndy LaVerneNew Real Book 3186
In My Solitude (Eb)*Great Gig Book46
In Pursuit Of The 27th ManSilver, HoraceReal Book 2174
In The Blue Of EveningJazz Fake Book181
In The Days of Our LoveMarian McPartland & Peggy LeeReal Book 3151
In The MoodJoseph C GarlandJazz Fake Book180
In The Mood (Ab)Joseph C GarlandGreat Gig Book194
In The Still Of The NightCole PorterJazz Fake Book182
In the Still of the Night (F)*Cole PorterGreat Gig Book48
In the Wee Small Hours (C)*Great Gig Book94
In The Wee Small Hours Of The MorningDavid A MannNew Real Book 2168
In Walked BudThelonious MonkNew Real Book 1158
In Your Own Sweet WayDave BrubeckReal Book 1245
In Your Own Sweet Way (Bb)Brubeck, DaveGreat Gig Book355
In Your Quiet PlaceJarrett, KeithReal Book 1246
IncentiveSilver, HoraceReal Book 2172
InchwormColtrane, JohnReal Book 1237
IndestructibleRay Barretto & J. RomanLatin Real Book260
Indian LadyEllis, DonReal Book 1238
Indian Love CallFirehouse Jazz Band543
Indian SummerVictor HerbertReal Book 3153
IndianaMcDonald & HanleyJazz Fake Book183
Indiana (F)*McDonald & HanleyGreat Gig Book248
IndiferenciaSergio Moya MolinaLatin Real Book264
Infant EyesWayne ShorterJazz Fake Book183
Infant Eyes (Eb)Wayne ShorterGreat Gig Book353
Inka Dinka DooFirehouse Jazz Band255
Inner SpaceChick CoreaJazz Fake Book183
Inner UrgeJoe HendersonReal Book 1242
Inside InGibbs, MichaelReal Book 1239
Intermission RiffJazz Fake Book184
InterplayBill EvansReal Book 1243
Intrepid FoxHubbard, FreddieReal Book 1244
InvitationBronislau KaperReal Book 1247
Invitation (Cm)*KaperGreat Gig Book202
IrisWayne ShorterReal Book 1249
Irish Black BottomFirehouse Jazz Band313
Irish Washerwoman (G)Great Gig Book282
Irv's At MidnightKrivdaReal Book 3154
Is It Really True?Brackeen, JoanneReal Book 2178
Is It True What They Say About Dixie?Firehouse Jazz Band302
Is You Is Or Is You Ain'tJazz Fake Book187
Is You Is Or Is You Ain't Ma Baby?Firehouse Jazz Band215
IsfahanDuke Ellington, Billy StrayhornReal Book 3155
Island BirdieTyner, McCoyReal Book 2177
Isle Of Capri (The)Firehouse Jazz Band710
Isn't It RomanticRichard RodgersReal Book 1251
Isn't It Romantic (Eb)*Richard RodgersGreat Gig Book41
IsoarNguyen LeNew Real Book 3191
IsotopeJoe HendersonReal Book 1252
Isotope (C)Henderson, JoeGreat Gig Book381
IsraelCarisiReal Book 1253
It Ain't Necessarily SoGeorge GershwinJazz Fake Book185
It All Depends on You (C)*Ray HendersonGreat Gig Book235
It Always IsTom HarrellNew Real Book 3195
It Could Happen To YouJimmy Van HeusenReal Book 2119
It Could Happen To You (F)*Burke & Van HeusenGreat Gig Book184
It Don't Mean A ThingDuke EllingtonReal Book 1254
It Don't Mean a Thing (Bb)*Ellington, DukeGreat Gig Book188
It Don't Mean A Thing (If It Ain't Got That Swing)Ellington, DukeNew Real Book 2173
It Don't Mean A Thing If It Ain't Got That SwingFirehouse Jazz Band136
It Had To Be YouIsham JonesReal Book 2180
It Had To Be You (Ab)*Jones, IshamGreat Gig Book110
It Happens Every DaySample, JoeNew Real Book 1161
It Might As Well Be SpringRichard RodgersJazz Fake Book188
It Might As Well Be Spring (G)*Rodgers & HammersteinGreat Gig Book64
It Never Entered My MindRichard RodgersJazz Fake Book186
It Never Entered My Mind (F)*Rodgers & HartGreat Gig Book93
It's All Right With MePorter, ColeJazz Fake Book189
It's A BlueJazz Fake Book189
It's A Raggy WaltzBrubeck, DaveReal Book 1255
It's a Raggy Waltz (G)Brubeck, DaveGreat Gig Book388
It's All Right With MeCole PorterReal Book 3157
It's Alright With Me (F)*Great Gig Book242
It's Been a Long Long Time (F)*Great Gig Book169
It's Delovely (F)*Cole PorterGreat Gig Book233
It's MagicJule StyneJazz Fake Book191
It's Not For Me To SayJazz Fake Book190
It's Only A Paper MoonHarold ArlenJazz Fake Book191
It's Only a Paper Moon (G)*Arlen et alGreat Gig Book132
It's Sand ManJazz Fake Book192
It's The Talk Of The TownJerry Livingston New Real Book 2175
It's The Talk Of The TownJerry LivingstonJazz Fake Book193
It's Tight Like ThatFirehouse Jazz Band577
It's YouDavid SanbornNew Real Book 2177
It's You Or No OneJule StyneReal Book 3159
It's You or No One (F)*Cahn & StyneGreat Gig Book200
Ja-DaBob CarletonFirehouse Jazz Band20
Jackass BluesFirehouse Jazz Band715
JackieHawes, HamptonReal Book 2186
JacoMetheny, PatReal Book 2187
Jacob's LadderCedar WaltonNew Real Book 2185
Jada (F)*Great Gig Book250
Jalousie (Bb)*Great Gig Book346
Jamboree JonesFirehouse Jazz Band517
Japanese SandmanFirehouse Jazz Band157
Japanese WaltzCorea, ChickReal Book 3160
Jazz BabyFirehouse Jazz Band682
Jazz Me Blues (The)Tom DelaneyFirehouse Jazz Band320
Jazz Samba (Eb)*Great Gig Book327
Jazz-Me Blues (The)Jazz Fake Book194
Je Ne Sais PasHampton & JonesReal Book 2189
Jean De FleurGrant GreenNew Real Book 3199
Jeanine (Ab)Great Gig Book380
JeannineDuke PearsonJazz Fake Book196
Jelly RollMingus, CharlesReal Book 1256
Jelly Roll BluesJazz Fake Book195
Jelly Roll Blues (The)Firehouse Jazz Band509
Jersey BounceTiny Bradshaw, Edward Johnson, Bobby Plater, Robert B WrightNew Real Book 1164
Jersey Bounce (C)Plater et alGreat Gig Book195
JeruJazz Fake Book196
JimCaeser Petrillo, Edward RossJazz Fake Book197
Jimtown BluesFirehouse Jazz Band614
Jingle Bells (G)*James Lord PierpointGreat Gig Book301
Jingle-Bell RockJazz Fake Book198
Jinglebell Rock (C)*Great Gig Book301
JinrikishaHenderson, JoeReal Book 1257
Jitterbug WaltzFats WallerReal Book 2191
Jive At FiveCount Basie, Harry EdisonJazz Fake Book200
Jive SambaNat AdderleyReal Book 3162
Jody GrindHorace SilverReal Book 2190
Joe Avery BluesFirehouse Jazz Band331
JogralDjavan, Jose Neto & FiloLatin Real Book268
John's WaltzJohn AbercrombieNew Real Book 3202
Johnny One NoteRichard Rodgers & Lorenz HartJazz Fake Book199
Johnny's ThemeJazz Fake Book200
Johnson RagJazz Fake Book202
Joint Is Jumpin (The)Fats Waller, Andy Razaf & JC JohnsonNew Real Book 2485
Joint Is Jumpin' (The)Fats Waller, Andy Razaf & JC JohnsonFirehouse Jazz Band130
Jor DuJordan, DukeJazz Fake Book202
JorduDuke JordanReal Book 1258
Jorgie'sByadReal Book 2193
JoshuaVictor FeldmanNew Real Book 1165
Joshua (Dm)Feldman, VictorGreat Gig Book376
Journey To RecifeEvans, BillReal Book 1259
Joy SpringClifford BrownReal Book 1260
Joy Spring (F)Brown, CliffordGreat Gig Book370
Joy To The WorldHoyt AxtonReal Book 2195
Joyce's SambaFeriera et alReal Book 2194
Ju-Ju (B)Shorter, WayneGreat Gig Book391
Juan PachangaRuben Blades & Louis RamirezLatin Real Book272
Juke Box Saturday NightJazz Fake Book203
JulianAdams & MrazReal Book 3167
Jump For MeBasie, CountReal Book 2196
Jump MonkMingus, CharlesReal Book 1263
Jumpin' With Symphony SidLester YoungJazz Fake Book203
Jumping With Symphony SidYoung, LesterReal Book 2195
June 15th 1967Gibbs, MichaelReal Book 1265
June Is Bustin' Out All OverJazz Fake Book205
June NightFirehouse Jazz Band457
JuntosIvan LinsNew Real Book 2189
Jus A Little While To Stay HereFirehouse Jazz Band407
Just A Closer WalkFirehouse Jazz Band342
Just A FewRogers, ShortyReal Book 2197
Just A GigoloLeonello CasucciFirehouse Jazz Band673
Just A-Sittin' and A-Rockin'Duke Ellington, Billy StrayhornReal Book 2198
Just FriendsJohn KlennerReal Book 1262
Just Friends (G)*Klemmer & LewisGreat Gig Book182
just In TimeJule StyneJazz Fake Book205
Just In Time (Bb)*Berlin, IrvingGreat Gig Book117
Just One Of Those ThingsCole PorterReal Book 3165
Just One Of Those Things (F)*Porter, ColeGreat Gig Book208
Just Squeeze MeDuke Ellington & Lee GainesReal Book 3168
Just Squeeze Me (F)*Ellington & GainesGreat Gig Book152
Just The Way You AreBilly JoelReal Book 2201
Just Wait 'Til You See My Baby Do The CharlestonFirehouse Jazz Band477
Just You Just MeGreer & KlagesReal Book 2200
Kahlil The ProphetJackie McLeanNew Real Book 3207
KalindaAndy NarellLatin Real Book276
Kansas City KittyFirehouse Jazz Band420
Kansas City StompsFirehouse Jazz Band126
Kary's TranceKonitz, LeeReal Book 2203
Katrina BallerinaShaw, WoodyReal Book 2204
Keep That Same Old FeelingWayne HendersonNew Real Book 1167
Keepin' Out Of Mischief NowFats WallerFirehouse Jazz Band16
KeloJohnson, JJReal Book 1502
Kentucky OystersBaker, DavidReal Book 2205
Kicker (The)Henderson, JoeReal Book 2205
Kids Are Pretty PeopleJones, ThadReal Book 2206
Kids Are Pretty People (F)Jones, ThadGreat Gig Book354
Killer JoeBenny GolsonJazz Fake Book206
Killer Joe (C)Golson, BennyGreat Gig Book358
Killing Me Softly With His SongCharles Fox & Norman GimbelNew Real Book 1170
King ChanticleerFirehouse Jazz Band744
King Porter StompJelly Roll MortonJazz Fake Book207
King Porter Stomp (The)Jelly Roll MortonFirehouse Jazz Band332
Kiss Of Fire (Dm)*Great Gig Book344
Knee DropsFirehouse Jazz Band38
Knock On WoodEddie Floyd & Steve CropperNew Real Book 3209
Ko KoJazz Fake Book206
L'il Darlin'HeftiJazz Fake Book208
L-O-V-E Love (F)*Great Gig Book140
La CharangaJose A. FajardoLatin Real Book280
La Comparsa 'Ernesto LecuonaLatin Real Book282
La Cumparsita (Cm)Great Gig Book345
La EnganadoraEnrique JorrinLatin Real Book284
La Esencia del GuaguancOC. Curet AlonsoLatin Real Book286
La FiestaCorea, ChickReal Book 1267
La Nevada BluesEvans, GilReal Book 2213
La Paloma (C)Great Gig Book345
La Patria Del SonRebeca Mauleon-Santana & Isidoro A. MauleonLatin Real Book290
La SambaRay ObiedoNew Real Book 1171
La Vida Es Un SueiloLatin Real Book294
La Vida FelizTyner, McCoyNew Real Book 1173
La Vie en Rose (C)*Great Gig Book292
Ladies In MercedesSteve SwallowReal Book 3169
Lady Be Good (G)*Great Gig Book234
Lady Be Good!GershwinReal Book 2278
Lady BirdTadd DameronReal Book 1269
Lady Bird (C)Dameron, TaddGreat Gig Book369
Lady Is A TrampRichard Rodgers & Lorenz HartReal Book 3171
Lady Is a Tramp (C)*Rodgers & HartGreat Gig Book187
Lady Is A Tramp (The)Richard Rodgers & Lorenz HartJazz Fake Book208
Lady's BluesKirk, RolandReal Book 2208
Lagrimas NegrasMiguel MatamorosLatin Real Book296
LakesMetheny, PatReal Book 2209
LamentJ. J. JohnsonReal Book 1270
Lament (F)Johnson, JJGreat Gig Book348
Lament() BorincanoJohnson, JJLatin Real Book298
Lands EndJazz Fake Book209
Las Vegas TangoEvans, GilReal Book 1271
Lasses CandyFirehouse Jazz Band379
Lassus TromboneFirehouse Jazz Band259
Last FirstGary PeacockNew Real Book 1179
Last Night When We Were (G)*Great Gig Book76
Last NiteLarry CarltonNew Real Book 3213
Last Page (The)Woods & BeckReal Book 2211
Last SeasonMaria SchneiderNew Real Book 3217
Last Time I Saw Paris (The)Jazz Fake Book209
Last Train From OverbrookJames MoodyNew Real Book 1181
Late Late Show (F)*Great Gig Book237
Latin PerspectiveOscar HernandezLatin Real Book302
Laugh! Clown! Laugh!Jazz Fake Book210
LauraDavid RaksinReal Book 2210
Laura (C)*RaksinGreat Gig Book28
LaurieBill EvansNew Real Book 1182
Lazy AfternoonJerome MorossJazz Fake Book211
Lazy BirdJohn ColtraneReal Book 1272
Lazy Bird (G)John ColtraneGreat Gig Book363
Lazy DaddyFirehouse Jazz Band705
LazybonesFirehouse Jazz Band108
Leap Of FaithIsraels, ChuckReal Book 3173
Lees DanceJazz Fake Book216
LeilaMontgomery, WesReal Book 2214
Lennie's PenniesLennie TristanoJazz Fake Book211
Lennie-BirdTristano, LennieReal Book 2234
Leroy The MagicianBurton, GaryReal Book 1273
Lester Leaps InLester YoungReal Book 2216
Lester Left TownWayne ShorterJazz Fake Book210
Let It Snow (F)*Great Gig Book300
Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!Jule StyneJazz Fake Book212
Let Me Be The OneAngela Bofill, Rick Suchow & Alan PlankerNew Real Book 1183
Let The GoodJazz Fake Book213
Let There Be LoveJazz Fake Book213
Let There Be YouJazz Fake Book214
Let's Call The Whole Thing OffGeorge GershwinJazz Fake Book215
Let's Cook OneReal Book 2217
Let's Do It (Bb)*Cole PorterGreat Gig Book159
Let's Fall In LoveHarold ArlenJazz Fake Book217
Let's Fall in Love (C)*Arlen & KoehlerGreat Gig Book130
Let's Get Away From It AllJazz Fake Book217
Let's Get Away From It All (Eb)*Great Gig Book158
Let's Go Dancin'Victor FeldmanNew Real Book 1185
Lets Stay TogetherGreen et alNew Real Book 3223
Leva E Traz (Elis)Ivan Lins & Vitor MatinsLatin Real Book304
Li'l DarlinHeftiReal Book 3174
Liberated BrotherHorace SilverReal Book 2218
Liberated Brother (Gm)Silver, HoraceGreat Gig Book396
Lie AwakeCoodleyReal Book 1274
Liechtensteiner Polka (F)Great Gig Book275
LiesMetheny, PatReal Book 2219
Life Is just A Bowl Of CherriesJazz Fake Book216
Light As A FeatherStanley Clarke & Flora PurimReal Book 2220
Like A LoverCaymmi & MottoNew Real Book 2193
Like A Lover (C)*CaymmiGreat Gig Book312
Like Father Like SonChilds, BillyNew Real Book 2195
Like Someone In LoveJimmy Van HeusenReal Book 1275
Like Someone in Love (Bb)*Van Heusen & BurkeGreat Gig Book119
Like SonnyJohn ColtraneReal Book 2221
Lil' Darlin' (Eb)*HeftiGreat Gig Book168
LimboShorter, WayneReal Book 2213
Limbo Rock (F)*Great Gig Book292
Limehouse BluesPhilip BrahamReal Book 1276
Limehouse Blues (Ab)*BrahamGreat Gig Book256
LimelightJazz Fake Book219
Linda ChicanaMark LevineLatin Real Book306
Line For LyonsGerry MulliganNew Real Book 1188
Linger AwhileVincent RoseJazz Fake Book220
LisaDavid SanbornNew Real Book 2200
LithaChick CoreaReal Book 1277
Little B's PoemHutcherson, BobbyReal Book 1279
Little BoatJazz Fake Book221
Little Boat (C)Great Gig Book307
Little Chicago FireFoster, FrankReal Book 2222
Little FaceKrivdaReal Book 3177
Little GirlJazz Fake Book221
Little Girl BlueRichard RodgersJazz Fake Book222
Little NilesWeston, RandyReal Book 1280
Little Rock GetawayFirehouse Jazz Band15
Little Rootie TootieMonk, TheloniousReal Book 2416
Little SunflowerFreddie HubbardNew Real Book 1189
Little Sunflower (Dm)Hubbard, FreddieGreat Gig Book395
Little WaltzRon CarterReal Book 1283
Little Willie LeapsParker, CharlieJazz Fake Book223
Little WindGeri AllenNew Real Book 2201
LiturgyGibbs, MichaelReal Book 1281
Livery Stable Blues (Barnyard Blues)Firehouse Jazz Band132
Livery Stable Blues (Barnyard Blues) (with Lyrics)Firehouse Jazz Band134
Lo Que Siento es Le Lo LeyDagoberto GonzalezLatin Real Book308
Lo Que Va a Pasar"Jesus ""Chucho"" Valdez"Latin Real Book312
LocomotionColtrane, JohnReal Book 2224
Lone Gone (From Bowlin' Green)Firehouse Jazz Band561
Lone JackMetheny, PatReal Book 2225
Lonely DreamsGibbs, TerryReal Book 2227
Lonely WomanHorace SilverJazz Fake Book223
Lonesomest Gal In Town (The)Firehouse Jazz Band513
Long Ago (And Far Away)Jerome KernJazz Fake Book224
Long Ago And Far AwayJerome Kern & Ira GershwinReal Book 1285
Long Ago and Far Away (F)*Kern, JeromeGreat Gig Book199
Long As You Know You're Living YoursKern, JeromeReal Book 1284
Long View (The)Ferguson, PaulReal Book 3181
Lonnie's LamentJohn ColtraneReal Book 1286
Look At The BirdieWayne ShorterNew Real Book 3229
Look For The Silver LiningJerome KernJazz Fake Book224
Look of Love (Dm)*Great Gig Book313
Look To The SkyAntonio Carlos JobimReal Book 1287
Look to the Sky (Eb)Jobim, ACGreat Gig Book319
Looking BackNilesReal Book 1288
Loop (The)Corea, ChickReal Book 3183
Loose EndsMike SternNew Real Book 2203
LoroEgberto GismontiLatin Real Book318
Los Tamalitos de OlgaJose A. FijardoLatin Real Book320
Lost In The StarsKurt WeillJazz Fake Book225
Lot Of Livin' To Do (A)Jazz Fake Book226
Lot of Living To Do (C)*Great Gig Book215
Lotus On Irish StreamsMcLaughlin, JohnReal Book 3184
Loud-ZeeBergonziReal Book 3185
Louis-i-an-i-aFirehouse Jazz Band205
LouisianaFirehouse Jazz Band177
Louisiana FairytaleFirehouse Jazz Band585
Lourdes' LullabyMario BauzaLatin Real Book322
Love Came On Stealthy FingersBob DoroughNew Real Book 1193
Love DancePaul Williams, Ivan Lins, Victor MartinsNew Real Book 1195
Love For SaleCole PorterReal Book 2229
Love For Sale (Bb)*Porter, ColeGreat Gig Book213
Love LetterGomez, EddieNew Real Book 3232
Love Me Or Leave MeWalter DonaldsonFirehouse Jazz Band578
Love Nest (The)Firehouse Jazz Band736
Love Story (Gm)Great Gig Book95
Love VibrationsSilver, HoraceReal Book 2232
Love Walked InGershwinJazz Fake Book235
Love Walked InGeorge GershwinReal Book 3187
Love Walked In (Eb)*GershwinGreat Gig Book153
Love's HauntsAydin EsenNew Real Book 3233
Lovely To Look At (F)*Great Gig Book173
LoverRichard RodgersReal Book 2228
Lover (C)*Rodgers & HartGreat Gig Book269
Lover Come Back To Me (Ab)*Romberg & HammersteinGreat Gig Book221
Lover ManJimmy Davis/Roger Ramirez &J immy ShermanReal Book 2231
Lover Man (Dm)*Davis et alGreat Gig Book53
Lover Man (Oh Where Can You Be?)Davis et alJazz Fake Book232
Lovers Rain DanceStephensReal Book 3186
Lovin' Sam (The Sheik Of Alabam')Firehouse Jazz Band598
LoxodromeEddie GomezNew Real Book 2206
Lua SoberanaIvan Lins & Vitor MatinsLatin Real Book328
Lucky SouthernJarrett, KeithReal Book 1289
Lucky Southern (D)Jarrett, KeithGreat Gig Book395
Lucy LongFirehouse Jazz Band618
Lujon (Dm)Great Gig Book324
Lullaby In RhythmBenny Goodman, Edgar Sampson, Clarence ProfitNew Real Book 3238
Lullaby Of BirdlandGeorge ShearingReal Book 1290
Lullaby of Birdland (Fm)Shearing, GeorgeGreat Gig Book126
Lullaby Of The LeavesBernice PetkereJazz Fake Book230
Lulu's Back In TownHarry WarrenFirehouse Jazz Band484
Lunar TuneErvin, BookerReal Book 2415
Lush LifeBilly StrayhornReal Book 1291
Lush Life (Db)*Strayhorn, BillyGreat Gig Book352
Luz Do SolCaetano VelosoLatin Real Book330
Lydian AprilBaker, DavidReal Book 2233
Ma (He's Making Eyes At Me!)Firehouse Jazz Band343
Mabel's DreamFirehouse Jazz Band491
Mack The KnifeKurt WeillFirehouse Jazz Band187
Mack The Knife (C)*Weill & BlitzsteinGreat Gig Book186
MacNamara's Band (F)Great Gig Book282
Mad About Him Sad Without HimJazz Fake Book234
Mad About The BoyJazz Fake Book236
MadagascarRichie BeirachNew Real Book 1199
Mademoiselle de Paris (D)Great Gig Book264
Magician In You TheJarrett, KeithReal Book 1293
MahjongWayne ShorterNew Real Book 2208
Mahogany Hall StompFirehouse Jazz Band325
Maiden VoyageHerbie HancockReal Book 1294
MajoongShorter, WayneReal Book 1299
Make Me A Memory (Sade Samba)Washington, GroverNew Real Book 1202
Make Someone HappyJule StyneJazz Fake Book237
Make Someone Happy (F)*Styne et alGreat Gig Book151
Makin' WhoopeeWalter DonaldsonReal Book 3191
Makin' Whoopee (F)*Walter DonaldsonGreat Gig Book118
Mala Femmena (Bb)Great Gig Book277
MalaguenaJazz Fake Book237
Mallet ManBeck, GordonReal Book 1295
Mama Don't KnowFirehouse Jazz Band98
Mama Goes Where Papa GoesFirehouse Jazz Band431
Mama's Gone GoodbyeFirehouse Jazz Band152
MamacitaJoe HendersonNew Real Book 3241
MambluesCal TjaderLatin Real Book332
Mambo #5Damaso Perez PradoLatin Real Book334
Mambo #8Damaso Perez PradoLatin Real Book336
Mambo Influenciado '"Jesus ""Chucho"" Valdez"Latin Real Book338
Mambo InnGrace Samson, Bobby Woodlen, Mario BauzaLatin Real Book340
Man And A Woman (C)Great Gig Book320
Man Facing. NorthMintzer et alNew Real Book 3245
Man I Love (The)George GershwinReal Book 2236
Man In The Green ShirtJoe ZawinulReal Book 1297
Man That Got Away (The)Harold Arlen & Ira GershwinJazz Fake Book239
MandalaDobbins, BillReal Book 3193
Mandy (There's A Mister Handy)Firehouse Jazz Band571
Mandy Make Up Your MindFirehouse Jazz Band298
Manha de Carnaval Bonfa, LouisNew Real Book 2209
ManhattanRichard RodgersJazz Fake Book239
Manhattan (F)*Rodgers & HartGreat Gig Book134
MantecaWalter Gilbert Fuller, Dizzy GillespieLatin Real Book342
Manteca (Bb)Gillespie & FullerGreat Gig Book396
Maple Leaf RagScott JoplinJazz Fake Book242
Maple Leaf Rag (The)Scott JoplinFirehouse Jazz Band326
March Of The BobcatsFirehouse Jazz Band635
Mardi Gras MamboFirehouse Jazz Band315
MargieCon Conrad, J. Russel RobinsonFirehouse Jazz Band415
Margie (F)*Con Conrad, J. Russel RobinsonGreat Gig Book238
Maria CervantesNoro MoralesLatin Real Book344
Maria Elena (C)Great Gig Book279
MarieIrving BerlinFirehouse Jazz Band413
MarmadukeDave BrubeckJazz Fake Book241
Marne (C)Great Gig Book234
Mas Que NadaJorge BenLatin Real Book346
Mas Que Nada (Am)*Jorge BenGreat Gig Book329
MasqueradeLeon RusselReal Book 2237
Masquerade is Over (Eb)*WrubelGreat Gig Book84
Matinee IdolRussell FerranteNew Real Book 1203
MatrixCorea, ChickReal Book 3195
May DanceHolland, DaveReal Book 1300
May-RehSilver, HoraceReal Book 2238
Mayeya No Juegues Con Los Santos Septet░ NLatin Real Book348
Mayim Mayim (Cm)Great Gig Book284
MayrehHorace SilverReal Book 3196
Me Voy Pall PuebloMerceditas ValdesLatin Real Book350
Mean To MeFred Ahlert, Roy TurkFirehouse Jazz Band125
Mean to Me (F)*Waller, FatsGreat Gig Book160
Meaning Of The BluesBobby TroupReal Book 3197
MeditationAntonio Carlos JobimReal Book 1301
Meditation (C)*Jobim, ACGreat Gig Book305
Mei MorenoJarreau et alLatin Real Book366
Melancholy BluesFirehouse Jazz Band475
Mellow MoodSmith, JimmyReal Book 2239
Memories Of YouBlake & RazafJazz Fake Book244
Memories Of TomorrowKeith JarrettReal Book 1302
Memories Of YouEubie BlakeFirehouse Jazz Band145
Memory (C)*Great Gig Book97
Memphis In JuneJazz Fake Book245
Memphis Blues (The)W.C. HandyFirehouse Jazz Band96
Memphis Blues (The) (with Lyrics)W.C. HandyFirehouse Jazz Band97
Memphis in June (C)Great Gig Book156
Memphis UndergroundMann, HerbieReal Book 1318
Menina FlorBonfa, LouisReal Book 2241
Menina Flor (Eb)Bonfa, LouisGreat Gig Book330
Mercy, Mercy, MercyZawinul, JoeJazz Fake Book241
Mercy, Mercy, MercyZawinul, JoeNew Real Book 1205
Mercy, Mercy, Mercy (Bb)Zawinul, JoeGreat Gig Book404
Merry Christmas BabyJazz Fake Book246
Merry Widow Waltz (F)Great Gig Book262
MetamorphosisHorace SilverNew Real Book 3249
Meu Candrio Vizinho Azul TLatin Real Book352
MevleviaGoodrick, MickReal Book 1303
Mexican Hat Dance (F)Great Gig Book288
MI Boj A SambaAprileReal Book 3199
MichelleMcCartneyReal Book 1305
MidlandBilly ChildsNew Real Book 2215
Midnight BlueKenny BurrellJazz Fake Book247
Midnight SilenceKirkland, KennyNew Real Book 3253
Midnight SunHampton et alJazz Fake Book249
Midnight in Moscow (C)Great Gig Book251
Midnight In Moscow ExtravaganzaFirehouse Jazz Band140
Midnight MamboOscar HernandezLatin Real Book354
Midnight MammaFirehouse Jazz Band722
Midnight MoodJoe ZawinulReal Book 1306
Midnight SunJ Francis BurkeReal Book 3201
Midnight Sun (C)*J Francis BurkeGreat Gig Book67
MilanoLewis, JohnReal Book 1307
Milenburg JoysFirehouse Jazz Band90
Miles AheadDavis, MilesJazz Fake Book249
MilestonesMiles DavisJazz Fake Book248
Milestones (Old) (Bb)Davis, MilesGreat Gig Book364
Mine Is YoursBob MintzerNew Real Book 2217
Minnie The MermaidFirehouse Jazz Band506
Minnie The MoocherFirehouse Jazz Band624
Minor Drag (The)Firehouse Jazz Band522
Minor MishapFlanagan, TommyReal Book 2244
Minor MoodBrown, CliffordReal Book 2245
Minor SwingDjango ReinhardtJazz Fake Book250
MinorityGryce, GigiReal Book 1308
Misirlou (Gm)Great Gig Book284
Mississippi MudFirehouse Jazz Band138
Mister Jelly LordFirehouse Jazz Band277
MistyErroll GarnerReal Book 1309
Misty (Eb)*Garner, ErrollGreat Gig Book12
MixingAirto MoreiraLatin Real Book356
MiyakoWayne ShorterReal Book 1310
Mo' JoeJoe HendersonNew Real Book 2219
Moak's ShopMontgomery, WesReal Book 2246
Moanin'Jon Hendricks, Bobby TimmonsReal Book 2247
Moanin' (Fm)Timmons, BobbyGreat Gig Book362
Moanin' LowFirehouse Jazz Band627
MobileFirehouse Jazz Band189
ModadjiDave GrusinNew Real Book 1209
Modesty BluesTjader, CalReal Book 2248
MohawkJazz Fake Book251
Molten GlassJoe FarrellReal Book 1311
Moment To MomentMercer & ManciniReal Book 3203
Moment's NoticeJohn ColtraneReal Book 1312
Moment's Notice (Eb)Coltrane, JohnGreat Gig Book363
Moments to Remember (Ab)*Great Gig Book177
Mona Lisa (F)*Great Gig Book39
Monk On The RunTaras KovaylNew Real Book 3255
Monk's MoodThelonious MonkNew Real Book 1212
Monk's SphereMcFarland, GaryReal Book 2250
Monkey's UncleMitchell ForemanNew Real Book 1213
MontageBalcomb, StuReal Book 1313
Mooche (The)Firehouse Jazz Band751
Mood IndigoBarney Bigard, Duke Ellington, Irving MillsReal Book 1314
Mood Indigo (Ab)*Ellington, DukeGreat Gig Book44
Moon And SandAlec Wilder, Morty Palitz & William EngvickReal Book 3207
Moon GermsFarrell, JoeReal Book 1315
Moon GlowHudson et alReal Book 2251
Moon LoveJazz Fake Book252
Moon Over Miami (G)*Great Gig Book62
Moon RaysSilver, HoraceJazz Fake Book252
Moon River (C)*Henry N. ManciniGreat Gig Book257
MoonchildJarrett, KeithReal Book 1106
MoonglowEddie De Lange, Will Hudson, Irving MillsJazz Fake Book253
Moonglow (G)*Hudson et alGreat Gig Book112
Moonlight And RosesJazz Fake Book254
Moonlight BayJazz Fake Book253
Moonlight Becomes You (F)*Jimmy Van HeusenGreat Gig Book170
Moonlight CocktailJazz Fake Book255
Moonlight In VermontKarl SuessdorfNew Real Book 1218
Moonlight in Vermont (Eb)*SuessdorfGreat Gig Book26
Moonlight On The GangesFirehouse Jazz Band523
Moonlight SerenadeGlenn MillerNew Real Book 3264
Moonlight Serenade (F)Miller, GlenGreat Gig Book11
MoonraysHorace SilverNew Real Book 2227
MoontideRandy BreckerNew Real Book 2231
MoontraneShaw, WoodyReal Book 2253
Moose The MoocheCharlie ParkerJazz Fake Book256
MoreMarcello Ciorciolini, Riziero Ortolani, Nino Oliviero, Norman NewellJazz Fake Book257
More (G)Marcello Ciorciolini, Riziero Ortolani, Nino Oliviero, Norman NewellGreat Gig Book333
More I See You (Eb)*Warren & GordonGreat Gig Book121
More I See You(The)Warren & GordonReal Book 1316
More LoveJack SegalNew Real Book 2237
More Than You KnowVincent YoumansJazz Fake Book257
More Than You Know (C)*Youmans et alGreat Gig Book32
Mornin'Al Jarreau, David Foster & Jay GraydonNew Real Book 1219
MorningClare FischerReal Book 2255
Morning (Bbm)Fischer, ClaireGreat Gig Book342
Morning DanceJay BeckensteinNew Real Book 1221
Morning SpriteChick CoreaNew Real Book 2241
Moten SwingBuster Moten, Bennie MotenJazz Fake Book260
Moten Swing (Ab)Buster Moten, Bennie MotenGreat Gig Book138
Moten Swing (The)Buster Moten, Bennie MotenFirehouse Jazz Band278
Moten's SwingMoten, BennieReal Book 2256
Mother Of The Dead ManBley, CarlaReal Book 1317
Mountain FlightToninho Horta & Tom LellisLatin Real Book358
Mountain GreeneryRichard Rodgers & Lorenz HartReal Book 3209
Mountain Greenery (C)*Rodgers & HartGreat Gig Book226
MoveDenzil BestReal Book 2257
Moving OutRollins, SonnyReal Book 2258
MozambiqueEugenio ToussaintNew Real Book 2243
Mr Lucky (G)*Henry Mancini, Jay Livingston & Ray EvansGreat Gig Book135
Mr Sims (C)Great Gig Book384
Mr. Broadway Theme FromReal Book 2259
Mr. CleanWeldon IrvingNew Real Book 1223
Mr. GoneJosef ZawinulNew Real Book 1225
Mr. JinShorter, WayneReal Book 1504
Mr. MagicWashington, GroverReal Book 2261
Mr. P.C.John ColtraneReal Book 1318
Mr. SimsColtrane, JohnReal Book 2262
Mr.JonesJones, ElvinReal Book 2260
Mrs. MiniverGordon, DexterReal Book 2263
MuezzinAdams, PepperReal Book 3210
Muezzin'Adams, PepperReal Book 2264
Muito NormalAecio FlavioLatin Real Book364
Muskrat Ramble (Bb)Kid OryGreat Gig Book251
Muskrat Rumble (The)Firehouse Jazz Band164
My Attorney BernieDave FrishbergNew Real Book 1227
My BabyFirehouse Jazz Band537
My Baby Just Cares for Me (G)*Walter DonaldsonGreat Gig Book214
My Blue HeavenWalter DonaldsonFirehouse Jazz Band273
My Blue Heaven (Eb)*Walter DonaldsonGreat Gig Book164
My Bucket's Got A Hole In ItFirehouse Jazz Band310
My Buddy (G)*Walter DonaldsonGreat Gig Book271
My Favorite ThingsRichard RodgersReal Book 1319
My Favorite Things (Em)*Rodgers & HammersteinGreat Gig Book268
My FlamingoTed Grouya & Ed AndersonJazz Fake Book118
My Foolish HeartVictor YoungReal Book 1320
My Foolish Heart (Bb)*Washington & YoungGreat Gig Book36
My Funny ValentineRichard RodgersReal Book 1321
My Funny Valentine (Cm)*Rodgers & HammersteinGreat Gig Book14
My Girl"William ""Smokey"" Robinson & Ronald White"New Real Book 3265
My HeartFirehouse Jazz Band503
My Heart Belongs To DaddyCole PorterJazz Fake Book261
My Heart Stood StillRichard RodgersReal Book 3213
My Honey's Lovin' ArmsJoseph MeyerFirehouse Jazz Band150
My Little Bimbo Down On The Bamboo IsleFirehouse Jazz Band726
My Little BoatSchmortzReal Book 1322
My Little Suede ShoesCharlie ParkerJazz Fake Book261
My Little Suede Shoes (Eb)Parker, CharlieGreat Gig Book402
My Love Forgive Me (C)Great Gig Book280
My Man's Gone NowGeorge GershwinJazz Fake Book263
My Melancholy BabyErnie BurnettFirehouse Jazz Band362
My Melancholy Baby (Eb)Ernie BurnettGreat Gig Book68
My Monday DateEarl HinesFirehouse Jazz Band251
My old FlameSam Coslow, Arthur JohnstonReal Book 2266
My Old Flame (G)*Johnson & CoslowGreat Gig Book53
My One And Only LoveGuy Wood, Robert MellinReal Book 1323
My One and Only Love (C)*WoodGreat Gig Book21
My Own True Love (Tara) (F)*Great Gig Book90
My PrayerKenny BarronJazz Fake Book266
My Pretty GirlFirehouse Jazz Band734
My RomanceRichard RodgersReal Book 1324
My Romance (C)*Rodgers & HartGreat Gig Book115
My Shining HourHarold ArlenNew Real Book 1230
My ShipKurt WeillReal Book 1327
My Ship (F)*Gershwin & WeillGreat Gig Book26
My Sweet Lovin' ManFirehouse Jazz Band759
My Way (F)Devaux/Franois & ThibautGreat Gig Book107
My Wild Irish Rose (Bb)Great Gig Book282
My Window Faces The SouthFirehouse Jazz Band655
Mysterious TravelerZawinul, JoeReal Book 1325
Mystic TouchBrackeen, JoanneReal Book 2250
NagasakiHarry WarrenFirehouse Jazz Band175
NaimaJohn ColtraneReal Book 1328
Naima (Fm)Coltrane, JohnGreat Gig Book349
Nancy JoeWilson, GeraldReal Book 2272
Nancy With the Laughing (F)*Great Gig Book92
NapanochDave LiebmanNew Real Book 2251
NardisMiles DavisReal Book 1329
Nardis (Em)Davis, MilesGreat Gig Book362
Natty StickAndy NarellLatin Real Book374
Natural SelectionRichie BeirachNew Real Book 2256
Nature BoyEden AhbezNew Real Book 1231
Neal's BluesCreque & FraserReal Book 3214
Nearness Of YouCarmichael & WashingtonReal Book 2268
Nearness of You (The) (F)*Great Gig Book21
NefertitiWayne ShorterReal Book 1330
Never AloneMichael BreckerNew Real Book 2263
Never Givin' UpAl Jarreau & Tom CanningNew Real Book 1233
Never Hit Your Grandma With A ShovelFirehouse Jazz Band344
Never Let Me GoJay LivingstonReal Book 3215
Never Let Me Go (Db)*Livingston & EvansGreat Gig Book322
Never Make Your Move Too Soon"Nesbert ""Stix"" Hooper & Will Jennings"New Real Book 1237
Never on Sunday (Eb)*Great Gig Book341
Never Said (Chan's Song)Herbie Hancock & Stevie WonderNew Real Book 3267
Never Will I MarryFrank LoesserReal Book 1331
Nevertheless (Bb)*Great Gig Book81
Nevertheless (I'm In Love With You)!Jazz Fake Book269
New BootsFrank GambaleNew Real Book 3269
New Frankie And Johnnie Song (The)Jazz Fake Book269
New OrleansHoagy CarmichaelFirehouse Jazz Band83
New Orleans Hop Scop BluesFirehouse Jazz Band748
New Orleans JoysFirehouse Jazz Band533
New Orleans MusicFirehouse Jazz Band311
New Orleans ShuffleFirehouse Jazz Band233
New Orleans StompFirehouse Jazz Band297
New Orleans WiggleFirehouse Jazz Band755
New ThingHampton, SlideReal Book 2269
New York AfternoonRichie ColeJazz Fake Book271
New York New York (F)*Great Gig Book230
Next FutureEddie GomezNew Real Book 3271
Nica's DreamHorace SilverReal Book 1332
Nica's Dream (Bbm)Silver, HoraceGreat Gig Book373
Nice 'N EasySpence et alReal Book 3216
Nice 'N' Easy (Eb)*Spence et alGreat Gig Book141
Nice Work If You Can Get ItGeorge GershwinJazz Fake Book271
Nice Work if You Can Get It (G)*George & Ira GershwinGreat Gig Book119
Nigerian MarketplaceOscar PetersonNew Real Book 1239
Night And DayCole PorterReal Book 1333
Night and Day (Eb)*Porter, ColeGreat Gig Book189
Night DreamerWayne ShorterReal Book 1334
Night Dreamer (G)Shorter, WayneGreat Gig Book391
Night Has 1000 Eyes (G)Great Gig Book374
Night Has A Thousand EyesWeisman et alReal Book 1335
Night in Tunesia (Eb)Great Gig Book367
Night In Tunisia(A)Dizzy Gillespie, Frank PaparelliReal Book 120
Night We Called It A DayAdair & DennisReal Book 3217
Night We Called It A Day (G)*Adair & DennisGreat Gig Book92
Nightingale Sang in Barkley Square (Eb)*Great Gig Book52
Nightingale Sang In Berkeley Square(A)Sherwin Manning & Eric MaschwitzJazz Fake Book273
NightlakeBeirach, RichieNew Real Book 1240
Nightmood (Leinbra)LinsNew Real Book 2275
NimbusMcClure, RonReal Book 1336
Nippon Soul"Julian ""Cannonball"" Adderley"Jazz Fake Book275
No Me EsquecaJoe HendersonNew Real Book 1241
No MoeSonny RollinsReal Book 2271
No Moon At AllDavid A MannJazz Fake Book275
No Moon At All (Dm)*Evans & MannGreat Gig Book153
No More BluesJazz Fake Book81
No More Blues (Chega De Saudade) (D)*Great Gig Book316
No SpliceKonitz, LeeReal Book 2275
No Way OutAbel PabonNew Real Book 3273
Nobody Else But MeJerome KernReal Book 3219
Nobody Knows What A Red-Head Mamma Can DoFirehouse Jazz Band728
Nobody Knows You When You're Down & OutFirehouse Jazz Band183
Nobody's SweetheartFirehouse Jazz Band350
None But The Lonely HeartJazz Fake Book276
NonsequenceGibbs, MichaelReal Book 1337
North Atlantic RunMulligan, GerryReal Book 2273
Nostalgia In Times SquareMingus, CharlesReal Book 1339
Not EthiopiaMichael BreckerNew Real Book 1243
Nothing PersonalDon GrolnickNew Real Book 1245
NovenaMilton Nascimento & Marcio BorgesLatin Real Book384
Now He Beats The Drum-Now He StopsCorea, ChickReal Book 3220
Now He SingsChick CoreaJazz Fake Book277
Now He Sings Now he SobsChick CoreaReal Book 3221
Now's The TimeCharlie ParkerJazz Fake Book278
Now's The Time (F)Parker, CharlieGreat Gig Book381
Nowhere To RunHolland et alNew Real Book 3277
Number 6Williams, LawrenceReal Book 3222
NutvilleHorace SilverReal Book 2276
O Grande Amor (Am)Great Gig Book309
O Sole Mio (Eb)Great Gig Book279
ObsesionDori Caymmi, Tracy Mann & Gilson PeranzettaLatin Real Book390
ObsessionPedro FloresLatin Real Book392
Ode to the Doo Da DayBeard, JimNew Real Book 2281
Of All The Wrong Things You've Done To MeFirehouse Jazz Band75
OferereOscar Hernandez & Daniel PonceLatin Real Book396
Off FlowDave LiebmanNew Real Book 3279
Off MinorThelonious MonkNew Real Book 1247
Oh Baby!Firehouse Jazz Band84
Oh Didn't He RambleFirehouse Jazz Band472
Oh Lady Be Good!GershwinFirehouse Jazz Band327
Oh What A Beautiful Mornin'Jazz Fake Book279
Oh You Crazy Moon (G)*Johnny Burke, Jimmy Van HeusenGreat Gig Book150
Oh!Firehouse Jazz Band153
Oh! By Jingo!Firehouse Jazz Band12
Oh! Look At Me NowJazz Fake Book278
Oh! Sister Ain't That Hot?Firehouse Jazz Band76
Oh! What It Seemed To BeJazz Fake Book279
Oh! You Beautiful DollJazz Fake Book281
Ol' Man MoseFirehouse Jazz Band279
Ol' Man RiverJerome KernFirehouse Jazz Band720
Old Cape Cod (F)*Great Gig Book62
Old Devil MoonBurton LaneJazz Fake Book281
Old Devil Moon (F)*LaneGreat Gig Book206
Old Fashioned LoveFirehouse Jazz Band605
Old FolksWillard RobisonFirehouse Jazz Band774
Old Folks (Eb)*Blau et alGreat Gig Book51
Old Rugged Cross (The)Firehouse Jazz Band737
OleJohn ColtraneNew Real Book 2287
Ole MissFirehouse Jazz Band169
OleoSonny RollinsReal Book 1340
Oleo (Bb)Rollins, SonnyGreat Gig Book361
Olhos De GatoBley, CarlaReal Book 1341
Olinoqui ValleyHancock, HerbieReal Book 1505
On A Clear DayBurton Lane & Alan Jay LernerReal Book 2280
On A Clear Day (G)*Lerner & LaneGreat Gig Book112
On A Clear Day (You Can See Forever)Burton LaneJazz Fake Book282
On A Little Street In SingaporeJazz Fake Book293
On A Slow Boat To ChinaFrank LoesserJazz Fake Book285
On A Slow Boat To China (Bb)*Frank LoesserGreat Gig Book133
On Green Dolphin StreetBronislau KaperNew Real Book 3283
On The AlamoIsham JonesFirehouse Jazz Band628
On The SlyIsraels, ChuckReal Book 3225
On The StairsPat MartinoReal Book 2284
On The Street Where You LiveFrederick LoeweJazz Fake Book284
On The Street Where You Live (C)*Lerner & LoeweGreat Gig Book231
On The Sunny Side Of The StreetJimmy McHughJazz Fake Book285
On The Sunny Side of the Street (C)*Loesser, FrankGreat Gig Book229
On The TrailFerde GrofeReal Book 2277
Once In A WhileEdwards & GreenNew Real Book 2290
Once Upon A SummertimeJazz Fake Book286
Once I LovedAntonio Carlos JobimReal Book 1342
Once I Loved (F)*Jobim, ACGreat Gig Book306
Once In A WhileMichael EdwardsFirehouse Jazz Band186
Once In AwhileEdwards & GreenReal Book 2281
Once In Awhile (Eb)*Great Gig Book27
One (Eb)*Great Gig Book229
One Bird One StoneGrolnick, DonNew Real Book 3285
One By OneWayne ShorterJazz Fake Book291
One FamilyRussell FerranteNew Real Book 1251
One Finger SnapHerbie HancockReal Book 1343
One Foot In The GutterTerry, ClarkReal Book 2283
One For Daddy-ONat AdderleyReal Book 2285
One For My Baby (Eb)*Arlen & MercerGreat Gig Book66
One For My Baby(And One More For The Road)Arlen & MercerNew Real Book 1253
One Mint JulepJazz Fake Book287
One More For the Road (Eb)*Great Gig Book66
One Note SambaAntonio Carlos JobimReal Book 1344
One Sweet Letter From YouFirehouse Jazz Band316
One-Note Samba (Bb)*Great Gig Book307
Only Trust Your Heart (C)*Great Gig Book321
Only You KnowStephensReal Book 3229
Ooo Baby Baby"William ""Smokey"" Robinson & Warren Moore"New Real Book 3291
Open CountryJazz Fake Book289
Open Your Eyes You Can FlyCorea, ChickReal Book 1345
Opus De FunkHorace SilverReal Book 2285
Opus OneSy OliverJazz Fake Book290
Opus One (G)Sy OliverGreat Gig Book194
OrbitsWayne ShorterReal Book 1347
Orchids In The MoonlightJazz Fake Book291
Organ Grinder(The)Jazz Fake Book292
Oriental StrutFirehouse Jazz Band118
Original Dixieland One-Step (The)Firehouse Jazz Band41
OrnithologyCharlie Parker, Bennie HarrisReal Book 1348
Ornithology (G)Parker, CharlieGreat Gig Book366
Ory's Creole TromboneFirehouse Jazz Band102
Ory's Creole Trombone (Solo Trombone Part)Firehouse Jazz Band104
Ostrich WalkFirehouse Jazz Band21
Our Day Will Come (G)*Great Gig Book183
Our DelightTadd DameronReal Book 3233
Our Love Is Here To StayGeorge & Ira GershwinReal Book 2286
Our Love Is Here To Stay (F)*GershwinGreat Gig Book179
Out A DayFranck AmsellemNew Real Book 3295
Out Back Of The BarnMulligan, GerryReal Book 2287
Out Of NowhereJohnny GreenReal Book 1349
Out Of Nowhere (G)*Green & HeymanGreat Gig Book117
Out Of This WorldHarold ArlenNew Real Book 1255
Out To LunchJazz Fake Book293
Outra VezAntonio Carlos JobimLatin Real Book398
Over In Glory LandFirehouse Jazz Band408
Over The RainbowHarold ArlenReal Book 3234
Over the Rainbow (Eb)*Arlen & HarburgGreat Gig Book27
Over The WavesFirehouse Jazz Band425
Ow!Dizzy GillespieReal Book 3235
Oye Como VaPuente, TitoReal Book 2410
OzAndy NarellNew Real Book 1257
P.Y.T.(Pretty Young Thing)Jones, QuincyNew Real Book 1281
Pa' GozarAristides SotoLatin Real Book400
Pablo PuebloRuben BladesLatin Real Book402
Paddlin' Madelin' HomeFirehouse Jazz Band55
Pagan Love SongFirehouse Jazz Band600
Paginas de MujerE Palmieri, F Zumaque & C FelicianoLatin Real Book408
Palesteena (Lena The Queen's Palesteena)Firehouse Jazz Band511
Palo Pa' RumbaEddie PalmieriLatin Real Book416
Palo-AltoKonitz, LeeReal Book 2289
PanamaWilliam TyersFirehouse Jazz Band94
Panhandle HookKrivdaReal Book 3237
PannonicMonk, TheloniousReal Book 2288
Papa De-Da-Da (A New Orleans Stomp)Firehouse Jazz Band646
Papa LipsBob MintzerNew Real Book 1259
Paper DollJazz Fake Book293
Paper Doll (F)*Great Gig Book158
Pare CocheroMiguel Angel Banguela & Marcelino GuerraLatin Real Book424
Parker's MoodCharlie ParkerJazz Fake Book293
Part-Time LoverStevie WonderNew Real Book 3299
Partido AltoJose BertramiNew Real Book 1261
Party's Over (Eb)*Styne et alGreat Gig Book65
Party's Over (The)Styne et alJazz Fake Book292
Passion DanceMcCoy TynerReal Book 1350
Passion Flower (G)Billy StrayhornGreat Gig Book348
PassportParker, CharlieReal Book 3239
PatternsNelson, OliverReal Book 2291
Patz BluesMetheny, PatReal Book 3240
Paul's PalSonny RollinsJazz Fake Book296
PaulistanaEliane EliasLatin Real Book426
PeaceHorace SilverReal Book 1353
Peace (Bb)Silver, HoraceGreat Gig Book348
Peaches En RegaliaZappa, FrankReal Book 1351
Peanut Vendor (The)Jazz Fake Book297
Pearlie's SwineKuhn, SteveReal Book 1354
Pearls (The)Firehouse Jazz Band581
Pee WeeTony WilliamsReal Book 1355
Pee Wee's BluesFirehouse Jazz Band155
Peel Me A GrapeJazz Fake Book298
PeepMichael BreckerNew Real Book 2293
Peg 'O' My Heart (Bb)*Fred FisherGreat Gig Book149
Peggy's Blue SkylightMingus, CharlesReal Book 1356
PendulumRichie BeirachNew Real Book 3303
Pennies From HeavenArthur JohnstonJazz Fake Book295
Pennies From Heaven (C)*Johnston & BurkeGreat Gig Book185
Pennsylvania 6-5000 (G)Great Gig Book195
Pennsylvania Polka (F)Great Gig Book275
Penny ArcadeBeck, JoeReal Book 2294
PensativaClare FischerReal Book 1357
Pensativa (Gb)Fischer, ClareGreat Gig Book401
Pent Up HouseSonny RollinsNew Real Book 1265
Pent-Up HouseSonny RollinsReal Book 1359
Penthouse Serenade (C)*Val Burton, Will JasonGreat Gig Book68
PeopleJule StyneJazz Fake Book299
People (C)*Styne & MerrillGreat Gig Book77
People Will Say We're In LoveRichard RodgersJazz Fake Book299
PerdidoJuan TizolFirehouse Jazz Band660
Perdido (Bb)*TizolGreat Gig Book196
Perdido LineTerry & HamiltonReal Book 2297
Perdido Street BluesFirehouse Jazz Band769
Perfect LoveBergerReal Book 1507
Perfidia (C)*Alberto Dominguez, Milton LeedsGreat Gig Book335
PerhapsParker, CharlieJazz Fake Book300
Perhaps (C)Parker, CharlieGreat Gig Book386
Peri's ScopeBill EvansReal Book 1360
Petite FleurFirehouse Jazz Band195
Petite FleureBechetReal Book 2300
Petits MachinsDavis, MilesReal Book 2301
Pfrancing (No Blues)Davis, MilesReal Book 1361
Phase DanceMetheny, PatReal Book 2303
Picadillo (a la Puente)Tito PuentoLatin Real Book428
Picadilly LillyLiebman, DaveReal Book 3244
Pick Yourself UpJerome KernJazz Fake Book301
Pieces of Dreams (F)*Great Gig Book89
Pigalle (C)Great Gig Book264
PinocchioWayne ShorterReal Book 1362
Pithycanthropus ErectusCharles MingusReal Book 1363
Plain JaneRollins, SonnyReal Book 1506
Play A Simple MelodyFirehouse Jazz Band247
Played TwiceMonk, TheloniousReal Book 1364
Plaza RealWayne ShorterNew Real Book 1267
Please Don't Talk About Me (Eb)*Great Gig Book167
Please Don't Talk About Me When I'm GoneSam H SteptFirehouse Jazz Band409
PoincianaNat Simon & Buddy BernierReal Book 3245
Poinciana (G)*Bernier & SimonGreat Gig Book334
Poinciana (Song Of The Tree)Bernier & SimonJazz Fake Book301
Point Of ReturnFerguson, PaulReal Book 3246
Polka Dots & Moonbeams (F)*Great Gig Book17
Polka Dots And MoonbeamsJimmy Van HeusenJazz Fake Book303
Polkadots And MoonbeamsJohnny Burke & Jimmy Van HeusenNew Real Book 1273
Pompton TurnpikeJazz Fake Book302
PonteioEdu Lobo & Jose Carlos CapinanLatin Real Book430
PoolsDon GrolnickJazz Fake Book304
Poor ButterflyRaymond HubbellFirehouse Jazz Band45
Poor Butterfly (Ab)*Golden & HubbleGreat Gig Book51
Portrait Of JennieJ. Russel RobinsonReal Book 2305
Portrait of Jenny (F)*Great Gig Book88
Portrait Of TracyPastorius, JacoNew Real Book 1275
Portsmouth FigurationsSteve SwallowReal Book 1365
Power PlayEddie Gomez & LeeAnn LedgerwoodNew Real Book 2301
PragressionKonitz, LeeReal Book 2306
Preacher (The)Silver, HoraceJazz Fake Book305
Prelude To A KissDuke EllingtonReal Book 1366
Prelude to a Kiss (C)*Ellington, DukeGreat Gig Book45
Pretty BabyFirehouse Jazz Band612
Pretty World (G)Great Gig Book308
Prince Of DarknessWayne ShorterReal Book 1367
PrismJarrett, KeithReal Book 3249
PromenadeDenny ZeitlinNew Real Book 1277
PromiseChick CoreaNew Real Book 3305
Pueblo LatinoC. Curet AlonsoLatin Real Book432
PunjabJoe HendersonNew Real Book 3307
Pura NovelaC. Curet AlonsoLatin Real Book438
Pure ImaginationBricusse & NewleyReal Book 3250
PursuanceJohn ColtraneReal Book 2307
Pussy Cat DuesMingus, CharlesReal Book 1368
Put It Where You Want ItJoe SampleNew Real Book 1279
Put On A Happy FaceCharles Strouse & Lee AdamsJazz Fake Book304
Put Your Little Foot Right OutJazz Fake Book305
Puttin' On The RitzFirehouse Jazz Band309
Puttin' On The Ritz (Fm)*Great Gig Book236
PyramidHorace SilverNew Real Book 3309
Quando Quando (Bb)*Great Gig Book326
QuasimodoCharlie ParkerJazz Fake Book307
Quasimodo (Eb)Charlie ParkerGreat Gig Book364
Que Se FufianLuis Martinez GrinanLatin Real Book442
Que Sera Sera (Eb)Great Gig Book264
Que SoiptesaLatin Real Book446
Question MarkNguyen LeNew Real Book 3312
QuicksilverHorace SilverReal Book 2308
Quiet GirlBilly ChildsNew Real Book 2307
Quiet Nights (Corcovado) (C)*Great Gig Book305
Quiet Nights Of Quiet Stars (Corcovado)Jazz Fake Book308
Quiet NowDenny ZeitlinReal Book 1369
QuintessenceQuincy JonesNew Real Book 1283
Quintessence (F)Jones, QuincyGreat Gig Book351
Radio PapaFirehouse Jazz Band701
Ragged But RightFirehouse Jazz Band437
Rahsaan's RunShaw, WoodyReal Book 3251
RainEnrico RavaFirehouse Jazz Band434
Rain In Spain (The)Jazz Fake Book309
Rain WaltzFred HerschNew Real Book 2315
RaincheckBilly StrayhornJazz Fake Book311
Raindrops (F)*Great Gig Book176
RainlandPaul McCandlessNew Real Book 3313
RainsvilleDon GrolnickLatin Real Book450
Ramblin'Coleman, OrnetteReal Book 2314
Ran Kan KanTito PuenteLatin Real Book452
Random ThoughtsSteve KuhnJazz Fake Book310
RaptureHarold LandNew Real Book 1284
Raven (The)Jarrett, KeithReal Book 1370
Re-ReMintzer, BobReal Book 3252
Re: Person I KnewBill EvansNew Real Book 1286
Real GuitaristKuhn, SteveReal Book 1371
Real LifeJim McNeelyNew Real Book 3321
Recado Bossa NovaFerrieraReal Book 2309
Recado Bossa Nova (Dm)FerrieraGreat Gig Book319
RecordameJoe HendersonReal Book 1372
Recordame (Am)Henderson, JoeGreat Gig Book393
Recuerdos de ArcafioLatin Real Book454
Red ClayFreddie Hubbard & Mark MurphyReal Book 1375
Red CrossCharlie ParkerJazz Fake Book313
Red Door (The)Jazz Fake Book311
Red Hot & Blue RhythmFirehouse Jazz Band698
Red Hot MamaFirehouse Jazz Band572
Red Roses (for a Blue Lady) (C)*Great Gig Book212
Red Sails In The SunsetHugh WilliamsJazz Fake Book312
Red Sails In The Sunset (G)*Hugh WilliamsGreat Gig Book71
Red TopLionel Hampton, Ken KynardJazz Fake Book313
Red's BluesJerry BergonziNew Real Book 3324
ReflectionsThelonious MonkReal Book 1508
Reincarnation Of A LovebirdCharles MingusReal Book 1373
Reincarnation Of A LovebirdMingus, CharlesNew Real Book 1287
Relaxin' at CamarilloParker, CharlieReal Book 3254
Relaxin' at Camarillo (Bb)Parker, CharlieGreat Gig Book382
RelentlessBob MintzerNew Real Book 3325
Remark You MadeJosef ZawinulReal Book 2311
Remember HymnJohn AbercrombieNew Real Book 2320
Remember Rockefeller At AtticaCharles MingusNew Real Book 1290
ResolutionJohn ColtraneReal Book 1376
RespectOtis Redding, Jr.New Real Book 3327
Retrain Ern Branco E Preto (a.k.a. Zingaro)Latin Real Book456
RevelationRussell Ferrante & Lorraine PerryJazz Fake Book315
Rhythm KingFirehouse Jazz Band640
Rhythm-A-NingThelonious MonkReal Book 2316
Rico VacilonRosendo RuizLatin Real Book458
RiddlesRichie BeirachNew Real Book 3333
Right Or WrongFirehouse Jazz Band666
RioRoberto Menescal & Ronaldo BoscoliNew Real Book 1291
RitualChick CoreaNew Real Book 3335
RiverJazz Fake Book314
River PeopleJaco PastoriusNew Real Book 1294
Riverboat ShuffleHoagy CarmichaelFirehouse Jazz Band382
Riverside BluesFirehouse Jazz Band220
Road SongWes MontgomeryReal Book 1509
Robbin's NestCharles Thompson, Illinois JacquetFirehouse Jazz Band777
Robbin's Nest (C)Thompson & JacquetGreat Gig Book363
Robbins' NestThompson & JacquetJazz Fake Book315
Rock-A-Bye Your Baby (C)*Great Gig Book255
Rock-A-Bye Your Baby With A Dixie MelodyFirehouse Jazz Band366
Rockin' ChairHoagy CarmichaelFirehouse Jazz Band348
Roll The PatrolFirehouse Jazz Band606
Room 608Horace SilverJazz Fake Book316
Rose Of Washington SquareFirehouse Jazz Band401
Rose RoomArt Hickman, Harry WilliamsFirehouse Jazz Band412
Rose Room (Ab)Art Hickman, Harry WilliamsGreat Gig Book138
Roses Of PicardyFirehouse Jazz Band473
RosettaEarl Hines, Henri WoodeFirehouse Jazz Band86
Rosetta (F)*Carmichael, HoagyGreat Gig Book242
RosewoodWoody ShawReal Book 3255
Round MidnightThelonious MonkReal Book 1377
Round Midnight (Ebm)Monk, TheloniousGreat Gig Book349
Round TripColeman, OrnetteReal Book 2314
Route 66Bobby TroupJazz Fake Book318
Royal Garden BluesClarence Williams, Spencer WilliamsFirehouse Jazz Band257
RubberneckRosolinoReal Book 2315
RubyHeinz RoemheldJazz Fake Book321
Ruby My DearThelonious MonkNew Real Book 1299
Rudolph (C)*Great Gig Book297
Rufe Johnson's Harmony BandFirehouse Jazz Band243
Runnin' WildArthur H GibbsFirehouse Jazz Band283
Rush HourRussell Ferrante & Robin FordNew Real Book 1301
Russian Dance (G)Great Gig Book291
S Wonderful (Eb)*George & Ira GershwinGreat Gig Book189
S-H-I-N-EFord DabneyJazz Fake Book320
S.O.S.Wes MontgomeryJazz Fake Book322
SaborJoao DonatoLatin Real Book462
Sabor A Mi (Eb)Great Gig Book324
Sack Of Woe"Julian ""Cannonball"" Adderley"Jazz Fake Book323
Sadie Green (The Vamp Of New Orleans)Firehouse Jazz Band545
SafariMichael BreckerNew Real Book 1303
Saga of Harrison CrabfeathersKuhn, SteveReal Book 1378
Sail AwayTom HarrellNew Real Book 3339
Sailing At NightGrusin, DonNew Real Book 2323
Sailing Down Chesapeake BayFirehouse Jazz Band521
Saint James InfirmaryReal Book 2332
Saint ThomasMihanovichReal Book 2322
Salt PeanutsDizzy Gillespie, Kenny ClarkeJazz Fake Book323
Salt Peanuts (F)Gillespie & ClarkGreat Gig Book378
Samba De OrfeuBonfa, LouisJazz Fake Book325
Samba de Orfeu (C)Bonfa, LouisGreat Gig Book326
Samba Du BoisWoods, PhilReal Book 2318
SambacideDobbins, BillReal Book 3263
SambadouraIvan Lins & Vitor MartinsLatin Real Book464
SambitaJusto Almario & J. GellardoLatin Real Book466
Same ShameHutcherson, BobbyReal Book 1379
SanFirehouse Jazz Band142
San Francisco (C)Great Gig Book224
San Francisco Bay BluesFirehouse Jazz Band245
SanclungueraLatin Real Book468
SanduClifford BrownNew Real Book 1307
Santa Claus is Coming (C)*Great Gig Book297
SanturceEddie GomezReal Book 3261
Satanic BluesFirehouse Jazz Band400
Satin DollDuke Ellington, Billy StrayhornReal Book 1380
Satin Doll (C)*Ellington, DukeGreat Gig Book111
Saturday Night Fish FryJazz Fake Book325
Save It Pretty MamaFirehouse Jazz Band417
Save Your Love For MeBuddy JohnsonNew Real Book 1309
Savoy BluesFirehouse Jazz Band424
Scarborough Fair (Dm)Great Gig Book270
Scene Is Clean (The)Dameron, TaddReal Book 2418
Scotch 'N' SodaGuardReal Book 1381
Scotch and Soda (Eb)*Great Gig Book23
Scrapple From The AppleParker, CharlieJazz Fake Book326
Scrapple From The AppleCharlie ParkerReal Book 1382
Scrapple From the Apple (F)Parker, CharlieGreat Gig Book245
Sea JourneyChick CoreaReal Book 1383
Seabrook RevisitedZuckerReal Book 3264
Search For PeaceMcCoy TynerNew Real Book 1312
Search For Peace (C)Tyner, McCoyGreat Gig Book347
Second Hand RoseFirehouse Jazz Band626
Second Time Around (C)*Van Heusen & CahnGreat Gig Book61
Second WindRebeca Mauleon-SantanaLatin Real Book472
Secret LoveSammy FainReal Book 3265
Secret Love (Bb)*Parish & SherwoodGreat Gig Book193
See See RiderMa RaineyFirehouse Jazz Band52
Seems Like Old TimesFirehouse Jazz Band190
Seems To MeScott & PaceReal Book 3267
Self Portrait In Three ColorsCharles MingusNew Real Book 1313
Self Portrait In Three ColorsMingus, CharlesReal Book 1385
SemblenceJarrett, KeithReal Book 1386
Send in the Clowns (Ab)*Sondheim, StephenGreat Gig Book103
Senor BluesHorace SilverJazz Fake Book327
Senor MouseChick CoreaReal Book 1387
Sensation RagFirehouse Jazz Band25
Sentimental jorneyJazz Fake Book328
Sentimental Journey (C)*Les Brown, Bud Green, Benjamin HomerGreat Gig Book137
September In The RainHarry WarrenReal Book 2320
September in the Rain (Eb)*WarrenGreat Gig Book87
September SongKurt WeillJazz Fake Book329
September Song (C)*WeillGreat Gig Book17
Serenade To A Bus BeatJazz Fake Book330
Serenade To A CuckooRahsaan Roland KirkReal Book 1390
Serenade To A Soul SisterSilver, HoraceReal Book 2323
SerenataLeroy AndersonNew Real Book 3343
SereneEric DolphyReal Book 2322
SerenityHenderson, JoeReal Book 2326
Serenity (Eb)Henderson, JoeGreat Gig Book365
SermonetteJazz Fake Book329
Serpent's ToothDavis, MilesReal Book 3268
Serpent's Tooth (Bb)Davis, MilesGreat Gig Book361
Seven Come ElevenBenny Goodman, Charlie ChristianReal Book 1391
Seven Steps To HeavenMiles DavisReal Book 1392
Seven Steps to Heaven (F)Davis & FeldmanGreat Gig Book375
Seventeen WestDolphy, EricReal Book 2324
Shades Of LightLaws, HubertReal Book 1393
Shadow Of Your SmileMandel, JohnnyReal Book 1394
Shadow of Your Smile (G)*Mandel, JohnnyGreat Gig Book303
Shake It & Break It (Weary Blues)Firehouse Jazz Band403
Shake Rattle And RollJazz Fake Book331
Shake That ThingFirehouse Jazz Band209
Shaker SongJay Beckenstein, David Lasley & Allee WillisNew Real Book 1315
Shaw 'NuffCharlie Parker & Dizzy GillespieNew Real Book 1317
Shaw NuffDizzy Gillespie, Charlie ParkerReal Book 3269
ShawnuffParker & GillespieJazz Fake Book332
She Looks Like Helen BrownFirehouse Jazz Band623
She's A Great Great GirlFirehouse Jazz Band738
She's Crying For MeFirehouse Jazz Band757
She's Funny That WayCharles N. DanielsJazz Fake Book333
Sheik Of Araby (The)Ted SnyderFirehouse Jazz Band106
Shiek of Araby (Bb)*Great Gig Book255
Shim-Me-Sha-WabbleSpencer WilliamsFirehouse Jazz Band497
ShineFord DabneyFirehouse Jazz Band319
Shiny StockingsFrank FosterJazz Fake Book337
Shiny Stockings (Ab)*Foster, FrankGreat Gig Book191
ShiversJazz Fake Book334
Shoo Fly Pie And Apple Pan DowdyJazz Fake Book335
Short RiffKaiserReal Book 2363
Short StopRogers, ShortyReal Book 2329
Short StoryKenny DorhamNew Real Book 3347
Shutter BugJohnson, JJReal Book 2329
Si Tu Vois Ma MereFirehouse Jazz Band156
Side By Side)Jazz Fake Book336
Sidewalk BluesFirehouse Jazz Band765
SidewinderLee MorganReal Book 1395
Sidewinder (Eb)Morgan, LeeGreat Gig Book403
SiembraRuben BladesLatin Real Book480
Silver Bells (C)*Great Gig Book299
Silver DollarFirehouse Jazz Band609
Silver's SerenadeHorace SilverReal Book 2327
Silver's Serenade (Em)Silver, HoraceGreat Gig Book393
SimoneFrank FosterReal Book 2328
Simone (F)Foster, FrankGreat Gig Book391
Simple SambaJim HallNew Real Book 1319
Sin Saber PorqueVictor MendozaLatin Real Book482
Sin Tu CaritioLatin Real Book486
Since My Best Gal Turned Me DownFirehouse Jazz Band531
Since We MetBill EvansNew Real Book 3349
Sing (Bb)*Great Gig Book176
Sing Me Softly Of The BluesCarla BleyReal Book 1396
Sing You SinnersFirehouse Jazz Band291
Singin' The BluesFirehouse Jazz Band197
Sippin' At Bell'sMiles DavisReal Book 2332
Sister SadieHorace SilverJazz Fake Book337
Sister Sadie (G)Silver, HoraceGreat Gig Book403
Skating In Central ParkJohn LewisReal Book 1397
Skeleton JangleFirehouse Jazz Band575
Skippy-IngDenny ZeitlinNew Real Book 2339
SkylarkHoagy CarmichaelNew Real Book 1321
Skylark (Eb)*Carmichael & MercerGreat Gig Book29
SkylinerMichal TokajJazz Fake Book339
Sleepin' BeeHarold Arlen & Truman CapoteNew Real Book 1322
Sleepy Time GalFirehouse Jazz Band730
Sleigh Ride (G)*Great Gig Book298
Slipped DiscGoodman, BennyReal Book 2333
Slow Hot WindHenry Mancini & Norman GimbelReal Book 2335
Slowly Gone BygoneSamuelReal Book 1398
Small Day TomorrowBob Dorough & Fran LandesmanNew Real Book 1323
Small WorldJazz Fake Book339
Smatter (Bbm)Kenny WheelerGreat Gig Book372
Smile (F)*Charles ChaplinGreat Gig Book85
Smile PleaseStevie WonderNew Real Book 3352
Smoke Gets In Your EyesJerome KernJazz Fake Book342
Smoke Gets In Your Eyes (Eb)*Kern & HarbachGreat Gig Book39
Smoke RingsJazz Fake Book341
Smooth One (A)Jazz Fake Book343
SnowfallClaude ThornhillJazz Fake Book340
So Danco SambaAntonio Carlos Jobim, V De Moraes & N GimbelLatin Real Book490
So In LoveCole PorterReal Book 3275
So Long DearieFirehouse Jazz Band453
So Many StarsSergio Mendez & Alan & Marilyn BergmanNew Real Book 2341
So Many Stars (C)*Mendes, SergioGreat Gig Book320
So Near So FarCrombie & GreenNew Real Book 3353
So Nice (Sumer Sumamba)Marcos Valle, Paulo Sergio Valle & Norman GimbelJazz Fake Book343
So Nice (Summer Samba) (F)*Marcos Valle, Paulo Sergio Valle & Norman GimbelGreat Gig Book309
So Te EsperandoNelson FariaLatin Real Book492
So WhatMiles DavisReal Book 1412
So What (Dm)Davis, MilesGreat Gig Book375
So What's New (C)*Great Gig Book240
Sobbin' BluesFirehouse Jazz Band616
Soft WindsBenny GoodmanJazz Fake Book345
Softly As A Morning SunriseRombergReal Book 2337
Softly As In A Morning Sunrise (Dm)*Sigmund RombergGreat Gig Book337
Solamente Una VezAgustin LaraLatin Real Book494
SolarMiles DavisReal Book 1399
Solar (Cm)Davis, MilesGreat Gig Book366
Solid (Bb)Great Gig Book381
SolitudeDuke EllingtonReal Book 1400
Solo FlightJazz Fake Book347
Some Day My Prince Will ComeChurchill & MoreyJazz Fake Book347
Some Enchanted EveningJazz Fake Book346
Some Enchanted Evening (C)*Great Gig Book172
Some NerveScofield, JohnReal Book 3277
Some Of These DaysShelton BrooksFirehouse Jazz Band32
Some Other BluesJohn ColtraneReal Book 2326
Some Other Blues (F)Coltrane, JohnGreat Gig Book386
Some Other TimeLeonard Bernstein, Betty Comden & Adolph GreenReal Book 1402
Some Other Time (C)*Bernstein et alGreat Gig Book56
Some Skunk FunkBrecker, RandyReal Book 1403
Some Sunny DayFirehouse Jazz Band282
Some Sweet DayFirehouse Jazz Band648
Somebody Loves MeGeorge Gershwin, Emilia RenaudFirehouse Jazz Band330
Somebody Loves Me (G)*George & Ira GershwinGreat Gig Book215
Somebody Stole My GalLeo WoodFirehouse Jazz Band204
Someday My Prince Will ComeFrank E. ChurchillReal Book 1401
Someday My Prince Will Come (F)*Churchill & MoreyGreat Gig Book257
Someday SweetheartBenjamin F Spikes, John C SpikesFirehouse Jazz Band392
Someday You'll Be SorryFirehouse Jazz Band66
Someone To Light Up My LifeJobim, ACNew Real Book 2345
Someone To Watch Over MeGeorge GershwinReal Book 2338
Someone To Watch Over Me (Eb)*GershwinGreat Gig Book36
Something EverywhereSteve KuhnJazz Fake Book349
Something From EveryoneFerguson, PaulReal Book 3278
Sometime AgoSergio MihanovichReal Book 1405
Sometime Ago (F)MihanovichGreat Gig Book392
Sometimes I'm HappyVincent YoumansJazz Fake Book350
Somewhere (F)*Leonard BernsteinGreat Gig Book105
Somewhere Beyond the Sea (Eb)*Great Gig Book186
Somewhere My Love (G)*Great Gig Book258
Son De Cuba A Puerto RicoPablo MilanesLatin Real Book496
Son De La LomaMiguel MatamorosLatin Real Book500
Son Of Mr. Green GenesZappa, FrankReal Book 1409
SongBalcomb, StuReal Book 1406
Song for BilbaoMetheny, PatReal Book 2339
Song For ChanoRay BarrettoLatin Real Book502
Song For LorraineJay BeckensteinNew Real Book 1327
Song For My FatherHorace SilverReal Book 1407
Song For My Father (Fm)Silver, HoraceGreat Gig Book402
Song For My LadyTyner, McCoyReal Book 2324
Song For SisyphusWoods, PhilReal Book 3279
Song For Strayhorn (Eb)Great Gig Book393
Song Is YouJerome Kern & Oscar Hammerstein IIReal Book 1408
Song Is You (C)*Kern & HammersteinGreat Gig Book209
Song Is You (The)Jerome Kern & Oscar Hammerstein IIJazz Fake Book351
Song Of The IslandsJazz Fake Book351
Song Sung Blue (F)*Great Gig Book175
Songbird (Thank You for Your Lovely Song)Jazz Fake Book348
SonhosIvan Lins & Vitor MartinsLatin Real Book506
Sonja's SanfonaJimmy Haslip & Bill GableNew Real Book 1331
Sonny BoyRay HendersonJazz Fake Book353
Sonnymoon For TwoSonny RollinsReal Book 3281
SoonGeorge GershwinFirehouse Jazz Band137
Sophisticated LadyDuke EllingtonReal Book 1410
Sophisticated Lady (Ab)Ellington et alGreat Gig Book42
SorcererHerbie HancockReal Book 1411
SorryFirehouse Jazz Band692
Soul EyesMal WaldronJazz Fake Book352
Soul Eyes (Eb)WaldronGreat Gig Book401
Soul Sauce (Wachi Wara)Dizzy Gillespie & Chano PozoNew Real Book 1335
SoultraneDameron, TaddReal Book 2341
Sound LeeKonitz, LeeReal Book 2342
Sound of Music (F)*Great Gig Book171
SouthBennie Moten, Thamon HayesFirehouse Jazz Band202
South Of The BorderJazz Fake Book354
South Rampart St. Parade (The)Firehouse Jazz Band179
Southern ComfortJazz Fake Book353
Soy AntillanaMarilyn PupoLatin Real Book510
Space Circus Part 1Corea, ChickReal Book 1413
Space Circus Part 2Corea, ChickReal Book 1415
SpainChick CoreaFirehouse Jazz Band276
Spain (D)Corea, ChickGreat Gig Book398
Spanish Eyes (G)*Great Gig Book331
Speak Like A ChildHerbie HancockReal Book 2343
Speak LowKurt WeillNew Real Book 1435
Speak Low (F)*Weil & NashGreat Gig Book335
Speak No EvilWayne ShorterReal Book 1417
Speak No Evil (Cm)Shorter, WayneGreat Gig Book365
Speedball (C)Lee MorganGreat Gig Book383
SpiralKenny BarronNew Real Book 1337
Spiral DanceJarrett, KeithReal Book 1418
Spirit SambaEscheteReal Book 3283
Sposin'Paul Denniker & Andy RazafJazz Fake Book322
Spreadin' Rhythm AroundFirehouse Jazz Band154
Spring Can Really Hang You (C)*Great Gig Book55
Spring Can Really Hang You Up The MostThomas J Wolf JrJazz Fake Book357
Spring Is HereRichard RodgersReal Book 1419
Spring Is Here (Ab)*Rodgers & HartGreat Gig Book59
Spring Will Be A Little Late This YearJazz Fake Book358
Squeeze MeFats WallerFirehouse Jazz Band184
SquirrelDameron, TaddReal Book 3287
St Louis Blues (G)*W.C. HandyGreat Gig Book246
St Thomas (C)Sonny RollinsGreat Gig Book395
St. James InfirmaryTraditional, Joe PrimroseFirehouse Jazz Band318
St. Louis BluesW. C. HandyFirehouse Jazz Band352
St. ThomasSonny RollinsNew Real Book 1340
StablematesBenny GolsonReal Book 3288
Stairway To The StarsMatt Malneck, Frank Signorelli & Mitchell ParishNew Real Book 3360
Star EyesGene De Paul, Don RayeReal Book 2348
Star Eyes (Eb)*Raye & DePaulGreat Gig Book123
Star Spangled Banner (Bb)Great Gig Book289
Star-Crossed LoversDuke Ellington & Billy StrayhornReal Book 1420
StardustHoagy Carmichael & Mitchell ParishFirehouse Jazz Band275
Stardust (C)*Carmichael, HoagyGreat Gig Book16
StargazerArmen DonelianNew Real Book 2359
Stars Fall On AlabamaPerkins & ParishReal Book 3290
Stars Fell On AlabamaFrank S. PerkinsFirehouse Jazz Band303
Stars Fell On Alabama (C)*Perkins & ParishGreat Gig Book201
Stavin' ChangeFirehouse Jazz Band634
Stay As Sweet As You AreJazz Fake Book360
Stealin' ApplesFirehouse Jazz Band46
Steepian FaithKenny KirklandNew Real Book 3365
Steeple ChaseParker, CharlieReal Book 3291
SteeplechaseParker, CharlieJazz Fake Book359
Stella By StarlightVictor YoungReal Book 1421
Stella By Starlight (Bb)*Young, VictorGreat Gig Book45
Step LightlyJoe HendersonNew Real Book 3367
StepsCorea, ChickReal Book 1422
Stevedore StompFirehouse Jazz Band761
Sticky WicketAl JarreauNew Real Book 1341
StillJohn AbercrombieNew Real Book 2362
Stockholm Sweetnin'Jazz Fake Book361
Stolen MomentsOliver NelsonReal Book 1423
Stolen Moments (Cm)Nelson, OliverGreat Gig Book356
Stompin' At The SavoyBenny Goodman, Edgar Sampson, Chick WebbReal Book 1424
Stompin' At The Savoy (F)Goodman et alGreat Gig Book195
Stormy WeatherHarold Arlen & Ted KoehlerNew Real Book 1437
Stormy Weather (Ab)*Arlen & KoehlerGreat Gig Book128
Story LineBill EvansNew Real Book 2363
Storyville Blues (The)Firehouse Jazz Band525
Straight LifeFreddie HubbardReal Book 2350
Straight No ChaserThelonious MonkReal Book 1425
Straight No Chaser (F)Thelonious MonkGreat Gig Book385
Strange FruitLewis AllenJazz Fake Book363
Stranger in Paradise (F)*Chet Forrest, Robert Craig WrightGreat Gig Book172
Stranger on the Shore (F)*Great Gig Book104
Strangers In The NightJazz Fake Book363
Strangers In The Night (F)Great Gig Book337
Strayhorn 2Mulligan & GrusinReal Book 2351
Street LifeJoe Sample & Will JenningsNew Real Book 1345
Street Of DreamsVictor YoungReal Book 3293
Strike Up The BandGeorge GershwinFirehouse Jazz Band77
String Of Pearls (A)Jerry Gray, Eddie De LangeJazz Fake Book365
String of Pearls (Eb)Jerry Gray, Eddie De LangeGreat Gig Book197
Stripper (F)Great Gig Book289
Strode RodeSonny RollinsReal Book 2352
StrollinSilver, HoraceReal Book 2353
Strollin' (Db)Silver, HoraceGreat Gig Book360
Strut Miss LizzieFirehouse Jazz Band555
Struttin' With Some Bar-B-QArmstrong, LouisReal Book 2354
Struttin' With Some BarbequeJazz Fake Book365
Struttin' With Some BBQFirehouse Jazz Band167
StuffDavis, MilesReal Book 1426
StuffyColeman HawkinsJazz Fake Book364
StumblingFirehouse Jazz Band608
SuavecitoIgnacio PineiroLatin Real Book514
Sub AquaScott HendersonNew Real Book 3371
Sub-Conscious-LeeKonitz, LeeReal Book 2355
Sudden SambaNeil LarsenNew Real Book 1348
SuezFirehouse Jazz Band336
SugarStanley TurrentineReal Book 1427
Sugar (Cm)Meyer & YoungGreat Gig Book357
Sugar Blues (The)Clarence WilliamsFirehouse Jazz Band117
Sugar Foot StompKing OliverJazz Fake Book367
Sugar Foot StrutFirehouse Jazz Band260
Summer In Central ParkHorace SilverReal Book 2356
Summer Knows (F)*Legrand MichelGreat Gig Book106
Summer Knows (The)Michel LegrandReal Book 2357
Summer Place (Bb)*Great Gig Book75
Summer SambaValleReal Book 1428
Summer TimeGershwinReal Book 2330
Summer Wind (Eb)*Great Gig Book152
SummertimeGeorge GershwinJazz Fake Book369
Summertime (Am)*GershwinGreat Gig Book14
SundayNed Miller, Chester Cohn, Jule Styne, Bennie KruegerFirehouse Jazz Band8
Sunday Kind Of Love (A)Jazz Fake Book368
Sunday Kind of Love (F)*Great Gig Book87
SunnyBobby HebbReal Book 3294
Sunny Side Of The StreetFields & McHughReal Book 3295
Sunny Side UpJazz Fake Book366
Sunrise SerenadeJazz Fake Book369
Sunrise Sunset (Gm)*Great Gig Book283
SunrunnerBob JamesNew Real Book 1349
Sunset Cafe StompFirehouse Jazz Band573
Sunshine ExpressShankReal Book 2358
Super BlueBernard IghnerNew Real Book 3377
Surrey With The Fringe (G)*Great Gig Book236
Surrey With The Fringe On Top (The)Jazz Fake Book371
SwaneeLarry DunlapFirehouse Jazz Band92
Swedish PastryKessel, BarneyReal Book 1429
Sweeping UpSwallow, SteveReal Book 1213
Sweet And LovelyGus Arnheim, Charles N. Daniels, Harry TobiasJazz Fake Book371
Sweet and Lovely (G)*Arnheim et alGreat Gig Book154
Sweet EloiseJazz Fake Book373
Sweet Georgia BrightCharles LloydReal Book 1430
Sweet Georgia BrownBen Bernie, Ken Casey, Maceo PinkardFirehouse Jazz Band306
Sweet Georgia Brown (G)*Ben Bernie, Maceo Pinkard & Kenneth CaseyGreat Gig Book243
Sweet Gypsy Rose (C)Great Gig Book240
Sweet HenrySwallow, SteveReal Book 1431
Sweet LorraineCliff BurwellFirehouse Jazz Band388
Sweet Lorraine (G)*Parish & BurwellGreat Gig Book127
Sweet LoveAnita Baker, Gary Bias & Louis A. JohnsonNew Real Book 3381
Sweet RainMichael GibbsReal Book 1432
Sweet Savannah SueFirehouse Jazz Band753
Sweet SubstituteFirehouse Jazz Band232
Sweet SueFirehouse Jazz Band390
Sweet Sue Just YouVictor YoungJazz Fake Book370
Sweetheart Of Sigma Chi (The)Firehouse Jazz Band237
Sweethearts On ParadeCarmen LombardoFirehouse Jazz Band146
Sweethearts On Parade (Low Brass Part)Carmen LombardoFirehouse Jazz Band148
Swing Dentz SwingCorea, ChickReal Book 3297
Swing HouseJazz Fake Book372
Swing ShiftIsraels, ChuckReal Book 3299
Swing That MusicFirehouse Jazz Band114
Swingin' Shepherd BluesKoffmanReal Book 2330
Swingin' The BluesJazz Fake Book375
Swingin' Until The Girls Come HomeJazz Fake Book374
Swinging Shepherd BluesJazz Fake Book373
Swinging Shepherd Blues (C)Great Gig Book139
Sy CloneZuckerReal Book 3300
Syeeda's Song FluteJohn ColtraneReal Book 2361
T'aint Nobody's Biz-Ness If I DoJazz Fake Book376
T'aint What You Do (It's The Way That Cha Do It)Trummy Young, Sy OliverJazz Fake Book377
T.B.C. (Terminal Baggage Claim)Chick CoreaNew Real Book 2373
T.J.R.C.Dobbins, BillReal Book 3301
Tadd's DelightTadd DameronReal Book 2364
Tailgate RambleFirehouse Jazz Band17
Tailgate Ramble (The)Jazz Fake Book379
Tain't No Sin To Take Off Your Skin & Dance Around In Your BonesFirehouse Jazz Band435
Tain't Nobody's Biz-ness If I DoFirehouse Jazz Band221
Tain't Nothin' Else But JazzFirehouse Jazz Band700
Take FivePaul DesmondReal Book 1433
Take Five (Cm)Desmond, PaulGreat Gig Book358
Take Me To The Land Of JazzFirehouse Jazz Band441
Take My Hand Precious LordFirehouse Jazz Band411
Take The 'A'Jazz Fake Book378
Take The "A" TrainBilly StrayhornReal Book 1434
Take The A TrainDuke Ellington & Billy StrayhornNew Real Book 1351
Take the A Train (C)Duke Ellington & Billy StrayhornGreat Gig Book220
Take Your TomorrowFirehouse Jazz Band663
Taking A Chance on LoveVernon DukeReal Book 2365
Tame Thy PenNiles, RichardReal Book 1435
TangerineVictor SchertzingerReal Book 2366
Tangerine (F)*SchertzingerGreat Gig Book184
Tapete MagicoCaetano VelosoLatin Real Book516
Tarantella (Am)Great Gig Book278
Taste Of Honey (A)Jazz Fake Book378
TautologyKonitz, LeeReal Book 2367
Te DesaffoDesmond, PaulLatin Real Book518
Tea For TwoVincent YoumansReal Book 3303
Tea For Two (Ab)*Caesar & YoumansGreat Gig Book339
Teach Me TonightGene De PaulReal Book 3302
Teach Me Tonight (C)*DePaulGreat Gig Book121
Teenie's BluesNelson, OliverReal Book 2368
Tell 'Em 'Bout Me (When You Reach Tennessee)Firehouse Jazz Band219
Tell Me A Bedtime StoryHerbie HancockReal Book 1437
Temptation BluesFirehouse Jazz Band741
Tender Trap (Ab)*Great Gig Book148
TenderlyWalter GrossNew Real Book 1353
Tenderly (Eb)*GrossGreat Gig Book13
Tennessee Waltz (C)*Great Gig Book266
Tenor MadnessSonny RollinsReal Book 2383
Tenor Madness (Bb)Rollins, SonnyGreat Gig Book381
Thanks for the Memory (F)*Ralph RaingerGreat Gig Book78
That Da Da StrainFirehouse Jazz Band48
That Dixie JazzFirehouse Jazz Band694
That GirlStevie WonderNew Real Book 3385
That Old Black Magic (Eb)*Harold ArlenGreat Gig Book129
That Old FeelingSammy FainReal Book 3305
That Old Feeling (Eb)*Brown & FainGreat Gig Book143
That Old Feeling (Standard Version)Brown & FainNew Real Book 3390
That's A Funny Place To Kiss A GirlFirehouse Jazz Band139
That's AllBob Haymes, Alan BrandtJazz Fake Book379
That's All (Bb)*Brandt & HaymesGreat Gig Book25
That's Amore (F)*Great Gig Book294
That's EntertainmentJazz Fake Book381
That's Entertainment (Bb)Great Gig Book241
That's LifeJazz Fake Book382
That's Life (G)*Great Gig Book162
That's My HomeFirehouse Jazz Band442
That's My Weakness NowFirehouse Jazz Band767
That's No BargainFirehouse Jazz Band716
That's Where The South BeginsFirehouse Jazz Band672
That?s A PlentyLew PollackFirehouse Jazz Band356
The Boy Next DoorMartin & BlaneNew Real Book 246
The Curse Of An Aching HeartFirehouse Jazz Band461
The Disguise The SphinxOrnette ColemanReal Book 1501
The DolphinEcaReal Book 1134
The DukeDave BrubeckNew Real Book 291
The Fields We KnowJarrett, KeithReal Book 1164
The Four WindsHolland, DaveReal Book 1176
The Goodbye LookFagen, DonaldNew Real Book 1125
The IslandLinsNew Real Book 1159
The Jitterbug WaltzWaller, FatsNew Real Book 3201
The Lamp Is LowPeter De Rose, Maurice Joseph Ravel, Bert A ShefterNew Real Book 3212
The Masquerade Is OverAllie WrubelNew Real Book 2211
The Midnight SunHampton et alNew Real Book 1207
The Midnight Sun Will Never SetJones, QuincyNew Real Book 1208
The Monster and the Flower RoditiReal Book 3205
The Natives Are Restless TonightSilver, HoraceNew Real Book 2253
The Necessary BlondeWillis, GaryNew Real Book 2257
The PromiseCorea, ChickNew Real Book 2304
The Second LineFirehouse Jazz Band93
The Second Time AroundJimmy Van HeusenNew Real Book 3342
The Shadow Of Your SmileJohnny MandelNew Real Book 3346
The Song Is YouJerome KernNew Real Book 1329
The Star-Crossed LoversEllington, DukeNew Real Book 2356
The Sweetest SoundsReal Book 2359
The Three MariasShorter, WayneNew Real Book 1359
The Tin Roof BluesFirehouse Jazz Band24
The Tracks Of My TearsRobinson, SmokeyNew Real Book 3409
The Way You Look TonightJerome KernNew Real Book 1395
Their's TearsFischer, ClaireReal Book 3312
Their's Tears (Fm)Great Gig Book330
Theirs TearsFischer, ClaireReal Book 2370
Them There EyesMaceo Pinkard, Doris Tauber, William G TraceyNew Real Book 2377
Theme (The) (Bb)Great Gig Book361
Theme For ErnieFred LacyNew Real Book 1354
Theme From MaxineShaw, WoodyReal Book 3307
Theme From Mr. BroadwayBrubeck, DaveReal Book 2259
Then I'll Be Tired Of YouArthur SchwartzReal Book 3308
There Ain't No Sweet Man That's Worth The Salt Of My TearsFirehouse Jazz Band763
There Are Such ThingJazz Fake Book383
There Goes My HeartDavis & SilverReal Book 3309
There Is No Greater LoveIsham JonesReal Book 1436
There Is No Greater Love (Bb)*Jones & SymesGreat Gig Book192
There Will Never Be Another YouHarry WarrenReal Book 1439
There Will Never Be Another You (Eb)*Warren & GordonGreat Gig Book180
There'll Be Changes MadeJazz Fake Book385
There'll Be Some Changes MadeW Benton OverstreetFirehouse Jazz Band81
There'll Be Some Changes Made (Bb)*W Benton OverstreetGreat Gig Book220
There'll Come A TimeFirehouse Jazz Band708
There's A Boat Dat's Leavin' Soon For New YorkJazz Fake Book384
There's A Lull In My LifeHarry RevelNew Real Book 3393
There's A Small HotelRichard RodgersJazz Fake Book386
There's A Small Hotel (G)*Richard Rodgers & Lorenz HartGreat Gig Book147
ThermoFreddie HubbardJazz Fake Book389
These Foolish ThingsJack Strachey, Harry LinkNew Real Book 1356
These Foolish Things (Eb)*Strachey et alGreat Gig Book30
These Foolish Things (ReMind Me Of You)Strachey et alReal Book 2371
They All LaughedGeorge GershwinJazz Fake Book388
They Can't Take That Away (Eb)*Great Gig Book135
They Can't Take That Away From MeGeorge GershwinReal Book 1440
They Didn't Believe MeJerome KernJazz Fake Book390
They Say It's WonderfulIrving BerlinReal Book 3311
They Say It's Wonderful (F)*Berlin, IrvingGreat Gig Book85
Things Ain't What They Use to Be (F)Great Gig Book359
Things Ain't What They Used To BeMercer EllingtonReal Book 2372
Things To ComeGillespie, DukeReal Book 2373
Things We Did Last Summer (G)*Great Gig Book47
Things We Did Last Summer (The)Jazz Fake Book391
Think On MeGeorge CablesReal Book 1441
Think On Me (D)Cables, GeorgeGreat Gig Book394
This Can't Be LoveRichard RodgersJazz Fake Book391
This Can't Be Love (Ab)*Rodgers & HartGreat Gig Book216
This Cant Be LoveRodgers & HartReal Book 3314
This Could Be The Start (C)*Great Gig Book210
This Guy's In Love (Eb)*Great Gig Book177
This I Dig Of YouMobley, HankReal Book 2374
This Is All I Ask (F)*Gordon JenkinsGreat Gig Book83
This Is NewKurt Weill & Ira GershwinNew Real Book 3396
This Is New (Cm)WeillGreat Gig Book374
This Love Of Mine)Henry W Sanicola, Sol ParkerJazz Fake Book393
This MasqueradeLeon RussellNew Real Book 1358
Those Were the Days (Am)*Great Gig Book291
Thou SwellRichard RodgersFirehouse Jazz Band507
Three And OneThad JonesReal Book 3315
Three Base HitMartino, PatReal Book 2420
Three FlowersTyner, McCoyReal Book 1442
Three Hearts DancingSteve ErquiagaNew Real Book 2379
Three Little WordsHarry RubyFirehouse Jazz Band270
Three Little Words (C)*Ruby & KalmarGreat Gig Book136
Three Views Of A SecretJaco PastoriusNew Real Book 1367
Thrill Is Gone (The)Henderson & BrownJazz Fake Book393
Thriving From A RiffJazz Fake Book392
Thriving On A RiffParker, CharlieReal Book 2375
Thumper (The)Heath, JimmyReal Book 2363
Thyme's TimeNewtonReal Book 3317
Tia JuanaFirehouse Jazz Band487
Tickle ToeLester Young, Jon HendricksJazz Fake Book394
Tickle-ToeYoung, LesterReal Book 2376
Tico Tico (Am)*Jose Gomes De AbreuGreat Gig Book328
Tidal BreezeDanko, HaroldReal Book 3319
Tie A Yellow Ribbon (Eb)*Great Gig Book239
Tiger Rag (Bb)The Original Dixieland Jazz BandGreat Gig Book252
Tiger Rag (The)The Original Dixieland Jazz BandFirehouse Jazz Band162
Till There Was You WillsonNew Real Book 2386
Till There was YouMeridith WilsonReal Book 2377
Till There Was You (Eb)*WillsonGreat Gig Book31
Till We Meet AgainFirehouse Jazz Band231
Time After TimeJule StyneReal Book 2378
Time After Time (Bb)*StyneGreat Gig Book109
Time For Love (Bb)*Great Gig Book98
Time Marches OnJohn ScofieldNew Real Book 2387
Time On My Hands (F)*Vincent Youmans, Harold Adamson & Mack GordonGreat Gig Book77
Time RememberedBill EvansReal Book 1445
Time Remembers One Time OnceDenny ZeitlinNew Real Book 1369
Time TracksChick CoreaNew Real Book 2391
Time WasKeith & PradoReal Book 3323
Times LieCorea, ChickReal Book 3321
Tin Roof BluesPaul Joseph Mares, Ben Pollack, Melville J Stitzel, George Brunies, Leon RoppoloJazz Fake Book395
Tin Roof Blues (Bb)Paul Joseph Mares, Ben Pollack, Melville J Stitzel, George Brunies, Leon RoppoloGreat Gig Book253
Tin Tin DeoWalter Gilbert Fuller, Chano PozoLatin Real Book524
Tiny CapersClifford BrownReal Book 3324
Tippin'Silver, HoraceReal Book 2379
TisJones, ThadReal Book 3325
Tis AutumnHenry NemoJazz Fake Book397
Tishomingo BluesFirehouse Jazz Band13
To Kill A BrickShaw, WoodyReal Book 3326
To Wisdom The PrizeLarry WillisLatin Real Book526
Toad's PlaceLorber, JeffReal Book 2381
TogetherRay HendersonJazz Fake Book396
TogethernessJimmy HeathNew Real Book 2395
Tokyo DreamAllan HoldsworthNew Real Book 3399
Tombo in 7/4Airto MoreiraLatin Real Book528
Tomorrow's DestinyShaw, WoodyReal Book 2380
Tones For Joan's BonesChick CoreaReal Book 1443
Too Close For ComfortJerrold L Bock, Lawrence Holofcener, George WeissReal Book 3327
Too Close For Comfort (C)*Bock et alGreat Gig Book216
Too Dam HotJazz Fake Book399
Too Fat Polka (C)Great Gig Book275
Too HighStevie WonderNew Real Book 3403
Too Marvelous For WordsRichard A. WhitingReal Book 3328
Too Marvelous For Words (G)*Mercer & WhitingGreat Gig Book217
Too-Ra-Loo-Ra-Loo-Ral (C)Great Gig Book282
Toot Toot TootsieFirehouse Jazz Band115
Toot Toot Tootsie (C)*Great Gig Book254
Touch Of Your LipsNoble, RayReal Book 3329
Touch Of Your Lips (The)Noble, RayJazz Fake Book399
Tough TalkJazz CrusadersReal Book 1446
Toy TuneWayne ShorterNew Real Book 3408
Train SambaMcFarland, GaryReal Book 1447
TranceKuhn, SteveReal Book 1448
Trane's BluesColtrane, JohnReal Book 2383
Trav'lin LightJazz Fake Book403
Tres Lindas CabanasGuillermo Castillo & Antonio Maria RomeuLatin Real Book530
TricrotismOscar PettifordReal Book 3330
TristeAntonio Carlos JobimReal Book 1449
Triste (Bb)*Jobim, ACGreat Gig Book310
TristezaHaroldo Lobo/NiltnhoNew Real Book 2398
Trouble In MindRichard M JonesFirehouse Jazz Band526
TruthBob MintzerNew Real Book 2399
Try A Little Tenderness (Eb)*Harry M WoodsGreat Gig Book82
Tuck Me To Sleep In My Old 'Tucky HomeFirehouse Jazz Band295
Tune 88Lorber, JeffReal Book 3331
Tune UpMiles DavisNew Real Book 1372
Tune Up (D)Davis, MilesGreat Gig Book371
Tune-UpDavis, MilesReal Book 1450
TunjiJohn ColtraneNew Real Book 2401
Tunnel VisionGary WillisNew Real Book 2403
Turn AroundColeman, OrnetteReal Book 2384
Turn Out The StarsBill EvansReal Book 1451
Turn Out The Stars (C)Evans, BillGreat Gig Book351
Turn Your Love AroundJay Graydon, Steve Lukather & Bill ChamplinNew Real Book 1373
Tuxedo junctionJulian Dash, Buddy Feyne, Erskine Hawkins, William Luther JohnsonJazz Fake Book398
Tuxedo Junction (Bb)Julian Dash, Buddy Feyne, Erskine Hawkins, William Luther JohnsonGreat Gig Book196
Tuzz's ShadowRichard TuttobeneNew Real Book 3411
Twelfth of Never (D)Great Gig Book98
Twilight Time (G)*Great Gig Book43
TwistedWardell Gray & Annie RossNew Real Book 1375
Two For The Road (C)*Henry Mancini & Leslie BricusseGreat Gig Book81
Two Hearts in 3/4 Time (C)*Great Gig Book263
Two Not OneTristano, LennyReal Book 2385
Tzena (F)Great Gig Book284
Ugly ChileFirehouse Jazz Band78
Un Poco LocoBud PowellJazz Fake Book403
Un Tipo Como YoSergio EsquivelLatin Real Book534
UndecidedCharles ShaversJazz Fake Book404
Undecided (C)*Charles ShaversGreat Gig Book198
Under A Blanket Of BlueJerry LivingstonJazz Fake Book405
Under Paris Skies (Fm)*Great Gig Book261
UnforgettableIrving GordonJazz Fake Book405
Unforgettable (F)*Gordon, IrvingGreat Gig Book15
Unit SevenSam JonesNew Real Book 1377
Unless Its You (Orbit)Evans, BillNew Real Book 2412
Unquity RoadMetheny, PatReal Book 1452
Until The Real Thing Comes AlongMann Holiner, Alberta Nichols, Saul ChaplinJazz Fake Book407
Up A Lazy RiverFirehouse Jazz Band317
Up A Lazy River (F)*Great Gig Book256
Up Jumped SpringFreddie HubbardReal Book 1453
Up Jumped Spring (Bb)Hubbard, FreddieGreat Gig Book270
Up With The LarkJerome KernNew Real Book 1381
Upper Manhattan Medical GroupStrayhorn, BillyReal Book 1454
Urn SambaLatin Real Book532
Used To Be A Cha-ChaJaco PastoriusNew Real Book 3413
Utter ChaosJazz Fake Book407
Val AmigoLatin Real Book538
Valse HotSonny RollinsReal Book 1510
Valse Hot (Ab)Rollins, SonnyGreat Gig Book389
Van Lingle MungoJazz Fake Book406
Varadero BluesJan L. HartongLatin Real Book540
VashkarCarla BleyReal Book 1455
VeilsRichie BeirachNew Real Book 2414
Velas (Velas Icadas)LinsNew Real Book 1383
Velho PianoDori Caymmi & Paulo Cesar Pinheiro New Real Book 2415
Vera CruzMilton NascimentoLatin Real Book542
Very EarlyBill EvansReal Book 1456
Very Early (C)Evans, BillGreat Gig Book387
Very Thought Of You (Ab)*Noble, RayGreat Gig Book19
Very Thought Of You (The)Noble, RayReal Book 3334
Vienna Life (Bb)Great Gig Book263
Vienna My City of Dreams (F)*Great Gig Book262
Vierd Blues (Bb)Great Gig Book382
Violets For Your FursMatt DennisJazz Fake Book408
Violets For Your Furs (F)*Dennis & AdairGreat Gig Book82
Virgen de la CaridadG Cespedes, W Wallace, J Diaz & G CespedesLatin Real Book544
VirgoWayne ShorterReal Book 1457
Virou Areia 'Lenine & TavaresLatin Real Book548
Vive Y VacilaTony FuentesLatin Real Book552
Voce E' LindaCaetano VelosoLatin Real Book556
Volare (Bb)Great Gig Book278
VonettaKlugh, EarlReal Book 2386
VoyageKenny BarronNew Real Book 1386
Wabash Blues (The)Firehouse Jazz Band64
Wabash IIIJohn ScofieldNew Real Book 2417
Wagon WheelsJazz Fake Book411
WailPowell, BudReal Book 3336
Wait Till You See HerRichard RodgersReal Book 1458
Waitin' For The Robert E. LeeFirehouse Jazz Band702
Walk Of The NegressRobert HurstNew Real Book 3416
Walk TallAddlerley, CannonballReal Book 2389
Walkin'Richard CarpenterReal Book 1459
Walkin' My Baby Back HomeFred AhlertJazz Fake Book411
Walkin' My Baby Back Home (Eb)*Fred AhlertGreat Gig Book214
Walkin' ShoesGerry MulliganJazz Fake Book412
Walkin' The DogFirehouse Jazz Band534
Wall StreetKnowltonReal Book 2390
Wall-Eye BluesLoupacciReal Book 3337
Walter L.Burton, GaryReal Book 1460
Waltse For DaveChick CoreaNew Real Book 2419
WaltzMetheny, PatReal Book 1461
Waltz For A Lovely WifeWoods, PhilReal Book 1462
Waltz For DebbyBill EvansReal Book 1463
Waltz For DebbyBill EvansNew Real Book 1387
Waltz For Debby (F)Bill EvansGreat Gig Book389
Waltz NewJim HallNew Real Book 1389
Waltzin'Victor Assis BrasilReal Book 1464
Wang Wang Blues (The)Firehouse Jazz Band79
Warm ValleyDuke Ellington, Bob RussellNew Real Book 3417
Warm Valley (Eb)Ellington, DukeGreat Gig Book86
Washboard BluesFirehouse Jazz Band696
Washington & Lee Swing (The)Firehouse Jazz Band27
Watch What HappensMichel Jean LegrandNew Real Book 1390
Watch What Happens (Eb)*Legrand & GimbelGreat Gig Book304
Water ColorsMetheny, PatReal Book 2392
Watermelon ManHerbie HancockReal Book 3339
Watermelon Man (F)Hancock, HerbieGreat Gig Book404
WatersignLorber, JeffReal Book 2393
WaterwingsDon GrusinNew Real Book 1391
WaveAntonio Carlos JobimReal Book 1465
Wave (D)Jobim, ACGreat Gig Book304
Way Down Yonder In New OrleansHenry Creamer, Turner LaytonFirehouse Jazz Band160
Way Down Yonder in New Orleans (G)*Henry Creamer, Turner LaytonGreat Gig Book244
Way We Were (A)*Great Gig Book99
Way You Look Tonight (Eb)*Kern & FieldsGreat Gig Book199
Way You Look Tonight (The)Jerome Kern & Dorothy FieldsJazz Fake Book414
Way You Look Tonight(The)Kern & FieldsReal Book 2395
We Kiss In A ShadowJazz Fake Book417
We'll Be Together AgainCarl FischerReal Book 1466
We'll Be Together Again (C)*Fischer & LaineGreat Gig Book18
We've Only Just Begun (F)*Great Gig Book101
Weary BluesArtie MatthewsJazz Fake Book416
Webb CityPowell, BudReal Book 2421
Wedding Bells (Are Breaking Up That Old Gang Of Mine)Firehouse Jazz Band458
Wedding March (Dm)Great Gig Book287
WeeBestNew Real Book 3418
Wee DotJazz Fake Book416
Weekend BluesKaiserReal Book 2396
Well You Needn'tThelonious MonkReal Book 1467
Well You Needn't (F)Monk, TheloniousGreat Gig Book367
WendyPaul DesmondReal Book 2397
Wes Side StrollAprileReal Book 3341
West Coast BluesWes MontgomeryReal Book 1468
West Coast Blues (Bb)Montgomery, WesGreat Gig Book388
West End BluesKing Oliver, Clarence WilliamsFirehouse Jazz Band451
Western ReunionJazz Fake Book415
Westwood WalkGerry MulliganJazz Fake Book417
What A Difference A Day MadeMaria GreverJazz Fake Book421
What A Difference A Day Makes (F)*Great Gig Book28
What A Little Moonlight Can DoHarry WoodsNew Real Book 2423
What A Wonderful WorldRobert Thiele, George Weiss, George DouglasFirehouse Jazz Band188
What Am I Here ForDuke EllingtonReal Book 1469
What Are You Doing The Rest Of Your LifeMichel Jean LegrandReal Book 1470
What Are You Doing the Rest of Your Life (Am)*LegrandGreat Gig Book24
What Can I Say Dear After I Say I'm SorryFirehouse Jazz Band460
What I Did For Love (C)*Great Gig Book95
What Is This Thing Called LovePorter, ColeReal Book 1473
What Is This Thing Called Love (F)*Porter, ColeGreat Gig Book192
What Kind Of Fool Am IBricusse & NewleyReal Book 3343
What Kind of Fool Am I (C)*Bricusse & NewleyGreat Gig Book71
What Kind Of Fool Am I?Leslie Bricusse, Anthony NewleyJazz Fake Book423
What Now My Love (F)*Great Gig Book151
What WasCorea, ChickReal Book 1471
What Was (C)Corea, ChickGreat Gig Book392
What'll I Do? (Eb)*Great Gig Book271
What's Going On?Marvin Gaye, Al Cleveland & Renaldo BensonNew Real Book 3421
What's Love Got To Do With ItGraham Lyle & Terry BrittenNew Real Book 3423
What's NewHaggart/BurkeJazz Fake Book420
What's New (C)*Haggart/BurkeGreat Gig Book22
What's New?Bob HaggartNew Real Book 1402
What-Cha Gonna Do When There Ain't No Jazz?Firehouse Jazz Band252
When All Is Said And DoneBilly ChildsNew Real Book 2425
When Day Is DoneRobert KatscherFirehouse Jazz Band23
When Erastus Plays His Old KazooFirehouse Jazz Band489
When I Fall In LoveVictor YoungReal Book 1474
When I Fall in Love (F)*Heyman & YoungGreat Gig Book99
When I Look In Your EyesLeslie BricusseNew Real Book 3425
When I See All The Lovin' They Waste On BabiesFirehouse Jazz Band226
When Irish Eyes Are Smiling (C)*Great Gig Book281
When It's Sleepy Time Down SouthClarence Muse, Leon T Rene, Otis J Rene JrFirehouse Jazz Band445
When Its Darkness On The DeltaFirehouse Jazz Band30
When Lights Are LowBenny CarterReal Book 2399
When Lights Are Low (F)*Carter, BennyGreat Gig Book125
When My Sugar Walks Down The StreetJazz Fake Book420
When Ragtime Rosie Ragged The RosaryFirehouse Jazz Band551
When Sunny Gets BlueMarvin FisherReal Book 1475
When Sunny Gets Blue (F)*Fisher & SegalGreat Gig Book34
When The Midnight Choo-Choo Leaves For Alabam'Firehouse Jazz Band565
When The Saints Go Marching InTraditionalFirehouse Jazz Band338
When The Sun Comes OutHarold ArlenReal Book 3344
When You Wish Upon A Star (C)*Leigh HarlineGreat Gig Book60
When You Wore A TulipFirehouse Jazz Band210
When You're Smiling (Bb)*Mark Fisher, Larry ShayGreat Gig Book230
When Your Lover Has GoneEinar Aaron SwanJazz Fake Book423
When Your Lover Has Gone (Ab)*SwanGreat Gig Book170
Whenever Your Heart Want's To SingYokokura et alNew Real Book 2427
Where Are YouJimmy McHughReal Book 1476
Where Are You?McHughNew Real Book 3429
Where Did Robinson Crusoe Go?Firehouse Jazz Band39
Where Do You Start (Eb)*Great Gig Book323
Where Flamingos FlyJazz Fake Book424
Where Is Love?Lionel BartNew Real Book 1403
Where Is Your Heart (Eb)Great Gig Book263
Where Or WhenRichard RodgersJazz Fake Book426
Where or When (Eb)*Rodgers, RichardGreat Gig Book58
Whiffenpoof Song (The)Firehouse Jazz Band479
While We Danced At The Mardi GrasFirehouse Jazz Band89
While We're YoungAlec Wilder, Morty Palitz & William EngvickJazz Fake Book428
Whisper NotBenny GolsonJazz Fake Book425
Whisper Not (Cm)Golson, BennyGreat Gig Book356
WhisperingJohn SchonbergerFirehouse Jazz Band101
Whispering (Eb)*John SchonbergerGreat Gig Book233
White Christmas (C)*Irving BerlinGreat Gig Book296
Whiteman Stomp (The)Firehouse Jazz Band650
Who Can I Turn ToBricusse & NewleyReal Book 2401
Who Can I Turn To (Eb)*Great Gig Book73
Who Can I Turn To?Leslie Bricusse & Anthony NewleyNew Real Book 1404
Who Did You Meet Last Night?Firehouse Jazz Band322
Who Threw Whiskey In The Well?Firehouse Jazz Band686
Who's Got RhythmJazz Fake Book427
Who's Sorry Now?Bert Kalmar, Ted SnyderFirehouse Jazz Band447
Who?Kenny WernerFirehouse Jazz Band109
Whopper (The)Metheny, PatReal Book 2402
Why Did I Choose YouMartin & LeonardReal Book 3349
Why Do I Love You?Jerome KernJazz Fake Book429
Wild Cherries RagFirehouse Jazz Band724
Wild FlowerWayne ShorterReal Book 1477
Wild Man BluesLouis Armstrong, Jelly Roll MortonFirehouse Jazz Band617
WildflowerWayne ShorterNew Real Book 1405
Will I You Still Be MineDennis & AdairReal Book 3350
Will You Say You Will Vince Mendoza New Real Book 2435
Will You Still Be MineMatt DennisJazz Fake Book430
Will You Still Be Mine (Ab)*Matt Dennis & Tom AdairGreat Gig Book130
Willie The WeeperFirehouse Jazz Band583
WillowPaul McCandlessNew Real Book 2439
Willow Weep For MeAnn RonellNew Real Book 1406
Willow Weep For Me (G)*RonnellGreat Gig Book40
Wind SprintJohn PatitucciNew Real Book 2441
WindowsChick CoreaReal Book 1479
Windows (Bb)Corea, ChickGreat Gig Book390
Wings Of KarmaMcLaughlin, JohnReal Book 1481
Winin' Boy (The Winin' Boy Blues)Firehouse Jazz Band496
Winter Wonderland (Eb)*Felix BernardGreat Gig Book300
Wise OneJohn ColtraneNew Real Book 2445
Witch HuntWayne ShorterReal Book 1482
Witch Hunt (Cm)Shorter, WayneGreat Gig Book365
WitchcraftCy ColemanNew Real Book 1407
Witchcraft (F)*Coleman & LeighGreat Gig Book128
With A Little Bit Of LuckJazz Fake Book431
With A Song In My Heart (Eb)*Richard Rodgers & Lorenz HartGreat Gig Book164
With Every Breath I TakeColeman, CyReal Book 3352
Without A SongYoumans et alNew Real Book 2491
Without a Song (Eb)*Youmans et alGreat Gig Book222
Wolverine BluesJelly Roll Morton, Benjamin F Spikes, John C SpikesFirehouse Jazz Band33
Wonderful Copenhagen (C)*Great Gig Book262
Woodchopper's BallJazz Fake Book428
Woodchopper's Ball (C)Great Gig Book225
Woody'n YouGillespie, DizzyNew Real Book 2448
Woody'n YouDizzy GillespieReal Book 1483
WordsMike SternNew Real Book 2449
Work SongNat AdderleyJazz Fake Book433
Work Song (Fm)*Adderley, NatGreat Gig Book359
World Is Waiting For The Sinrise (The)Firehouse Jazz Band594
World Is Waiting For The Sunrise (The)Jazz Fake Book432
World's Jazz Crazy (And So Am I) (The)Firehouse Jazz Band731
Wouldn't it Be LoverlyJazz Fake Book435
WowTristano, LennyReal Book 2404
Wrap Your Troubles (C)*Great Gig Book223
Wrap Your Troubles In DreamsHarry BarrisFirehouse Jazz Band47
Wrong is RightMetheny, PatReal Book 2405
Wunderbar (G)*Great Gig Book260
Y Hoy Como AyerPedro VegaLatin Real Book558
Y Ta (. Que Has Hecho?Eusebio DelfinLatin Real Book564
Yama Yama Man (The)Firehouse Jazz Band193
Yana AminaDuke, GeorgeReal Book 2407
Yardbird SuiteCharlie ParkerJazz Fake Book434
Yardbird Suite (C)Parker, CharlieGreat Gig Book368
Yatra-TaTania MariaLatin Real Book566
Yellow Days (F)*Alvar Carillo & Alan BernsteinGreat Gig Book314
Yellow Dog Blues (Yellow Dog Rag)Firehouse Jazz Band60
Yerba Buena BluesFirehouse Jazz Band480
Yerbero ModemoLatin Real Book568
Yes And NoWayne ShorterNew Real Book 1408
Yes I'm In The BarrelFirehouse Jazz Band630
Yes IndeedJazz Fake Book436
Yes Or NoWayne ShorterReal Book 1484
Yes Sir That's My Baby (Eb)*Great Gig Book254
Yes! We Have No BananasFirehouse Jazz Band72
YesterdayJohn Lennon, Paul McCartneyReal Book 1485
YesterdaysJerome KernReal Book 1486
Yesterdays (Dm)*Kern & HarbachGreat Gig Book120
You and the Night and the Music Arthur Schwartz & Howard DietzReal Book 3354
You and the Night and the Music (Eb)*Dietz & SchwartzGreat Gig Book212
You Are So BeautifulBilly Preston & Bruce FisherNew Real Book 3430
You Are The Sunshine Of My LifeWonder, StevieReal Book 1487
You Are Too BeautifulRichard RodgersReal Book 1488
You Belong To My Heart (Eb)*Great Gig Book336
You BetterJazz Fake Book438
You Better Leave It AloneJordan, CliffordReal Book 2406
You Call It Madness (But I Call It Love)Jazz Fake Book439
You Came A Long Way From St. LouisJazz Fake Book437
You Can Depend On MeCharles Carpenter, Louis Dunlap, Earl HinesFirehouse Jazz Band550
You Do Something To MeCole PorterReal Book 3355
You Do Something to Me (Eb)*Porter, ColeGreat Gig Book218
You Don't Know Me (C)*Great Gig Book105
You Don't Know What Love IsGene De Paul, Don RayeReal Book 1489
You Don't Know What Love Is (Fm)*Raye & DePaulGreat Gig Book56
You Fascinate Me SoCy Coleman & Carolyn LeighNew Real Book 2453
You Go To My HeadJ. Fred CootsReal Book 3357
You Go To My Head (C)*CootsGreat Gig Book33
You Know I Care (Bb)Duke PearsonGreat Gig Book350
You Made Me Love You (C)*James V MonacoGreat Gig Book114
You Made Me Love You (I Didn't Want To Do It)James V MonacoJazz Fake Book439
You Make Me Feel So YoungJosef MyrowReal Book 3356
You Make Me Feel So Young (Bb)*Gordon & MyronGreat Gig Book116
You Must Believe In SpringMichel Jean LegrandReal Book 3359
You Say You CareJule Styne & Leo RobinNew Real Book 2495
You Stepped Out Of A DreamNacio Herb BrownReal Book 2409
You Stepped Out of a Dream (C)*Kahn & BrownGreat Gig Book133
You Took Advantage Of MeRichard RodgersReal Book 1490
You Turned The Tables On MeLouis AlterJazz Fake Book441
You'd Be So Nice To Come Home ToCole PorterJazz Fake Book440
You'd Be So Nice to Come Home To (C)*Porter, ColeGreat Gig Book131
You'll Never Walk AloneJazz Fake Book445
You're A Million Miles From Nowhere (When You're One Little Mile From Home)Firehouse Jazz Band539
You're EverythingChick Corea & Neville PotterReal Book 3361
You're Getting to be a Habit (F)*Great Gig Book149
You're My EverythingHarry Warren, Joseph YoungJazz Fake Book441
You're My Thrill (Fm)*Sidney Clare, Jay GorneyGreat Gig Book161
You're Nobody Till Somebody Love You (F)*Great Gig Book132
You're The Cream In My CoffeeJazz Fake Book442
You'v Got To See Mamma Ev'ry Night (Or You Can't See Mamma At All)Firehouse Jazz Band542
You've Been A Good Ol' Wagon (But You Done Broke Down)Firehouse Jazz Band538
You've ChangedCarl FischerReal Book 3360
You've Changed (Eb)*Fischer & CareyGreat Gig Book69
Young And FoolishAlbert HagueJazz Fake Book443
Young At HeartJohnny RichardsJazz Fake Book443
Young LoveJazz Fake Book444
Young RabbitsWayne HendersonNew Real Book 1410
Younger Than SpringtimeRodgers & HammersteinJazz Fake Book446
Your Feets Too BigFirehouse Jazz Band211
Your Mind Is On VacationMose AllisonNew Real Book 1411
Yours (C)*Great Gig Book338
Yours Is My Heart AloneFranz LeharReal Book 3364
ZonkyFirehouse Jazz Band674

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